Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Tila Declares Her Own Holiday: Free Hugs Day!

Yes, you've read that right, folks. Titla Bacteria decides to declare her own little holiday, a free hugs day, incorporated on October 13th, 2010, but we all know free hugs been around for a long time, right? My version of the story? She went to a local sex store and on her way back to her rented Lambo, saw three horny young men with "free hugs" signs and felt heart-broken when no one was hugging them. I don't know about you guys, but I do not feel comfortable hugging random people. So, the filthy coquette interferes by asking how many hugs they've received and their answers? Too many. "Can I take a picture with you guys?" Her question aroused suspicion, and since they're determined to accomplish their mission, said yes to get her out of there quickly as possible.

And this is what she wrote:

QUESTION: Since when were hugs never free? But then again, everything about Tila is never free.

And do people really want to hug or get a hug from her? I sure as hell don't. I rather rub feces on my face than hug a walking piece of meat. Sorry, she's that repulsive. And one could only wish this can become an official holiday. We already have Valentine's Day and Sweetest Day, both includes hugging. So, why clutter calendar with more crap, not that hugging is crap, but you get my drift. And yes, I'm aware Tila never said anything about wanting her holiday to become official, but seriously, declaring this as a Tila Tequila holiday is very stupid and quite childish. This whore needs to really grow up.

"It's going to be a fun blog. If you would like to be featured on this site in the same blog as meeeeee..."

First, Tila's blog was never fun and never will be. It's utter shit and an epic fail! Even this whore confessed she's getting tired of blogging about real successful and respected celebrities.

Remember these bullshit lies?

Secondly, it is obvious Tila Tequila Records company is very real. The company is inside her own little bobble-head! But to make up the lack of actual existence, she acts as an agency by allowing kiddies to upload their terrible music on Youtube and she'll embed it on her shitty blog where you'll likely find it under the "Tila Army" tag. This alone, constitutes that you are now officially a recording agency and the Tila Tequila Records is very real and legit!

Speaking of Tila Army, although the "Tila Army" tag is still there, but it was also once part of the main menu, which strangely, has been removed. Great way to show appreciation to your fans, skank! You lied, cheated, stolen, and now removed the category. May I offer a suggestion? Perhaps you should work on your Tila Merch instead of that goddamned Iphone application? I'm just say'n.


raunchyb said...

Speaking of her record label, she had an "EXCLUSIVE!!!" post last night about a band suing their record label for not promoting their album. I left a comment asking if the post was a joke and mentioned Rob and Texas Twinz. It posted successfully, but this morning it was gone.

I don't know about your theory - her hair looks quite a bit lighter in that picture, so I'm thinking it's pretty old. I don't know, could be wrong.

Good eye on the Army headline thing. Wasn't the Army going to be the new focus of the site? SMH.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

That picture is an archive. Probably a decade years old.SURPRISE!!!!!!!! LOL With all the drugs she'd consumed, and her face being fucked up now, I guess I can't blame her.

abbie.normal said...

Too bad for Tila theres already so many "free hug days," most notably the Free Hug Campaign started by a fellow from Australia named Juan Mann, who's goal is to make free hug day every day.