Friday, October 29, 2010

8 Lunatic, Mentally Unstable Garry Sun Gets a Restraining Order

Wow. Lunatic? Mentally unstable? A loony? Danger to the society? Tila, you've finally admit it you're all those! Oh, shit. You're talking about Garry Sun. My bad. Someone please buy this whore a mirror. Broken or not, a fucking mirror please. And where's our gratitude about being skeptic as well? Some skank you are.

I love how Titla uses the word "exclusive" at times like this. It's so hilarious. It's like, does the media really care to get the first-hand story from a lunatic, loony, mentally unstable famewhore pedo freak such as Tila Tequila herself? I think not. And even if some tabloid celebrity news get exclusives from her, it's because she phoned them and willing to accept any kind of payment. Remember the Juggalos?

For years, Tila has been called all kinds of names and it's obvious she's trying to turn the table around and spew "what a crazy shit this person is" to someone else and it's Garry Sun. And you know what, Tila? You can call Mr. Sun crazy, a lunatic, or mentally unstable all you what, but it won't chance the fact that you are one yourself. So Garry Sun spread allegations, who doesn't? What the hell did you do? Cooked up miscarriage, vitro fertilization, suicide, Jayden's Angels, adopting children, claiming to be the Virgin Mary, lied to your fans, Tila Tequila Records, representing some Ford model, diamond jewelery line, exploited Casey Johnson's death, and your new lies to name a few. Now, who's really the fucked up person here? You or Garry?

TMZ is right. This is funny on so many levels! Ten yards?! Even the photo is hilarious, too!

And one last thing: Lay off the positive energy enthusiasm if you can't do it yourself and I'm calling this case a bluff until you show us its number, just like you said you'll publish your doctor's documents about your miscarriage, but never did. No one waited because it does not exist. Can't wait to see worms eating your decomposing body.


el Poopo said...

she said by getting a restraining order granted, it proves she wasn't lying... HAHA doesnt prove anything, it just means 10 YARDS!!!!

BigPoppaPhat said...

Tila proving she didn't lie is HUGE news!

Joann said...

Yea, Tila is an even bigger nitwit if she thinks she won something because the judge granted her a TRO for Gary to stay 10 yards away and THAT proves she wasn't lying. lol NO IT DOESN'T SKANK.

Ten yards...that only shows the judge didn't take the skank seriously.

I'm still keeping my mind open only because this is so twisted now. I know things got turned around on Gary by Tila and Shyla but what really happened to start all this up in the first place?

You guys think Tila paid Shyla to make a FAKE phone call and tell Gary Tila had 4 armed men kidnap her and take her away and torture her, etc and Gary bought it because he knows what Tila might do?

That's what I'm thinking now. And Tila or Shyla might have sent someone to his house to threatened his father to make it even more believable. I put nothing past this skank. I have always believed she is a sociopath.

Gary gets mad but why didn't he go to the police instead of making signs and placing them in front of Mr. Chow?

It's too many things he DIDN'T DO that doesn't make sense and that's why he's so unbelievable at this point.

Maybe that's why Tila was so unfazed when the paparazzi asked her did she kidnap someone and she said "me...I don't know". She probably knew Gary would come out looking like a fool.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Joann I think your thinking too much lol, Im completely lost about what going on about all this too. None of it makes any sense, all it comes down to is its just another publicity stunt by all three of them that got botched by common sense and reality.

Joann said...

Mmmmmm, I could be BigPoppaPhat, and I'm lost in tihs too but for some reason that scenario popped into my head and it won't leave. lol

I know it's a publicity stunt but I can't see Gary actually saying Tila killed Casey and putting it all out on the net and bringing his family into this just for publicity. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Me thinks Gary has "Tila syndrome" now, nothing is sacred or off limits when it comes to making a headline.

alison m m said...

It is GaRRy, people, and give him a chance

Joann said...

From Tila's twitter about going out last night.

# See? #TilaArmy is very well known in Hollywood! hehe!! They ALWAYS ask me about you guys! So sweet! <3 8 minutes ago via web

# It was SO cute! It's like EVERYONE knows about #TilaArmy! Cuz on red carpets, interviewers always asks me about my #TilaArmy!!! YAY!!! 9 minutes ago via web

You know this is a damn shame. I bet the AOI's are eating these lies up. She's setting them up for me. LMAO.