Monday, October 4, 2010

2 Girl is Pissed About the Possible Release of Her Sex Tape!

I want to thank Tila for entertaining us! Damn girl, you're just too funny! Anyways, confirmed by her co-stars, Penthouse Pet Lia Leah and Vivid star Charlie Laine, that Tila Tequila shot a pornographic film with them, strangely enough, Tila Tequila is more disturbed and riled up about her sex tape apparently recorded by then her no-name (surprised?) boyfriend from the past because, who knew there's such a big difference between a homemade sex and porn tapes! In this case, it was wise of her to not mention his name for obvious reasons, however, I think it's very strange Tila's sex tape fiasco is going rampant and girl just can't stop talking about it. My guess like most people: Tila's desperate attempt to promote her new adult film so it wouldn't become a flop and sick people will buy it. Actually, I like porn myself, but you have to be really sick wanting to see this nasty whore fuck on camera who fucked so many people in the past and present. 300 hundred pages sounds right. Can you imagine what her vagina looks like by now? Gross!

So, if this is just a publicity stunt, does that mean there is no Tila Tequila sex tape? Well, not to fully disappoint the perverts out there, I'll be kind enough to share you what I've collected. Hmmmmm...I wonder if this makes me a pervert? And while they're not literally porn, you might as well call it soft-porn. Don't worry, I marked over her wonky tits and other necessary assets to make this blog still general audience friendly (sort of).

Hmmm....I wonder if that's her ex boyfriend.

Photo courtesy: GhostRiderRadio:

Yeah? Well, tell that to Vivid Entertainment. Tell that to those co-stars. Tell that to your then boyfriend!

So, as if there's a big difference between porn and homemade sex tape (people will see you fucking regardless despite lacking quality shots), I think it's very clear Tila is very upset because she may not make enough profit (or none) off the sex tape. And boy, she is pissed off. I'm sure she understands now that's how Casey Johnson felt while this whore was exploiting her death. Karma is bitch, right skank?

Tila, your sex tape and future porn films will NEVER be worth a penny, period. But, to make yourself happy, keep thinking that is. I'm sure this is something you can't possibly fail at.

People are right, Tila. If you seriously hired an attorney to stop this extortion, your attorney would tell you to shut the fuck up. So, because you didn't, this is obviously a new stunt.

BTW, did Youtube finally finished uploading your video?


BigPoppaPhat said...

Captain Obvious says: Tila is just creating all this fake controversy and drama about her porno's because otherwise nobody cares, nobody will watch, buy, talk about or even notice it.

Good point about this mysterious ex of hers, the only info about this is coming from her and only her.

Joann said...

LOL, those comments are hilarious. I love reading them. They are more funny than her meth rants she use to do on her old twitter.

People, there is no ex-boyfriend, no extortion, no nothing and why can't she name this ex-boyfriend? She had no trouble naming Shawne Merriman and Casa Wilson when they, according to her, "did her wrong".

Most people are saying she's doing this to drum up publicity for her porn flick but I think it might be to throw people off about her doing "tons" of charity work.

This is what Tila wrote on her piece of crap blog this past Friday abut the charity post:
"SInce it’s the weekend, I don’t usually like to post important stories on the weekends because everyone is out partying and taking the weekend off so they don’t tend to get on the internet. However, come Monday, I will be blogging about each charity that I am working with and how YOU can also help out!"

IMO, this "extortion" story is a smokescreen to hide the fact that Tila was never working with any charities in the first place and never intended to write about it today.