Monday, October 4, 2010

2 Sex Tape, Something Special? What's the Difference?

Sometimes, reading is way better than watching videos! Tila is still (acting) pissed off about her sex tape of possibly been released to the public. As previously discussed, there was another important factor I've failed to mention, but thanks to the wonderful haters for pointing out things I often overlook!

For one, if Tila is serious about her past boyfriend (or client) of extorting her, lawyers would demand their clients to shut the hell up while working on the case. However, because Tila is running her mouth off, chances are, her past boyfriend is not extorting her. Secondly, she discloses this "tragic" news to RadarOnline first instead on her own blog. So, this tells us extortion does not exist, but a mere publicity stunt to help promote her pornographic film and make few bucks from a tabloid site. Remember the Juggalos? She disclosed the photos to TMZ instead on her blog.

That being said, Tila has now confirmed that she indeed made a sex tape. However, as predicted, she tried to make it sound like her sex tape isn't just a sex tape, but something very special. Here are my favorite outlines from her constant-lip smacking video:

"I'm very upset when I tried to be ladylike about this and not curse the hell out of everybody."

"I made, not a sex tape, but I made something special between two people that you love and that was not meant for the public."

"A sex tape is something you make deliberately to put out there as a porn. I did not make that!"

"I have twelve lawyers! Four, which are power attorneys, okay?"

"That is a real scar."

I love the fact how she tried to be all ladylike, but from her entry and this video, is cursing off the storm! So, she has 25-30 employees and now twelve lawyers?! HAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

One more time:

Let's just hope they're not photoshopped and blocked by her ugly pink logo! But, either way, what are the chances she will not show us the court documents?

So, if Tila made a porn film, why the fuck is she getting all riled up? It's not like people haven't seen her disgusting naked body with decade-year-old fake titties! Oh, that's right: Promotion or not making any profit.


Joann said...

As you said everyone has seen her naked body in all types of positions with others and with objects. I saw a video of her getting off rubbing a long scarf between her legs on a divan by an a lake.

I think she's making a big deal about this "alleged" sex tape with an old boyfriend(who she has yet to name)is to get people's attention off the charity blog she was suppose to write today.

Remember, she was going to give us the names of all the charities she has hooked up with.

hanah said...

Professional porns nowadays are often shot to make them look like private home videos, i.e. montana fishbourne. I bet her porn was also filmed to look like a private sex tape and now she's telling us the story to go with it and when it comes out she can still claim it was meant to be private.