Thursday, October 21, 2010

8 So Much Catching Up To Do!

Hello, everybody! Sorry for being away. Now that I'm back, I have so much catching up to do. First off, I want to thank for those who played my sample Dress Up Tila Flash Game. I do not know when the final project will be completed, but it will take some time. I tend to make the stage a little bigger, that way, it will feel less cluttered. Unfortunately, because I'm very new with Adobe Flash CS4, I do not know actionscripts at all and don't know how to create better mouse controls. Here's a tip, though: When you drag an object, simply double click to release instead once. Works for me. Getting Titla Bacteria to roll on the floor would be awesome, but it takes a lot of animation, plus actionscripts, to do that and I simply don't have that much of an effort to attempt at this point. And yes, that is a monocle. I put it there because I truly love them. It has nothing to do with Tila's intelligence; for she has none. If you ask me, I think she has a learning disability besides suffering from mental disorders. She's such an ugly freak. And I fucking mean that.

Even though these news are somewhat old, I still wanted to offer my opinions anyways. Feel free to chime in. wrote an entry about the Kid Rock Impersonator and boy, did I get a good laugh!

"I wouldn't be caught dead with Tila Tequila, holding her f**king boobs and taking a f**king picture.

Oh, snap!!!!! And just for kicks, I googled "I wouldn't be caught dead" and to my surprise, got this result:
How the hell did that happen? Second place? Really?! Wow. I guess his quote made quite an impression! So, what does this whore have to say?

Perhaps the impersonator you fucked has a small dick, your point being? The fact you're upset because one, you fucked the wrong guy (shows how smart you really are), and two, you got served and cooked up some lame ass comeback that doesn't make much sense because you didn't fucked your target and makes me wonder how would you know he has a small or big penis in the first place? Admitting you fucked a wrong guy and my insults would have been more lenient...maybe.

Moving on. Tila announced she's having her Tila Merch launching...within few weeks (meaning another two years). Like, as if she's creating another seven years of wonder, is asking her dimwitted underage fans what they want. Let me say something that is obvious, but not obvious to Tila: She is equivalent to the Gosselins, Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton, Nadya Suleman, and Snooki. What do they all have in common? A bunch of untalented famewhore freaks who refuses to go away and torture mankind instead. If Tila manages to finally open up her stupid online store, she would be selling adult-related stuff to minors and how unsuccessful it will be. If all fails, it's likely she'll buy all the merchants to save face...hers. Hell, she'd even joked about that, too. Laugh now, cry later. Will this be before or after being arrested for selling shit to minors? For those who are unaware, this whore has been insulting her fans since 2007 about her damned store. Yes, since 2007. Just like this twit's been working on her crappy Tila Iphone since May 2009!

When questioned about why she's asking her stupid minor fans what they want, this is her reply:

I love how this twit tries to play smart with the haters. This woman just doesn't have the wit. See for yourself:

I swear to God, every time I go to her shitty site, my I.Q. keeps dropping. Perhaps the better question is: Why the hell do you keep mentioning about Tila Merch and not fucking do anything about it? The best advice is to keep your fucking mouth shut and brag about it once it's bloody open! Announcing Tila Merch store since 2007 was not a bright move. But then again, all the moves Tila makes are never bright. Act first. Think later, right? But, wait. Does this piece of meat actually think? I know I'm sounding like a misogynist asshole despite being a girl myself, but this whore makes me ashamed of being one. She helps promote ignorance among women out there. Not knowing how to pump gas is her latest antic. Like someone commented, it is not cute playing dumb. Even that skank-ass Paris Hilton said playing dumb is cute. *palmface*

Unlike you, who can't keep your damned lies straight, only the intelligent people already knew this:

Say this very slowly with sarcasm: Sttttttttttttupppppppppidddddd wwwwwwwhhhhooooore.

So, I guess the quantity versus quality plays a heavy role, right? By the way, nice positive energy there, fuck-meat. Hmmmm...who was offered $20 million dollars and have comments that are more meaningful and intelligent? Sorry, Tila, but reading comments from your site is like visiting an elementary school, whereas, visiting Perez Hilton's, a full of college graduates. If it makes you happy to have comments that are vulgar or ass-kissing, don't let me stop you, but want to say this is something I wouldn't brag about. Still jealous, aren't we?

It's almost November and Tila is trying to convince the haters she's really a good person and actually cares for others by planning (not going mind you) to go to Africa to help build wells.
Does this skank not know the difference between talking and doing things? I mean, for Christ sake, I could say I'm this close of finding cure for aids, but the truth is, I fucking haven't! And anyone who's a parent would have to be crazy as hell allowing their children to go to Africa with Tila Tequila. She likes kids and began referring her underage fans as "lovers". This alone should indicate something is not right. And let's just say, hypothetically, she does go to Africa to help build wells, will this change her personality? Will this redeem all the wrong-doings? The answer is: "Hell to the fuck no!" This whore can become the next Mother Theresa all I care, but I will never respect this sick woman! If she dies, I will not fucking mourn. Let God (if it exists) test me. I accept that challenge. I'm one of those people who never forgets and never forgives.

What's got into you lately is the drugs in your blood vessels, sweetie. Traveling around the world with you would be a fucking nightmare. It would be hellish, nothing romantic about that. Sorry.

Her paragraph is quite concerning. Why? Well, we all know she's a drug-addict, and despite the claim of being clean now, doesn't qualify her to become a suitable mother. This actually reminds of me Courtney from American Psycho, written by Bret Easton Ellis, turned into an excellent movie, starring Christian Bale. Both the novel and the movie are very good. However, the book is beyond violent that it makes the film like a PG movie. Anyways, Courtney is one of the beautiful girls (not that I'm calling Tila beautiful, she's fugly-alien-looking) Patrick is having an affair with. She's into drugs and is out of her mind through-out the film. You can see an example here from YouTube. In one scene, she tells him she wants to have a child. Anyone that is sane and coherent, will have the normal response of hell, no and after reading that paragraph, I was like, hell, no.

I guarantee her marriage will not last and her husband will regret everything. And when they divorce, may God have mercy on his soul for we'll never know what this crazy skank will do to him. There's a fat chance this will never happen and she won't breed another Titla Bacteria. She has two years left to live, remember?

Wow! Tila actually found work? Don't get too hyped up, guys. I smell bullshit like these ones:

I would like to end this entry with a beautiful crescendo:

Why the fuck are you still alive? Are you that fucking blind or just stupid?! Yes, Tila, you are that repulsive to me that I don't think of you as a human being, but just a walking piece of meat with two eyes.

And since her birthday is coming up (close to Halloween, how appropriate) I have a perfect gift I would like to give her:

Happy early birthday, skank. I wish you all the misery a person can get.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Haha great post! Who in their right mind want to marry her? She can't even keep a man ( which seem to come around once every 6 months) for more than a couple of weeks, they bring new meaning of "OMG WTF!" Tila is one of those ex girlfriends that will make you change your phone number and move far away.

RockitQueen said...

QOCAP, every time you make fun of the Gremlin a devil gets its horns! Please, please take on her claim that she's moving into a big mansion YET AGAIN. This time the hogul palace has three stories, a pool, a Jacuzzi AND an elevator. Plus, Onyx is getting her own pimped-out bedroom again. *eyeroll* I wonder if this one will be in Thailand, too.

It's funny that you can actually chart her binges and crashes based on the delusions she posts about. She's in the midst of a binge phase right now. It's unbelievable to me that these army dunces fall for her bullshit over and over and over and can't accept that she's a raving, drug-fueled lunatic.

Misty said...

I don't even know where to begin. Lather, rinse, repeat...... if there is ever a Tila Iphone App, I will download it to my phone penance for my disbelief. If there is ever a TilaMerch store, I will buy you all a pair of wonky nipples to wear as earrings. If Tila ever goes to Africa to dig a well, I will personally make a substanstial donation to psychiatric hospital (unlike Tila, those people may recover in treatment).

Who would marry this woman? Why is it that every guy that wrongs her has a small dick? Could it be her cavernous stink hole?

I'm sure you have now seen the latest - she has bought a mansion. With a pool, jacuzzi, and elevator - it sounds similar to the apartmansion she is currently living in. And she will have her sexy girlfriends live with her instead of the Playboy mansion - are those the same ones she shot the porn vid with? I wonder if she will hire a decorator again or just go directly to rent-a-center? And she'll make us a MTV Cribs style video as soon as she is unpacked, hopefully we see more than the bathroom this time. Oops sorry, "glamroom".

Yep. Lather, rinse, repeat.......

Joann said...

Well as I said before, as far as I'm concerned she guilty until proven innocent. LOL. I don't believe anything she says, so until I actually see a Tila Iphone App or whatever the hell she's making and her Tila merchandise on sale I don't believe it.

As other people have commented, the skank is moving again to yet ANOTHER MANSION(of course we're still waiting to see the mansion she moved into this year). LMAO.

I can't wait to see how this plays out and how long it will take before Tila is caught in this lie.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@RockitQueen Yeah, I definitely have to blog about her new mansion! LOL

Seriously, guys. A three floor mansion? For one person? And the next thing she's gonna say is her new home resides in Carmel-by-the-Sea (where some rich celebrities lives). Bitch can't afford it. But, we'll see how this plays.

hanah said...

Isn't she supposed to be in Egypt on her Birthday on Sunday? How can she move if she, as she said, will stay in Egypt for two or three weeks? I think I'll get her a notebook for her Birthday, so she can write her lies down in order for them to add up.

Regarding her mansion, I'm kinda excited how this will play out lol we all know she can't afford it so she'll probably film in a house of a guy she knows (ie fucks). If at all, or she'll never mention it again. But I think she's pretty desperate to prove us jelis h8ers wrong, so I can totally imagine her making a tour in a friend's house.

Mom said...

I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure it takes more than a couple days to close on a house. Even if you pay cash there are appraisals and inspections that have to take place.

I see she has invited her army over for a housewarming party. Of course she will just let them down again. The way she screws with her fans heads is really very mean. Most of them are very young or seem to have some kind of mental disability.

Abbie Normal said...

I wonder how many of her army of children jumped on the idea of going to Africa and "falling in love?" Poor little kids.