Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Roast Grandma Tila Tequila!

Fuck positive energy!

I don't know what made Tila blog such another insipid pointless entry, but apparently, she's in a mood to get her ass beaten...again, and well, many of the haters were more than happy to oblige. Looks like it's that time of the month again where she needs to do something to draw in traffic! God, what a fucking loser!

It's sad how Grandma Titla Bacteria encouraged her detractors to roast her but in the end, get banned or have their comments deleted despite her encouragement. Guess she's the one who can't handle anything except stroking cocks! We're all extremely tired of Tila's "repetitive" excuse that it's not her deleting comments, but the administrator, or simply known as word filter. What words are blocked? As far as we know, Casey Johnson, meth, liar, lies, Thien (ironic, isn't it?) delusional, and pedophile. I'm sure there are more. I wanted to know what other words that are likely blocked, and this is what happened:

Awwwww...Tila is just very upset because I gave her what she wanted: Roasting and she bans me. I'm hurt! If you really want to piss her off, though, simply blame her for Casey Johnson's death. After all, Tila admitted of trying to stop Casey from taking drugs, which likely include medical ones as well. And if that's not convincing enough, you should see the photos three days later after the discovery of Johnson's body. Tila smiles widely at the paps as if nothing bad happened to a poor innocent woman whom Tila took advantage of. Yes. Tila is a vile, sick old woman. She bragged about being in her Mommy's tummy during the Vietnam War, twice, but claims to be born in 1981, so, it's likely she's in her mid 30's actually. For someone who's in their mid 30's, sure acts retarded and immature.

This old woman can't keep her fucking lies straight! Tila insist on responding to all the comments, but what a surprise, doesn't. Only the fortunate ones were blessed, though. Hey, I got blessed this time! Cunt always ignored my comments and I was literally surprised that she responded! Anyways, get ready to laugh:

Too bad it's all bullshit, Tila. Remember your confession? And you had the nerve to call me an idiot? SMH. Damn, Tila. Can't you do something without failing for once?

I was going to save these pictures for specific entries, but, I guess there's no harm publishing them in this entry. For those who never saw that brief clip that got leaked from her stolen laptop, well, here are the pictures:

Try and guess what she's doing in that video. For those who want to see the clip, while I won't directly link its url, but from this entry, the Tilasrotspot did. Happy hunting! P.S.

And what the fuck is she doing in the video? What a hypocrite.


Misty said...

Tila is sad. A sad little whore goblin who has nobody and nothing. I am not surprised she is taunting people. She probably needs the traffic and it is no secret that without her haters she really has no one. Well, 9head and an army of 5. If you throw in the old foreign men, maybe 15.

Frankly, I couldn't be bothered going to her site and commenting. She is not worth the effort. I can comment here and know that she sees it just as well. It's funny I noticed a decrease in tweets about her recently as well as any press/articles/etc. She needed to ramp something up.

I feel the end is near. She looks terrible and has no credibility anywhere, even the trash rags that have no credibility, don't believe her. She is a joke to everyone, everywhere.

Great work keeping up with her ridiculous rantings and antics. I look forward to reading your blog.

Blondie Zero said...

Can I just say I LOVE how stupid she is?



angela said...

Just when you thought Tila couldn't get any more dumber, she raises the bar. I am the one who asked her why she killed Casey. As you can see she didn't like what I had to say. Anyhoo, I really like your site QOCAP.

lalabinks : )