Saturday, September 4, 2010

1 Retweet: Tila In Wonderland

Tila In Wonderland - I wonder if Tila believes her own bullshit. Yes? No? I've forgotten how batshit crazy her tweets were! WARNING! The following collection contains a lot of bullshit escaping Grandma Tila's narcissistic mouth!

You seriously need to stop listening to your universe and start listening to sane and intelligent people.

Tila, you are a no body. Get that through your fucking head.

Never compare yourself to Gia Marie Carangi. Despite her drug issues, she's very bright and sane if compared to you. The fashion industries loved her. They wanted her. And I wouldn't call that movie, Gia, fantastic. It was heartbreaking and according to her mother, Hollywood made Gia crazier than she normally was like they do in films. It wants to sell. Anyways, you, on the hand, are trash and no one fucking wants you! And comparing yourself to Jenny, then, I was right that your father beats your ass. Shit, you implied it. Quit playing the fucking victim here and grow up! You're not a little girl anymore.

Why the hell are you giving relationship advice then? ANSWER: She's giving herself advice by fabricating letters for her gossip blog. It's easy to tell they're coming from her. Grammatical structure and poor effort.

Hell, to the fuck no!!!!!!

K.O. Didn't anyone ever tell you never get into a fight unless you know you can win? Obviously not. Your attempt was an utter failure!

I wouldn't brag about fooling children.

So, you're really born in the 70's? I'd never doubted that.

What did you expect after your terrible Juggalos performance? Poor you? Go cry a river else where, whore. Try and find any media outlets out there deeply expressing their condolence: None. That means, the world has no respect for you. Sorry, it's the truth.

Haven't you figured it out already? You're washed up, too, Grandma!

Well, I guess Tila was born in the 70's after all!

Oh, Tila. You constantly express your anger and thus, must feel like a failure yourself.

Who knew she felt this way before? Ti-Lun!

Awwwww...that's very nice of you. However, we all know you delete posts that question about miscarriage, fake charity ogranization to name a few. You have a lot of word filters and unless it's kissing your ass, you delete comments and won't let any soldiers of yours speak their mind. Fucking cunt:

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Trying to scam the children?

Wow...I can't believe you're being honest.

Grow a fucking brain, idiot! They were saying the show was making fun of you!

hahahaahahHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHA! Okay, Grandma Tila!

Guess who had the last laugh, cunt?


abbie.normal said...

Bitches wanna hate me like "WHY U TRYIN TO BE SO HOOD?" I bet they asses werent born in a 3rd world country escaping a WAR! Das right bitch!

Oh wow. This whole post is awesome, but that tweet right there had me just about in tears!