Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7 Truly Stupid or Done Intentionally? I Choose the Latter

Okay, so most of you know by now that Tila flipped one of her images and was caught. Refer to my previous post. While us, haters, are having fun ridiculing her about this, I, on the other hand, is very skeptic and believes this was done intentionally.

I got really confused about this discovery. Tila wants us to believe she lives in a two-floor house with two kitchens because, after all, she considers herself a "mogul" and runs her own "empire." Not to mention, she once gave us a tour, only to be in her "glamroom" (bathroom) the entire time. Some tour, bitch. Most of the photos and videos of Tila at her apartment are either shot in her bedroom or from her bathroom, rambling shit while being high. And when in her bedroom though, I don't ever see that Marilyn picture.

If you observed closely, as some people did, the picture, (am I the only one who doesn't find Marilyn pretty? She's overrated and boring in my opinion and I shake my head all the time when I hear people express condolence and such. Yawn.) despite being grainy as hell, is noticeable and if looked at under duration, your eyes will eventually spot it. I actually didn't see it because I was too focused on her hair. The way this photo was taken strikes me. I don't understand why she mirrored it except for one thing: To cause more commotion. I've mentioned a while back stating lying works for her. When you are going nowhere with your failed career, what other ways to draw attention and keep people of alike coming back, discussing about you? I mean, c'mon. Don't you find it odd? Take a look at her sleeveless top. Her tattoos are clearly visible.

Why did she make the photo black and white and grainy? To be artistic? To mess around with whatever software program she's using? Why did she wear that particular top? I think this was just a scheme to draw in traffic. To me, this was definitely done intentionally. Why else would she do this then? To retain site traffic, of course. To her, it's better to be hated than ignored. If she lies and was caught, you would think she would receive a deluge of comments, hence, retain or draw in more traffic to her site. And it's not just about the photo. It's also about her hair as well. Was it recently or actually few days ago? It doesn't matter anyways.

I was going to make fun of her about this, but my mind was yelling something was just too fishy and some flags were waving frantically. And well, this is my conclusion. What do you think? Tila is really, really, really stupid or was being clever? Well, we all know she's stupid, but clever? Actually, this isn't a genius plan. With all the lies she constantly pulls, it is in our nature to quickly commence attacks. But, not this time, at least for me. I'm keeping my mouth shut about this and patiently waits for her next stunts.


SJDC31 said...

She took the picture, which before she mirrored it, shows the side where her "scar" should be. I think she liked the pic so just flipped it to make it look like none scar side. You can obviously tell she does not have a scar from this pic. Then in the pic that she took with her own camera she photo shopped a divet in her face where scar "supposedly" is. If you look close this scar would not be healed to this state yet. If this scar was real and not photo shopped it appears to be a couple years old.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

But still, again with my point of wanting us to keep talking about her; be it stunts and lies. If she's boring as hell, eventually, she'll start losing attention from her fans and haters and she certainly wants to avoid that all cost. So, I think she wanted this to happen and deliberately did this.

hanah said...

I really don't think she has the smarts to pull this, I think you're giving her too much credit here

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I fully agree, Hanah. I wasn't thrilled of writing this entry, but sometimes, I think Tila does some things deliberately just to have people keep talking. This is just my opinion and wanted to share. :)

raunchyb said...

I really like this post. Sometimes I too wonder if she's smarter than we give her credit for - to what degree I have no idea. What if her public life the past few years has been a carefully manipulated act, like an extreme version of Borat?

I don't actually believe that, but it's kind of fun to think about.

(Also, I appreciate this post for not using excessive profanity - the 'c word' makes me cringe.) Keep up the good work!

hanah said...

I just don't believe that she actually can plan something like this trough, I'm still quite sure that her only intention was to have the "bruised" side of her face covered, and she photoshopped the pic to black/white, increased the exposure to cover the tattoo and background. Btw. she got a lot more quite in the recent months, not sure as to why... but no more live cam, public affairs, babys, etc. I would even say she got boring lol

And I'd like to second raunchyb: I love this blog, I love how you go into detail, I also read the rotspot, but sometimes they sound a little bit like Tila herself with their aggressive tone.
Oh and I looove the "crazy schedule" on the right!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@raunchyb Thanks for your feedback. I apologize the use of that "c" word offended you and will no longer use it on this blog site. :)

@hanah And I thank you for visiting my blog. You guys inspire and offer the right incentive for me to continue writing. :) Thank you all!