Sunday, September 26, 2010

4 Hey, Everybody! Look At Me!

I love how Grandma Tila is striving to look like Gia Marie Carangi. Here's an overrated American actress, Angelina Jolie, portraying as the model from the movie, Gia:

Anything filmed from Hollywood is equivalent to wikipedia. They like to exaggerate things and have false trivia intact in order to sell shit. So, from the film, Gia was a young rebellious bisexual woman who lived on a fast lane, and drugs was what killed her. Also in the movie, Gia was a foul-mouth young woman with an aggressive attitude but was rather seductive those around her. Hmmmm...could it be our aspiring mogul whore Tila wants to be exactly like her? Perhaps it's for the best: No damage, harm will take place from those around her if she's gone. Will fate be kind enough and instead make her disappear forever and worked as a prostitute until demise? Tila's cult of Tila Army is quite frightening and God knows what can happen if it continues. Anyways, Tila, you are not Gia. This is actually you:

Tila announced she made an appearance and claimed to help spread autism awareness at a charity event. I want to remind people I hope this fucking worthless whore does not state something like "because of me, the world has a tremendous amount of awareness about autsim" like she claimed gay marriage became legal because of her. YEAH, RIGHT! And she wonders why the world hates her.

After reading this tweet, I knew something was wrong here. But then again, there's always something wrong with Tila, so wrong, it's not even bloody funny.

Holy shit! I'll admit Tila looked more prettier back then, but God damn! That face is just...horrendous! I might as well share some other unflattering photos I find tacky:

Hahahaahahahahaha! This photo always reminds me of what a cartoon toad would look like!

Kids, drugs are bad. Not only does it affect your internal organs, but obviously fucks up your face, too. Don't follow into her steps, please. You guys are way better than her! Please find yourself a better role model! Oh, wait. They're not listening because they're just too stupid. My bad. Your funeral.

I don't know exactly what the hell this whore did at the charity event, but could it be any more different than showing up at the Gifting Suite or at a Las Vegas strip club? How the fuck is she spreading autism awareness? People who never heard of autism apparently lived under rocks. John Travolta and Jenny Mccarthy's child had and have autism. To me, this is just another insult from Tila. She is not spreading autism awareness. Just look at her entry! It's all about me, my black hair, I have tons of photos from Gala, and etc. Christ, she even chose to share us her disgusting ugly photos of her fatty face first. Whoever invited her to this charity event apparently did not do their homework or it's very likely she'd invited herself for two reasons: To garner media attention and convince us, haters, she's a really good person.

Sorry, Tila. But you failed. Come back when you actually helped building wells from Uganda in October you ugly-looking fucking whore.

Nice scars....


BigPoppaPhat said...

Actually tila got it wrong (internet thug), the correct term is e-thug. And whats up with the hottie of the week always being her? I guess its proof there's nobody hotter. It was just last week she posted that pic with that massive hole on her cheek also.

Joann said...

You know what...I am going out on a limb here but I believe Tila had some plastic surgery done on her eyes and face. You know the kind of plastic surgery that doctors can do and you can go home in 24 hours.

A black wig and contact lens don't change your appearance that much. Tila looks totally different. In the pictures with the black hair/wig, her eyes do not have that slanted look that she has in her others pictures.

tui said...

Blue eyes. Yet just a few days ago, she was desperately embracing her asian roots via black hair. Heh. The skank can't open her mouth without bullshit falling out.

Nice work Q of C&P

Sandra said...

Hey lovely Queen, I hate Tila like the rest of the world, but I think you have an error in the above pic where you have her scars circled, the one on her eyebrow was the opposite side to the cheek one, and it does kinda look like she has a slight line there. Don't know war happened to the cheek one though, the other day it was a huge gouge....

I'm pretty sure she's had some work done, botox, lip fillers and maybe some sort of eye lift. There is an eye lift that a lot of Asians have on their eyes to make them look more Western and it makes the eyes look bigger. It must've been getting to her all the comments about how old she looks and how the drugs have ruined her looks.

Anyway love this blog, keep up the great work, xxx