Wednesday, September 8, 2010

0 Kid Rock? He Has Better Hoes To Hang Out With

Last night, Titla Bacteria was all excited about uploading videos of her awesome appearance at a trashy new strip club in Las Vegas. I'm pretty sure all her children fans were jumping with joy and couldn't wait to see them. However, if any of them had brains whatsoever, they've already did. I love how Tila states her ff (fake and failed) celebrity gossip blog's motto is bringing us legit news, real time. *snorts*

See what I mean on how she likes to make TilaArmy wait? It's funny how her enthusiasm about Kid Rock went awry after the discovery and changed the subject to uploading a video of her playing piano, obviously a desperate reminder that she's a real musician and divert us from embarrassing her....too late, cunt!

Is it just me? But, it seems like Tila will make a lie to get her target's attention. First with Lindsay Lohan. Tila once wrote, "SO Lindz….. I literally told my friends a few days ago that it’s so sad that Me, Miss Tila, Once just a Myspace girl turned Reality star, and I now have surpassed Lindsay Lohan! Girl that is sad!!!! Cuz to me, you were the LEGIT SUPERSTAR, THE MOVIE STAR! And now, you have let a once Reality Star, Miss Tila, Surpass you!!! Come on girl!!!!!! I’m not here bashing you!" Those two open-letters did not received any correspondences as she had hoped and in a fit of rage and embarrassment, posted offensive entries about Lindsay ever since. Let us not forget her claim to have a sex tape with LadyGaga. So, I guess Kid Rock was her next target to get attention. God, this ugly, vile woman is so fucking talentless that lying is her second tool besides flashing her decade-year-old titties! Yikes!

From Kid Rock's official forum::

And the article from x17online:

Whore, stop trying to ride on real celebrities' tails and get a fucking job!