Monday, August 1, 2011

0 Farewell, Everyone!

It has been over a year now of blogging about Miss Tila now and the time has officially come to retire and look forward to my future and stop focusing on Tila. I want to thank the Tila Army for encouraging me to ignore Tila. It took me a very long time to finally open my eyes and say, "blogging negatively about Tila Tequila that I know isn't fun anymore and just a waste of my time." This statement does not mean I am requesting my readers to do the same. Do something that makes you happy.

As most of you know, I have challenged the Tila Army to see whether or not they have the courage to stop being silent and ask their idol to get help. Although most of the TilaArmy didn't, especially her three generals, very few did. However, I question about their loyalty as a fan. But, regardless of their interest, I am grateful to those who participated and thank you very much for your support and encouraging Tila to seek help. Speaking about the three generals, their excuse was they admit Tila has problems, but did not request her to seek help because they can't force her to do anything. If any, all they can come up with is insisting Tila to get some bed rest. Wow. While it is true we can't force anyone to do anything, but it was never about force to begin with. It was about encouragement. It saddens me that most of her fans were silent and seriously wonder maybe it's because they're fake or they really want to watch her dig her own grave. The possibility of privately (from her fans) contacting Tila to seek help is unlikely because why be silent and not prove me and the other haters wrong when this is their opportunity?

Why am I retiring? I have various reasons, but here are my top:

1.) It's over a year now, I had my fun and my interest in Tila have drastically diminished. Blogging about her isn't fun anymore. It was like receiving a new game: It's fun, but becomes boring later on. I don't feel entertained anymore and I don't focus on people who can't entertain me. Plus, other factors were influenced to my decision as well.

2.) The Tila Tequila character. Tila recently had a disturbing interview with Howard Stern and made a statement that really caught my attention...or in this case, ears. This is what she said: "you think you know me, you think you have me all down, and analyze me, but, I'm always and always will be one step ahead of everybody else of what you think of me. I will let you think what you think of me. And that's the magic of it. That's the beauty of it because I allow that. I let what people think. But I'm always one step ahead."

If Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen was telling the truth, then sorry. But, I don't focus on fictional characters I hate. I thought Tila Tequila was a real person.


3.) The Tila Army. They are the most deluded fanbase you'll ever cross in your life, I guarantee it. You can provide evidence, hundreds of them, and they'll try to find flaws only in you while making up excuses about Tila's erratic behaviors and being okay with it while if it's coming from the haters, they'll chase after you with an axe. Yes, it must be a double standard thing. Seriously, what the fuck? Tila Tequila is a fictional character! Stop being Annie Wilkes for god's sake. She is not a real person!

That being said, I don't know if Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen is telling the truth, but I'm looking at this in a positive perspective. I've finally found a right incentive to stop blogging about her. I wanted to stop paying attention to her, but couldn't, because she was a wacky person, or so I thought. But what she said, what if she's telling the truth? I'm taking this into consideration anyways. I hope you, readers, will respect my decision to quit blogging about Tila. But seriously, I don't waste my energy on someone that doesn't exist, let alone, lack entertainment, and I sure as hell refuse to be a puppet any longer. Tila once had it, but it's run dry. I'm moving on to something else.

This may be the end of my Tila blogging, however, I will keep this blog open. But, unlike the TRS, I will create a new entry just so the readers may continually voice their opinions about Tila Tequila or Miss Tila or whatever her name is. I'm closing the forum, though. Thank you for reading my entries! To the people I've socialized on regular basis via twitter, it was very nice of meeting you! I hope all of you guys have a wonderful and happy lives. :)

And Thien, I hope you start focusing on the good and stop lying to yourself. If you're seriously ill, I hope you get the help. I really do. If it was all just an act, then I wish you would stop faking it and stop pandering yourself. I have said numerous times that I've hated you. But honestly, you can't hate someone you don't know. So, it's your actions I hate. Whatever you have gone through your life, and if you honestly suffered child abuse, then I am sorry it happened to you. I truly am. But, since that's all in the past, including things I've said that may have hurt you, I want to say I am very sorry and I hope you will find true happiness like everyone else.

I also hope you're mature enough to realize no one is guiltier than the other party. To the haters, please do not feel betrayed. Just because I'm apologizing to Tila doesn't mean I have become a fan. I'm not and never will be. And besides, after this entry, I am moving on with my life, focusing on positive things, and drop in via twitter to say hello to the people I'm following from time to time. And if you don't like what I'm doing or start hating me, then fuck you. Unlike many people out there, at least I'm mature enough to apologize, acknowledge my wrong-doings and move on. I'm not asking you to change either, I'm just requesting you'll understand and accept the choices I have made.

This is QOCAP and I'm signing off.