Monday, August 1, 2011

81 Voice Your Opinion About Miss Tila

Even though blogging has officially ended for me, I thought some people may still want to continue voicing their opinions about Tila. Feel free to do so right here if you wish or not. However, please note that anyone may share their opinions about Miss Tila, fan or hater, but comments such as personal insults toward other commentators, off-topics, or spam, will be deleted! You can help keep the comment section cleaned by reporting violations via email with the unique comment hyperlinks (click on the comment number(s) to obtain them) that will be required! Otherwise, your report will be ignored. Also, please feel free to contact me when scrolling down becomes very annoying and I'll be more than happy to make a new entry to continue the conversations. Thanks and enjoy! P.S. If you have something to say about my decision to stop, either tell me via twitter or email because it will get deleted from here.


Awwsumkitteh said...

Tila: being an attention whore has its price. You will one day start receiving negative attention (name-calling, bullying, threats, stalking, etc.)and you won't know the first thing on how to stop it because you're the one who opened Pandora's box in the first place.

Teach yourself how to shut the box, Thien.

Joann said...

I have nothing NEW to say about the nitwit AT THIS MOMENT.

I'm waiting for her to do something more idiotic than she has done before. It hard to believe she will top herself acting like an idiot but she will. Stay tuned. LOL

Awwsumkitteh said...

btw I have a tila forum of my own:

Sheriff Gauncent said...

i also have a web forum dedicated conspiracy theories. I've had it open for the past 3 years. Doesn't get much hits, but I will revant an entire section for this whore and get a new advertiser. So when it's ready click on my ads and the money I get I will put it back into you guys. Like real free shit.

Let me know. I'll need real mods as well.

Joann said...

Nasty. I hope the girl and guy got tested for STD's.

Joann said...

I ran across this article Tila gave to Huffington Post and I was LMAO.

This statement is REALLY hilarious:

"Because what people in Hollywood don’t realize is they are so worried about what everyone else is thinking and, if their 15 minutes are up, they start to do drugs and have all this pressure. But I feel like I’m not going to let anyone else dictate my life because I am so fabulous" was she high when she made that statement???

As I said before, Tila is all but done and we are just waiting for her to fall done. DEAD WOMAN WALLKING y'all.

Have a good laugh guys. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why she didn't walk off this interivew?

Joann said...

meant....waiting for her to fall DOWN.

Hannah said...

One word: gross

Btw, where's the party gone? Since the yuku forum of you is closed?

Joann said...

What do you expect from a broke, pathological lying, over the hill, no talent attention whore skank. You see how quick she lied and said her fake boobs were real.

I only looked at a couple of minutes of the video. The skank is so over the top stupid and annoying I can only watch her for a few seconds.

Howard plays her like a fiddle and has her doing everything nasty in the book. That's why they have her back. She thinks it's because they love her. lol. I bet they laugh about her when the show is over. Idiot.

I guess this is the way people act when they are not relevant in the business anymore but still trying to hold on.

I asked the same thing Hannah. lol Seems everyone disappeared since QOCAP closed the forum but me and Sheriff have recently posted on awwsumkitteh's forum. The link is posted on her comment up top.

Joann said...

LMAO......when will the AOI learn their only job is to praise the skank by telling her how beautiful, amazing and hot she is all the time and that's it.

BBJ made the mistake of telling her she need to slow down. Of course Tila turned it around, made her feel guilty and told her to stop listening to haters. BBJ is now apologizing.

BBJ only had Tila's best interest at heart but Tila dismissed BBJ's heartfelt intentions and made her think she was out of line. When will they get it that they are not loved by her...only used by her.

That's why we call them AOI.

raunchyb said...

I saw that too, Joann. It's pretty sad, actually.

Also, it seems she couldn't decide whether to blog about her public masturbation or her flawless best friend lover and decided not to blog at all... or she forgot again.

Joann said...

@raunnchyb....I am so waiting for her to go to jail after being caught with drugs on her or admitted to the hospital for OD'ing.

What I can't understand it why she would want to take a break....the bitch hasn't done anything to take a break from. Now she claims she has a GF bff....what happen to the hockey player? Skank lies so much she can't remember what she said. LOL.

Joann said...

ROTFLMAO at Fox News putting the skank on the list of worst reality people turned singer.

The haters aren't the only ones who know that skank can't hold a tune if her life depended on it.

She goes on her "tours" and the DJ will tell her how awesome she is but if you notice that crap she calls music is NEVER heard anywhere.

She's a f*cking joke whether she's in LA or NYC and she knows it but she tries to play it off like she's awesome. lol

RockitQueen said...

She hasn't tweeted in a few days. Maybe she's dead.

Joann said...

@RockitQueen....IMO she's probably holed up at some motel drugging and f*cking. lol.

Wasn't she suppose to film a movie this month?

Usually she's boasting about her upcoming roles(the Director is here have to go over my lines....brb.)but she hasn't said anything about it since last month. lol

Hannah said...

Um.. think she'll put that blog she promised for about a month now up in time for my retirement? lol

Awwsumkitteh said...

i found a quick vid of Tuna's sister Terri a while back:

raunchyb said...

@Hannah - Probably not.

HB was gone for a while but is back with a terrifying new pic. Based on his recent tweets, I'm pretty sure I've solved his identity mystery. He's Tommy Wiseau from The Room! (For reference, check out these clips: )

Joann said... you think this guy knows Tila personally and she asked him to post on her twitter as HB to keep drama going?

Awwsumkitteh said...

those pop up ads on her site are really fucking annoying

raunchyb said...

@Joann - No, I was just kidding. Tommy Wiseau is an actor/director with about as much talent and credibility as Tina. He shares the same stilted English and mysterious origins as HB.

@Awwsumkitteh - Have you tried Adblock for Firefox? It's life-changing.

anon110 said...

@Awwsumkitteh Adblock is awesome. Flashblock has also served me well.

I didn't even know there were any popup ads on her site.

Joann said...

Is this what "has beens" resort to when they have no career, no home, no car and no money and nothing to look forward to?

Placing a link on twitter to a semi nude picture of yourself in the bathroom with a camera phone. LMAO....desperate much?

"@OfficialMsTila: I'm gonna sit here and shoot up while my new super sexy hot girlfriend is on my filthy bed.... damn i'm in HEAVEN! LOL"

She's in her room all alone as usual tweeting this BS. Who would want to get with that? This and lot of her other tweets today are only to get a rise out of people. Such a sad, sad person.

omglalabinks said...

she will die soon I think. she looks bloody awful IMHO

Joann said...

I didn't think this could be possible but I do believe she is worse off NOW than she was when living in LA.

Jennifer said...

Saw this on Buzzfeed
See #48

Joann said...

LMAO...a must read. We know she didn't buy that Lambo all along.

Joann said...

Meant..."we KNEW she didn't buy"

RC3199 said...

Poor, Poor, Tina

Her lies are quickly catching up with her just like her drug problem.

The AOI must really feel dumb for trying so hard to fight for their fearless leader against the dreaded "Haters".

Her state of the art website "LOL" is a ghost town. What happened to the daily updates Tina?

Her wall to wall autotune music sucks as expected.

Her leased Lambo is up for sale as reported by GhostRider Radio (see link above).

She only put 2800 miles on the car in a year, what a waste.

Her condo/mansion & Onyx are gone.

What more could happen you may ask?

Well boys and girls never fear for I have an extra treat for you.

Feast you eyes and ears on the soon to be released (to a street vendor near you)
the blockbuster film starring Tina...I now present to you "MASTERMINDS"...Enjoy

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I laughed hard at Tila's bio from that website. Hollywood socialite? LOL

Joann said...

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
Awww I'm reading ur tweets and I miss u guys terribly!! I really do! #TilaArmyWorldWide! What R u up to? :)
about 17 hours ago"

If she misses the AOI so much what's stopping her from putting up a post or throwing a couple of tweets their way. They are all probably close to tears wondering where she is. LOL.

William said...

It's hard to blog or tweet when you are doing lines off of a homeless guys hog so you can share a trash can with them for the night.

Also, tweeting, blogging, or whatever requires electricity and internet or cell phone service.

Joann said...

LOL...Tila tweeted she was studying but failed to mention WHAT she was studying. Maybe she's in rehab and studying her 12 steps.

I'm guessing filming Brass Knuckles in Cali right about now won't be happening.

Hannah said...

Has she blogged yet? No? Didn't think so lol she's a walking joke.

And amazing find regarding the lamborghini

Joann said...

I'm surprised Tila hasn't tweeted about the hurricane and evacuation of NYC....that's a big deal.

Her last tweet was via her BlackBerry so maybe she left NYC and her computer behind or she's so whacked out of her mind she don't care about the hurricane or being evacuated.!/OfficialMsTila/status/107030541752217600

Joann said...

Not only was her last tweet from her BlackBerry but all her tweets from Aug 10th until the present have been from her BlackBerry. The pile of bones has not been on her laptop since the 10th....probably when she left NYC.

That's why there have been no posts and very few tweets. I'm thinking rehab.

William said...

It's call being homeless with a prepaid cell phone. Gotta have $ to recharge the phone.

William said...

Excuse me, homeless is not social or politically correct. I should say creative living.

Joann said...

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
All electricity is out in NYC so now is not a time to celebrate for me. My home is in danger. :(
5 minutes ago".

LOL...nitwit never had a home in NYC and she's still tweeting from her BlackBerry.

RC3199 said...

That is total bullshit.

I live in NYC and by the time the storm hit our area it had been downgraded to a tropical storm.

All we got was some rain for several hours and the winds barely kicked up much.

I have been monitoring the local reports and I have not seen any reports of power outages.

She is just writing that so the AOI will forgive her for not posting on her crap website.

She also can't wait to get the tweets wishing her well cause the AOI are worried about her and love her so much.

What a Pathetic Liar...

Michelle said...

BBJ sure has been quiet lately on the army front, even her pic has changed (and no reference to the army shit either) and she hasn't tweeted tuna for awhile...not since Tina passive aggressively told her off when BBJ dared to tell her to slow down...could this mean she's finally seen the light? Here's hoping!!

Moogle said...

GRR had posted a screenshot of HB inferring his whereabouts could be in Vegas. (on mobile so apologies for not linking)

I can't recall off the top of my head who twatted HB's nasty rednecked arse mobile photo but it shows him holding an inked sign that reads Finland although he's adamant that he's from/lives in Sweden. BUUUUT!!!! In the background hanging on a wall past the doorframe of his ick nast bathroom, is a..... wait for it......
Confederate flag.

**things that make you go hmmm....??

Ginge dude is probably originally from Alabama. That's my go-to redneck state. (apologies to anyone from or living there)

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I seriously don't understand why so many haters give this dumbass troll the attention he obviously craves. I would be contradicting myself here for creating a new blog but without personal information about HB, I learned it's hard to blog about him(her) and don't on planning on updating unless HB has been called out...for good.

IMO, he's either Tila or working with her just to get on our nerves. SERIOUSLY...just ignore that stupid troll. Oh, and btw, I have a feeling that idiot MargeLissa, or whatever the fuck his name is on twitter, is likely HB, or a friend, whose purpose is to just instigate to keep that redneck tweeting and nothing more. MargeLissa is an idiot who can't argue for shit, isn't bright at all, and is so obsessed with HB's location, otherwise, he doesn't have a reason of talking with the haters in the first place and should STFU already.

Who gives a shit where HB is from? If HB says he's from the moon, he's from the moon. Why does his location concern so many people? It doesn't change the fact he's a troll who only wants attention. I'm sorry if my rant may offend you, but I just don't understand location can turn out to be a such a fuss. To me, I couldn't care if he's living in Sweden or Vegas. The fact is, he's annoying as hell and he'll go away if everybody ignores him. You're letting him win, people.

End of my rant.

Joann said...

@RC3199....of course she's lying. I don't believe she's even in NYC anymore. All she does is tweet a couple of tweets per day, which are probably bogus anyway, to make people think she's doing fine. You would think she would write a post on how she got through the storm.

Something happen to the skank on Aug.10th which is when she started tweeting from her phone and she's still doing it. I say she's in rehab or somewhere getting some cheap plastic surgery work done. LOL.

@Michelle....."could this mean she's finally seen the light?".....I doubt it. Tila will say something "sweet" to her and BBJ will accept it and once again her face will be up Tila's ass.

BBJ has been following Tila since Tila first started out and was with her band. I'm thinking she believes Tila is still the same person now as she was back then.

Awwsumkitteh said...

I live in NJ right next to Philly and all we got was a bad thunderstorm and if there were any power outages I slept right through it!

Michelle said...

Very true Joann, there's little to no chance BBJ will truly see the light but one can only hope...if she was to fold a lot of other sheep might wake up to and it would bring us a step closer to the tuna skank being even less relevant...
Speaking of the stench known as tila, does anyone know for sure were she's hidin out these days? I would have thought if she's in rehab she woolen have any phone access but then again I've never been to rehab so don't know the rules and regulations. Besides the fact anyway she'd probably screw anyone if she thought it would give her money, power or acces etc

Awwsumkitteh said...

lol Shit My Dad Says is already cancelled

Joann said...

@Michelle....I have never been to rehab either so I don't know if they take ALL of your personal possessions or not, but as sneaky as Tila is I wouldn't be surprised if she would find a way to keep her phone with her. lol

Of course she would never tell us if she was in rehab but the twit will resurface soon enough with a story she has blown so much out of proportion you'll need a flashlight to find the truth.

Loflo said...

@Joann and @michelle...Ive been to rehab lol! But seriously, one of the most important rules is NOT to have a phone on you. We had our phones taken off us when we checked in, and had 10minutes a night on the pay phone. The calls were monitered by someone who was higher in the programme. However, many people (myself included) did manage to have phones on us, hidden in our rooms.

Joann said...

Thanks Loflo. Your input was really helpful. it's a good possibility she COULD be in rehab(with a hidden phone)which may be the reason why she's only been tweeting 2-3 tweets per day since Aug 10th plus the tweets are random crap like "what movie should I go see, after giving three choices", "what would you do if someone gave you $200,000" and talking about some politician who would have this country thriving if he were president.

She has to get on and off real quick but still want her fans to think she's staying in touch. lol

Michelle said...

I think we are def on the right track with the rehab guess guys...thanks to loflo for the info :)
It just makes sense she's in there, there has been Ero mention if the movie se was supposed to shoot in august nor did she take her usual full sympathy advantage when it came to the Irene disaster in NY. And we all know how much she loves to make everything about herself and gain as much attention as possible from the AOI. But apart from maybe one or two references to the disaster she failed to comment which is totally out of plus as others have pointed out the only access to the web is through a phone all points to the very strong possibility she's in rehab.
If she's there I hope she gets the help she sorely needs but I doubt it..I have the feeling we won't be rid of her anytime soon

Michelle said...

Oh and she's no longer playing the "where's tila" game either...
Ps apologies for the many spellig errors in my posts, it's the iPhone touchscreen playing up on me :)

Mary said...

I reckon the idiot is finally so broke she's had to go home to Texas, I vaguely remember a tweet about her 'going back to the country' and 'riding horses'... which is weird because I thought she ran with gangs as a kid. Now, I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure I would have heard of horse-riding gangs. Houston's best kept secret?

The photos she posted of her 'apartment' in New York looked like a cheap hotel and now she's disappeared altogether.

Aside from that, during the whole Celebrity Rehab fiasco she wrote an entire blog about why should she pay for rehab? I doubt she could have afforded it then and some-fuckin-how things appeared better for her then (as in, she could pay rent and not stay in hostel-looking hotels).

Plus you know if she was either in New York OR rehab she would have blogged her ass off about it.

Nope, I reckon she's finally broke, she's used up all of her relevance (ha!), is out of stunt ideas and is crashing on her parents' couch. Anything else she'd bragging her ass off about... unless she's whoring herself out to Japanese businessmen again but it seems too long to be a 'business trip'.

Joann said...

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
No I haven't forgotten about you guys! I was just taking the Summer off but now I'm back! Missing my #TilaArmy has pained me immensely! :)
2 hours ago"

ROTFLMAO...taking the summer off from WHAT???? What does she do? Wonder if anybody will ask her where she's been? I would love to hear her lie, er, answer.

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
Once I get hm N get 2 my laptop I'll start blogging about the possibility of time travel through wormholes N invention of invisible cloats.
1 hour ago"

Tila knows she don't have a home or a laptop anymore and even if she REALLY knew what she was talking about who would want to read about time travel through some f*cking wormholes..especially on her blog.

She need to time travel her ass back to school and learn how to spell...*invisible CLOATS*

OK, let's see how long it takes her to blog this time since she missed her AOI so much "it has pained her immensely". lol

I love catching this skank in her lies...but she does make it easy for you.

P.S. I'm sure she logs on here and lurk in the background. You guys notice she never mentioned anything about tweeting from her phone until it was talked about on here.

Hanah said...

Oh god, I just love it when she starts talking about "quantum physics" (I doubt she knows what the quantum in quantum physics means) lol looking at the pictures in Brian Greene's elegant universe does not mean you're a geek. Wormholes, time travel, that's popular science, broken down for people who know nothing about physics. She's such a show off, has to brag about everything because she has no substance. I'd love to hear a free speech from her about Heisenberg's uncertainty principle or the Compton effect and taking questions afterwards, now that would be a live stream I'd watch

Joann said...

Someone tweeted to the skank they didn't know she was in a commercial about Quantum Physics.

If you have seen this commercial you will get the idea. I was rolling. Kudos to the person who sent it.

Joann said...

Read a very, very interesting post on GRR about the skank. It seems she has left NYC but not for rehab. She's right here in Cali and is suppose to host at club Studio 8 in San Jose on Sept. 9th..

Why she left NYC in the middle of August for a hosting job that's not until Sept.9th is anybody's guess.

Oh yea....check out the pic the club is using to promote her at this affair. You'll get a good laugh.

Don't think she's appearing in Brass Knuckles any longer....that was touched on in the post.

One more thing....we know 90% of the things Tila says are not true or blown out of proportion and 10% of things she says are for shock value only.

There is a tweet in the post that someone sent to some DJ that's about Tila. I am going to say Tila told this to someone for shock value only.

I know she's a skank but I don't think she's doing this. If by chance she is then she has left shank and went straight to debauchery. Once you read the tweet you will know what I'm talking about. Enjoy the post guys.

Joann said...

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
I used to blog everyday and spend hours sharing my thoughts and events that take place in my life with everyone...all the time.
17 hours ago

OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
My point is, now that I've stopped. I hope u realize now what I did was for u and not something mandatory or rightfully urs. Note to #Haters
17 hours ago"

Note to nitwit: Your skank ass stopped blogging cuz you don't have a computer.

Don't know or care what happen to it but don't blame the haters cuz you can't hold on to your shyt.

RockitQueen said...

Joann, I wonder if everything she owns is being repossessed. It's painfully obvious she doesn't have a computer.

Joann said...

@RockitQueen...I don't know what happen to her stuff either. Maybe it's in the pawn shop, maybe it was taken because her cash flow was short and she owed knows.

I know one thing, the haters have nothing to do with the skank not blogging anymore which is what she implied and I wish someone would not only call her out on it but post the real reason she's not blogging anymore and why she left Cali and all her belongings behind.

Joann said...

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
I'm gonna visit my #TilaArmy in South Central, LA soon! Ya'll wanna come hang? Last time I was there was when "crumpin" just started. :)
4 hours ago"

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
Anyone here from South Central? Holla at me! I'm gonna come hang out for a bit! I had a lot of fun last time I was there! #TilaArmySoldiers
4 hours ago"

she's gonna hang out in South Central to visit her AOI. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Anybody who lives in Cali knows South Central is drug infested and gang infested. LMAO. She makes it so easy.

Joann said...

Miss Tila
OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
PS-Although I'm back, pls do remember what i tweeted a few days ago about my blogging can be taken for granted & I CHOOSE to share my life
5 hours ago

OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
and sometimes certain people can forget that and think it's something I do that's mandatory. Just remember the 2 month hiatus. :)
5 hours ago

If the skank is talking about the haters, we give less than a f*ck about her blogging about her life cuz more than likely it's nothing but a bunch of lies anyway. Next time she takes a hiatus I hope she makes it a permanent one.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I don't know about you guys, but I'm happy she's not blogging. I think she fails to realize no one gives a shit anymore. She's done. Who's Tila Tequila again?

Joann said... on that. That's why I said next time take a permanent hiatus.

Besides her AOIs nobody cares about that bullshit she blogs about. Don't she know she's become a non-mf-factor. LOL.

Joann said...


anon110 said...

"Who's Tila Tequila again?"

I've been noticing that showing up more often nowadays (twitter, YouTube comments, etc). Not even haters. But folks just wondering who the hell she is and why she has so many haters.

Joann said...

LMAO @ this...."And all those who are engulfed with hatred and spew the devils words to others, well, you're path to Hell is right around the corner. I know
8 hours ago"

I have no doubt she knows since she's personally been down that path many, many times and will go down it many more times before it all over with. lol

Awwsumkitteh said...

Anyone hear the dying cat that's on her latest blog post? I see a dog in drag but all I hear is some poor house cat getting their nails pulled out one by one

RockitQueen said...

@Awwsumkitteh, noticeably absent from commenting: BBJ. I hope GRR gets the scoop on this event she's supposed to "sing" at this weekend. Notice, too, that she isn't promoting the hell out of her events 50 times a day like she used to. I sense a giant downfall on the horizon. Mwhahaha!

Joann said...

@RockitQueen....I hope they do too. I want to know how the piano ballads she'll be doing at a bar turns out. lol

This came out of her mouth...."Most of all, I can't wait for you all to hear more NEW REAL music that I'm working on! Piano ballads & live performance in NY on the 30th!
20 Sep via web"

Awwsumkitteh said...

Judy Garland was wearing jackets as a dress long before Tuna:

Joann said...

The skank has been tweeting from her phone again as of 9/22 and up to and including today. Seriously believe her laptop is gone so she borrows a laptop for a few days to publish a post which is probably why her AOI only get a blog update once or twice a month even though she says she will keep them updated daily. Such a freaking liar.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Saw Tila's latest photos (thumbnail wise) from GRR site. And I must say, she was healthy-looking way back then, but fuck! She's very, very, very ugly now. There is absolutely nothing left about this sad pathetic twit who's still desperate for fame and wealth. Trust me, I wouldn't be surprised to wake up one day soon and hear the news she'd OD and died. My opinion? Who cares? The way she treats people and herself, skank deserves no sympathy from me and certainly won't get any. Like this whore once said: The party must go on.............and it certainly will.

Joann said...

I saw the pics on GRR and can't find the right words to describe how bad she looks. In that first pic up top her face looks seriously bloated.

I really do believe the skank is just going through the motions and finding it harder and harder to put up a front especially since, IMO, she has no home in NYC or in Cali to lay her head and no personal laptop to keep her blog updated daily. Her online blog is damn near at a standstill. Should be closing down any day now.

She looks like her whole world is crumpling even more but she has pissed off a lot of people so no one wants to really be bothered with her again. Wonder how Gary Sun feels about her right about now? lol

RockitQueen said...

Uggg, the Gremlin is going to be in my fair state soon! We have enough problems without this gutter tramp showing up.

She's also claiming on her Facebook page that she's filming THREE new TV shows and has a HUGE SURPRISE in store for everyone. I think even the AOI, with the exception of Homer and Paralyzed Queen doesn't believe her anymore.

Joann said...

"I'm Filming a new TV show today! Gonna be soooo fun! Big surprise!!! Stay tuned! #TilaArmy4Life!
about 6 hours ago"

If she's filming(and why is "Filming" capitalized???)a TV show why can't she tell us the name of the show and when it will be shown on TV?

She was all over the place when she had a guest shot on Shyt My Father Says. She gave us the named of the show from the jump and we knew every detail about her filmin plus pictures... so why the hush hush on this show?

Joann said...

I meant....why was the "F" in filming capitalized.

RockitQueen said...

She's desperately trying to keep people interested. She keeps saying she's "back"...back from what? I've never seen someone cling so desperately to their 15 minutes. It's sad and pathetic and I would almost feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a vile, useless slag.

I looked up the event she's attending in Akron and she's second billing to Ronnie from Jersey Shore. That alone would be enough to make me want to throw in the towel on life.

raunchyb said...

As for what she's supposedly filming, I was going to suggest maybe she was on that lame new show H8R, where D-list celebs meet people that hate them. It was cancelled today after only four episodes aired, so probably not, haha.

Joann said...

SMH @ this pathetic skank. Anytime she misses an opportunity to make a quick buck doing what she loves to do which is party and show off her half naked bony ass you know she's f*cked up.

Stay tuned for some outrageous lie or she might start blogging and never mention anything as if the whole scenario never happen.

Awwsumkitteh said...

Tuna during a "business meeting":