Saturday, December 3, 2011

11 If Not 2011, Then 2012?

Back in November 17th, I did a review on Tila's big plans for 2011 video, a video of her rambling about being in movies that will make its way to your theaters in 2011. Obviously, you're wondering what movie? Exactly. It didn't happen. Although, she did managed to suck a lot of cocks to get a walk-in role for a now cancelled show "Shit My Dad Says". I just love how Tila had the nerve to add "popular tv show" when it obviously wasn't.

"I also just landed a role on uh, really funny, popular tv show on CBS."

"you're going to seeing a lot of me in the big screen in 2011"
Fucking hilarious.

Everything Tila does, ends up failing...miserably or it didn't happen like adopting a child from Russia or Haiti because she's a pathological liar with many issues. A flawed thing. One of her most epic fails include an attempt at celebrity blogging and hoping to dethrone Perez Hilton and other celebrity tabloid websites.[1] [2] while at it. Oh, my god. Can you imagine her seeking for Vietman ambassadorship? Yikes:
Don't worry. Tila will NOT become an ambassador for Vietnam. The only ambassadorship she'll ambassador for is whorship and prostitution. She is a disgrace to them, a disgrace to her own family, and a complete disgrace and an embarrassment to the American people. Someone please get this ugly flat face slut out of my country.

Look, I'm under the illuminati's control!

Hmmmm...not only did Tila got breast implants, Asian blepharoplasty, a face-lift, could she have gotten fatty injections for her lips?

Wow. This "thing" is troubled. It's very ironic for someone who claims to love God and considers herself an "angel of God" would go under the knife. Tila, dear, that is a slap across your god's face. But, whatever. It's blatant you're not happy with your looks and strive to look more Caucasian. Yeah, there's no problem with Asians dying their hair and wearing colored-contact lenses (shit, even I do that), but getting plastic surgeries? Fuck that shit! It signifies your insecurities. Tila, dear, you are not happy with yourself and with your life. And guess what? Good. If I was you, I would hate me too.

So, what did our favorite hogul blogged about now?

Before I offer my opinions about her latest entry, I just want to tell Tila that her attempt at being controversial started failing since last year. All she does is recycle lies or fantasize about being in big movies and try to portray herself as an A-lister when it's been known many media outlets despises this yellow maggot, wishing she would just go away.

Being controversial had its due. Tila should find something else. I mean, you would think such celebrity tabloid websites finally wake the fuck up and realize all the news she dishes out are lies. How much hits do those sites get for Tila Tequila? I'm sure very little RadarOnline and TMZ are starting to get bored of her. So, in order to stay somewhat relevant, Tila probably begged HollywoodLife to write a shitload of "love advice" toward celebrities who couldn't give a rat's ass about her opinions, but only to laugh at her struggle to be famous. Do I smell Tila Tequila Popped! The porn sequel?

Anyways, in the latest entry, this is basically Tila's big plans for 2012 the sequel.

"I’ve been working on a lot of amazing projects that I will be able to announce, and unveil to you all by early 2012!!!"

The only project I see for 2012 is her picking out a casket and where she wants to get buried. Hell, no this isn't a death threat. This dumb twat tweeted about taking her own life. Not my fault she feels suicidal.

Also, thank you, Tila for confirming you actually didn't move to New York to live a normal life. Unless those nauseating candid photos were taken before July, then you are even more stupid.

We all know you need Hollywood because fame and wealth is all you want, which is what your god disproves of. You need people to feel alive because you hate yourself. You are a narcissist, a pathological liar with a fucked-up ugly face. You are more flawed than me and that makes me feel good. Very good, actually. I love waking up not having the need of strangers telling me that they love me. Only pathetic people with an ugly face and ugly disgusting crack body like yours need people's superficial love to help define who I am. You. Are. A. Loser. You. Are. Wrong. On. So. Many. Levels.



deluwiel said...

I've been watching the Tila shit show since Casey died. It's the same damn thing over and over and over. She's got exciting news but can't reveal any details - details are revealed and it turns out to be a one-shot deal or a couple of appearances for a fail song that no one will ever download except her last few AOI. We know nothing is going on in her life right now because she's actually paying attention to her Army. When she does have a gig or is working on something she goes for days and days without tweeting or blogging and completely ignores her flock of little mindless sheep. Tuna's life is devoid of any meaningful activity at the moment. Oh... and google "Tila Tequila Plans" - it is to laugh. So many, many things that never came to pass and were never mentioned again. No one fails like Tuna does. She needs to just embrace it. Who knows? Maybe Bravo would pick up a reality show following her day-to-day loserness.

Honeythorn said...

HOLY SHITBALLS you guys. Have you seen her "Candid" photos on her Face Book? Damn near naked. Effing pedo skank!

Joann said...

Tila tweeted: Im taking this weekend off 4 much needed VACAY!...we all know what that means. Skank gotta make her rent. LOL

2012 is going to be the same as 2011...a lot of talk and hardly any action. Now she's writing a column for Hollywood Life for some side money. lol

We all know Tila can't spell or string two sentences together so I'm more than sure someone else is doing the writing for her and she's turning it in.

She use to do this for Global Grind, Russell Simmons blog, but I don't think she's welcomed there anymore. I give this a couple of months and she's done.

Monique said...

@deluwiel it's unfortunate that NBC already has claim to the PERFECT title for Tuna's reality show, "The Biggest Loser".

Ben said...

Ever notice that in most pictures Onyx wants nothing to do with Tila? My dog would lay wherever the hell he wanted, but if I got up and started to do someting he would move a lot closer to me. Onyx just seems to stay the fuck away from her. I wouldn't be surprised if she abused the dog, both physically and by starving her.

deluwiel said...

@Ben - I don't know if the video can be found anywhere anymore, but she was giving a tour of her new "mansion" about 18 months or so ago (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and Onyx's body language was that of an animal that had been abused - tail down, head down, side-eyeing Tuna every time she was called over and when she came up to Tuna she'd walk over slowly and warily like she was expecting to get smacked. Her tail never went up, never wagged - she went outside around the pool and was half-heartedly woofling around the wall. No grass, no room to run or play. It was very sad to watch. That animal is mistreated, it's clear to anyone who has ever cared about dogs and knows anything about them. The only pictures I've seen of Onyx where her head and tail are up is when she's outside - there was a clip of her "personal trainer" (yeah, right) taking her for a run and she was clearly loving that, and then that picture Tuna put up of Onyx on a leash in NY with a stupid tutu on. In spite of the idiotic costume she had a doggy grin probably because she actually got out of whatever hole in the wall apartment she had been cooped up in for days. She's well fed (maybe a little overweight, but probably because she never gets any exercise) but I would bet anything she gets smacked more than she gets loved. It makes me sick.

Michelle said...

Hey guys, anyone know what happened to GRR's post about tuna, Garry sun and Alicat/skylarr???? It was there last night Australian time and now at lunchtime here right now it's gone
I wanted to comment on there to ask if Homerbarrt is part of the same ring? He's been gone for days, coincidentally just when tuna's been tweeting and blogging up a storm
Just have the feeling GRR knows the real and full story behind him and pretty curious. There's no way that troll can be for real
P's deluwiel I did google tila tequila plans:) some lie blasts from the past I'd forgotten and it gave me a good laugh, cheers :)

Joann said...

@Michelle....I just checked her site and you're right the post is gone. I'm sure GRR will give us an update on whey she deleted the is strange though.

I was surfing the channels tonight and stumbled upon the AVN awards on Showtime. There is no way I could explain the ceremony it's something you have to see at least once. The adult entertainers put Tila Tequila to shame. Tila would definitely be in the shadows around these people and we all know she can't deal with that.

OMG her profile pic looks like she's a 40 year old over the hill $2 dollar hooker. She has on enough eye makeup for 2 people.

RockitQueen said...

In that latest video, she is so obviously made up to see a client, it's not even funny. Yeah, she's going out on a "date" alright...with one of those Japanese businessmen.

deluwiel said...

can you believe the amount of eye makeup she has on? Yuck!!! She looks like she can hardly keep her eyelids up from the weight of it. Black Sharpie weird Egyptian outlined eyes does not equal 'glam'. Jesus, get a clue Tuna. Clearly a legit stylist hasn't been near her for a very, very long time. And the hair "style"? seriously - take a minute and actually brush the horsehair before you put it up. gross, gross, gross. On the plus side, however, at least her tits are covered. so there's that.

Awwsumkitteh said...