Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Dial A Desperate Now!

My original plan was to hold off posting until my return from Anime Central this weekend but due to crack o' clock activities, changed my mind.

Crack O'Clock Time

From yesterday morning:
Oh, how cute! Gina finally found Tuna a "big" audition she has for today! I wonder what it could be! Pretty Whoreman 2? Maybe an audition for a victim role in Law and Order SVU perhaps? Whatever this mysterious audition is, it must be big because Tuna says so! Too bad it's unlikely based on her recent rant posts from facebook.

I love waking up to find delicious tweets waiting for me:
Time is certainly not on Tila's side and these prove it. Judging by her nonstop erratic posts, mainly this month, it doesn't seem Tuna has anything new to promote. We were told, since January, that Tuna will have three new websites up within certain days, not certain months. And because her two websites, and are ready to join the domain pool, these projects won't be in works any time soon. Hell, they never were in the first place. Unless Tuna pays her web fee, she is going to disappoint her fans...again and again, and again. Is she going to blame the OTHERS on this one, too?

Yesterday, Tuna claims to experience an allergic reaction and recorded it. As if anyone really gives a fuck, teases her fans if they want to see it. Of course, she doesn't and then makes this lame-ass excuse:
Crashed? Where have I heard this shitty excuse before? Oh, yeah! For someone who's confident of possessing "big words", could like, find new excuses please?


Dial A Star is a website not only misleading, but full of shit, too. First of all, the "stars" listed are not stars. I recognize no more than five faces at most. Who the hell are these people anyway? Secondly, are they fucking kidding us? Who wants to spend $45 per minute talking to a loser? What a world we all live in! Anyways, since the day of its launch, Gina, a former-porn star, thought Miss Tuna would be one of the biggest attractions so kept Tuna's profile on the website while she was participating an outpatient rehab program.

Unless Tuna participated such program, Gina would have committed a deceptive advertising. I doubt such programs would allow Tuna to accept phone calls while detoxing. But it's obvious Tuna never went, nor suffered brain aneurysm so Gina did not commit a deceptive advertisement.

As a consumer, I except the photo to be up to date, not over a decade ago.

In desperate attempts to get callers, Tuna seduce readers from her facebook page and practically begs them to call her. Her other methods include leaving the fee informations out and stating the telephone number, hosted by myphonesite, is her real number. That is considered deceptive advertising and you can report at the The Federal Trade Commission website.

Oh, look. The midget goblin is so desperate she wants to pick a soldier to attend some Hollywood party with her! In order to get picked, you'll need to call that twat through Dial A Star service, though.
Desperate much, Tuna? Your career sounds so successful. I fucking envy you!
She wants to convince the world people actually call her and shit. This is all too funny. Does she really think most of the people are that stupid? Maybe her remaining fans of five or two are, but I'm having a ball on this one, especially when she says she's gonna be up all night waiting for you to call. Gee, I hope she has enough meth!
I'm gonna pretend users who published their phone numbers are simply trolling. Glad some people are aware of Tuna's artifice:
Anyways, I will write about Miss Tuna's big words when I return. QOCAP logging off now.


Ben said...

You passed over her crack tweet that she was going to the art supply store at 6am. There is no professional art store that would be open at that time, her best bet would be Walmart and to call that place an Art Store would be like calling Tila a mogul.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I was literally ROFL through this whole post! Great entry qocap!

Awwsumkitteh said...

hahaha Tila has me blocked on one of my twitter accounts, and I don't even tweet the bitch! The only time she'd get a tweet from me is if someone hacked into my account and did it lol

Kimberly said...

$20 per minute?! The sad thing is that there are people out there who will actually call.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I don't think anybody is calling, that's why she keeps posting and misleading about it, hoping some ignorant sucker runs up their parents credit card hoping to talk Tila into a date.

deluwiel said...

I don't think she's getting calls because it looks from her FB like most of her 'fans' are from other countries and I'm not sure if Dial-A-Star has international calling, even if the AOIs in Ecuador or wherever could figure out how to dial the US. She's driven away the majority of her American fans.