Monday, April 23, 2012

2 I Risked My Life Exposing Illuminati

When you don't have any more projects to do in entertainment industry because your career is basically dead, you resort to trolling on your facebook page, in desperate attempt to get attention to avoid the inevitable fate of oblivion. Isn't that right, Tuna?

I was going to offer my final opinions regarding about the's article on brian aneurysm but said fuck it, it's old anyways. Did you read Tuna's crack o' clock rants from her facebook page just recently? Some funny shit! Tuna's three bullshit rants of attempting to persuade readers she's a changed person is a fucking joke, just like her non-existing recording label, Tila Tequila Records: Does not exist.

Helping People My Ass

From the USMagazine article, Tila states, "This whole experience has made me think about going back to school and taking psychiatry classes as I feel like I could really help people who have issues." Oh, really?

Also from this article, "Tequila 'started working on an autobiography' while seeking treatment, and she also joined Dial-A-Star in hopes of helping others in similar situations."

Even more bullshit. Someone on twitter made an excellent point by accusing Tuna not informing people that whatever she makes through Dial-A-Star, some of the proceeds will go to a charity organization. Has Tuna said something like that? Fuck, no! But I feel confident no one wants to call her. She's not star to begin with. They are all bottom-feeding z-listers. The losers club.

Tuna has no interest in helping people. In fact, she's probably the biggest narcissist in the world. Anyone who thinks their bisexual reality show helped legalize gay marriage is a fucking douchebag and a narcissist. If Tuna really wants to help, she could already done so by volunteering. Blogging "I wanna help" is not being charitable. This isn't the first time Tuna rants about helping people. It gets old. I don't understand why she continues to repeat herself besides the fact of possible trolling. The sign of trolling means her career is really fucking dead.

It caught my attention when Tuna mentioned psychiatry. Again, really? Tila wants to study psychiatry, but already claimed to be a psychologist. Thankfully, the TRS was able to screencap her entire entry.
"I will pretty much say that I have a PHD in Psychology by now. I know exactly how people feel, think, and why they are they[sic] way they are just by studying you guys online and interacting for over 10 years. I definitely know how to 'SPEAK' to people very well by now."

Wow. If that's how people will get their degree in psychology or psychiatry, where the fuck do I sign up?! This isn't the first time of believing to be a psychologist, either. In April 2010, Tuna had an interview with
I wonder what Sigmund Freud would say. Hmmm.....

Illuminati as a Scapegoat

I still do not believe Tila suffered brain aneurysm, nor went to a rehab. It's just so obvious this is a publicity stunt. When your career is reaching its final death stage, you gotta make allegations and say crazy ass shit to get people to notice you. Now that's just really sad...and pathetic. Today, which must be a day off from her hectic schedules, Tuna posted three rants about the Illuminati and blames these powerful groups for sending her to the hospital.

First of all, either she's just trolling or truly believes her words make a huge impact in our world when they don't at all. But the latter must be it because she felt compelled to delete them to save her own ass this time. Uh-huh, I see. Too bad I'd screencapped them before it got omitted.

I don't know what's going through her head, but why would Tuna say it's "unfortunate"? Why is deleting your own posts considered unfortunate? Secondly, no one gives a shit about what you have to say, Tuna. Do you really believe she wants to be positive and embrace everyone, including her haters? I certainly don't think so. This is just a habit of finding sympathy and recycling because it must be that time of the month again.

There are two things I need to say. Most of my regular visitors read my Tila Tequila - Illuminati Victim or Just a Wanna-be? that was written back on March 7th, 2012. The purpose of that entry is to predict Tuna using Illuminati as a scapegoat for her recent *cough* hospitalization. And I was fucking right.

Natasha Richardson, who was an actress before passing away, died from a skiing accident on March 2009. Now this is terribly unfortunate, unlike that deletion bullshit. To add an injury, Tuna staged a miscarriage stunt on February 2010 and had the nerve to mention Natasha's name. Tuna dents her head against a wall, gets miscarriage, and fears she might suffer Natasha's fate.

The insults don't stop there. Whitney Houston passed away on February 2012 from a drug overdose. The news was all over the world. There is a saying that celebrities are more famous when dead than being alive. To me, that's just sick and sad, but I don't disagree with this statement. Because Whitney's death was the top topic like Michael Jackson, I suspect it was the Oscars, but I believe this motivated Tuna to stage a stunt involving drugs.

After publishing my Illuminati entry on March 7th, a dumb video got uploaded on YouTube the next day. I guess my prediction was right. The truth is, the illuminati is not responsible for Tuna's hospitalization because it was a publicity stunt. This is exactly what z-listers with NO genuine talent(s) whatsoever do.

Illuminati Already Exposed. Nice Try, Tuna

So it's safe to say Tuna is lying and in truth, the illuminati just fucking hates her. How many times have I already mentioned she even tried to make a deal with them? If you want to make a deal with the illuminati you're afraid of, you obviously aren't afraid and desperately want to be given wealth and fame. Judging by her lack of success, she is feeling vindictive and the only way to get revenge is by exposing them. Too bad there are people out there already exposing them. In fact, Tuna stole most of the materials from VigilantCitizen and never gave the webmaster any credits.

The real reason she deleted those illuminati entries from her celebrity gossip blog was due to plagiarism and website renovation, or should I say, reverting back to her attention whoring days? Either way, the illuminati did not sent her to the hospital "as a punishment". They did not force that twat anything and anyone who believes she was forced to remove those entries off her website is very stupid, in fact, retarded. Tuna is a troll who likes to rile up people because she doesn't have movies to film or be interviewed cross country.
(Copy the image urls and paste it on a new tab to view full size)

If Anything Ever Happened To Me...

Somehow, this sentence raised one of my eyebrows. I have a scary thought Tuna might do something really stupid.

"If anything happens to me, then you'll know exactly who was responsible."

"They will punish me for it and make it all look like it was an 'ACCIDENT'."

Pay attention to these dates when posted on twitter. Please don't tell me Tuna is planning to do something very stupid and use illuminati as a scapegoat for her own death. Tila, you need help. If you truly value what you were saying about love, then don't do something so stupid. Get help. Please. I wish someone who lives close to Tuna have a long talk with her.

This is not funny. Despite my loathing towards Tuna, anything is better than death.

Anyways, anyone in Chicago attending Anime Central this weekend, I'll be there, too! Can't wait for it!


deluwiel said...

Yeah, Tuna is like a psychologist to her AOI - insulting, ridiculing, and blocking them when they dare to question her, ignoring pleas for help, talking down to them, etc., etc. Such a compassionate, understanding little therapist she would make.
This whole Illuminati charade is just laughable and you've covered it completely, QoCap.
She's posting on FB again about how she's been unfairly victimized and publicly flagellated by her critics and haters all these years and she's NEVER done anything to deserve such terrible treatment, but because she's strong and has God on her side and love in her heart she pushes on blah-blah-blah... the same old tiresome narcissistic crap:

"one day my truth will finally come out and vindicate me. I knew that one day, when the time was right, that my truth would come out and only then would the world finally see the truth.

Now that I've been free'd and came back cleansed, I can see now that people around me (you guys) are also finally starting to see my truth come out. This is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life. This is why I never gave up on you, and this is why I kept allowing myself to get one whip after another upon my soul unjustly."

(does anyone else think this all sounds disturbingly like she's comparing herself to Jesus on some level? 'came back cleansed', 'one whip after another on my soul', 'when the time was right my truth would come out')

Also, in the comments she threw out that she's supposed to have a big audition today. oh boy. Maybe another big blockbuster movie role because she's a very, very, very, very good actress. *eye roll* Do they make people audition for a 3-1/2 second cameo in a fast food commercial?

She did have a post about dogs and how intuitive they are and whatnot (Free Onyx!) which was pretty good and she sounded like a normal person with genuine feelings and I thought she might be showing some glimmers of becoming an actual human, but then she followed it with the above drivel. Nope. No meaningful change here.

JT said...

I have honestly NEVER EEEEVERRRR met people as stupid as the ones on Tilas facebook. They leave their numbers and think Tuna is the "greatest and sweetest celeb" for leaving her "personal number that is an 888 number so that people all over the world can call". Isnt that against the law? What are the AOI gonna do when it asks for their credit card number? Seriously, STUPID people out there, God help this world.