Saturday, April 14, 2012

27 Dear Tila: Go Fuck Yourself

The following few paragraphs are just rants and intended for new readers, so therefore, provided points of interests that veteran haters already know.

Click here for the Post Rehab news.

There are two kinds of people in this world: One who goes through hardships but end up surviving and uses their experience to better themselves and help others along the way. Then, there's the other who just bitches, play victim all their life, and wallow in self-pity. Obviously, you know very well who I'm talking about: Tila Tequila.

I cannot stress this enough: Her brain aneurysm and alleged trip to a rehab is all bullshit. Most of us are aware Tuna is basically a total psycho whose interests in life is only for money, fame, and herself. Her trinity. Tuna will never help others unless there's a benefit, which is media attention. To me, that is not a true altruism. As long as I've been blogging since 2010, Tila never displayed true benevolence. I'm sorry, but attending Gala Event for Charity Benefit for Autism, which is a sit-down dinner, means nothing. I am not belittling such charity events, but after reading this entry, you might understand why I was scorning. Anyways, my parents participate a similar charity event every year of their own. Anyone can fish out their checkbooks, let alone, brag about "wanting to help build wells in Africa".

Tila Tequila will never be a good role model, nor become a Vietnam ambassador, not even a respected actress she so wants to be. Dream on, Tuna. Many people learn from their mistakes but from my observance since 2010, it is in my opinion Tila doesn't. The reason she doesn't learn from her own mistakes because there are not mistakes. They're bad choices. When you pursue fame and wealth (I mean really, really pursue fame and wealth), it distorts your mind. Tila claims to be abused while growing up (like I still give a shit), so it fucked her up. Pursuing the American dream just made it worse for her. This is the essence of her insanity. Along with her insanity, is the strong belief the world owes her everything and is responsible for all her hardships.

Tila Tequila is a truly disgusting "thing" who's in her mid thirties, still playing victim. And she wonders why she attracts negative attention. The world is no fairy tale, but the way Tila lives her life, she might as well be very rich, but as usual, having a nice home and somewhat a notoriety gain, isn't enough for her. Fuck your blessings, right Tila?:
I failed to realize Tuna's life is more harsh, more unbearable than poverty-stricken countries. I'm so sorry the world has been cruel to you, Tila.

A good example of Tuna expressing sympathy as she would like you to believe occurred back in July 2010, during the FIFA World Cup Final. Obviously, Tuna thought this unfortunate incident would be a good opportunity to attack the haters and blame them for what's wrong in this world. Here are my favorite parts:

"Haters please go away you are not contributing anything to society, you're just making it worse!"

"My heart just has this very strong urge to go to Uganda and help the people there! My heart strongly tells me that I NEED to be in Africa this year and travel all over Africa for 2 weeks doing charity work, helping build water wells, helping the children saving some endangered species and many more!"

"So regardless, especially after this very sad and tragic situation that just happened in Uganda, this will NOT change my mind im going there this OCTOBER to help people. I want to help as many people as I can, and if something WERE to happen, and I died helping people...then I will have died of honor and that is the highest award that I could achieve!"

"In closing, I was actually supposed to go on a 2 week charity run in Africa starting October this year, and ironically, one of the stops in Africa that I was going to do some charity work at is in UGANDA where all this is happening right now!"

Wow. You are such an angel, Tuna. Too bad you NEVER actually went and still did nothing; though TRS claims she donated some bucks instead. From her "Charities, Charities, and More Charities" entry, don't you just love the part where she says, "I guarantee you that you will be seeing Miss Tila all over the world helping people in all countries! Just the thought of this excites me..."? I don't think she knows what "guarantee" really means. This pseudo-altruistic behavior doesn't stop there. In fact, back in February 2010, Tila created Jayden's Angels and claimed it's a legit organization. However, after doing a quick search from the IRS government website, turns out her so-called legit organization was a complete fraud. This isn't her first attempt to pretend she cares about those less fortunates. Her sympathy is real as her own recording label, Tila Tequila Records, which is fake.

Tila Tequila enjoys insulting other people but if someone hurts her feelings, she gets on her high crack horse and demand apology from the perpetrator(s). Wow. Really? Narcissistic and filled with ego besides self-pity and hatred I see. So it's okay if Tuna ridicules people, but not okay from others? Get a grip of reality, Tila. I'll even help you.

Not only does Tila Tequila insulted those who pisses her off, but she blatantly insults the innocents as well. So far, she's ridiculed mothers who suffered miscarriage, made fun of orphans by pretending to adopt children and call herself a "mommy", mocks rape victims by tweeting she's going to rape her "boo", made fun of people who actually tried to commit suicide, only Tila cuts her arm and in the end says it was a joke. And there's this suffering dissociative identity disorder, and hence, making fun of people who actually has DID. Hogul needs real help.

Post Rehab:


So much bullshit, I don't know where to start! To prevent brain aneurysm myself, I'll just comment on the sentences that stands out the most. First, it's ridiculous to subtly blame Hollywood for temptations like "partying" and I'm guessing "partying" is a code name for drugs. God knows Tuna blames everyone for her own failures. Secondly, contrary to Tuna's assertion of having friends, she has no one. There is a difference between acquaintances and friends and here's why I think Tuna is a "forever alone" freak:

On October 26th, 2010, Tuna celebrated her birthday at Mr. Chow with other z-listers, Michael Lohan and Kate Major. In this peculiar entry, she insist they are close friends.

"I'm a Scorpio and I'm not a fake."

Not a fake? Let's see:

Breasts: fake.
Eyes: fake (Asian blepharoplasty and colored contacts). Uses part French as an excuse.
Singing: fake (auto-tune).
Hair: dyed and weaves.

It's interesting Tuna says Michael Lohan and Kate Major are friends but you never see them together in public places, nor tweet each other on regular basis. Oh, and just to remind you, Tuna is jealous of Michael's daughter and insulted her. This must be a double-standard thing: If you hate Tila Tequila, you're a fat, ugly bitch who's just "jelis". But if Tila is hostile, it's okay and just means she's too talented. Bitch, puh-lease. Someone needs to put this skank in her place!

If she had friends, she would be posting pictures with them on twitter. I'm not into reading celebrity tweets that much, but just to prove my point, many of them upload photos with friends and family. Now check Tila's twipic profile and there's very few, the rest are just photos of what teenage attention whores do. Now, granted there are photos of Tuna with other bottom-feeders, but those are cover stories. I don't think Tuna doesn't share personal photos for privacy issues, it's just that she doesn't have real friends.

She does have family, but either she wants them out of public view most of the time or vice versa (I'm going with the latter). But when it comes to friends, they're either acquaintances or (sarcastically) "sexual clients". In the past, she would pour her heart out by saying she has friends, and the next, doesn't. So which is it? For long time, Tuna teased her fans of being allergic to alcohol, but the truth eventually came out and it was a lie all along. Here is an example of Tuna stating she doesn't have friends. Now, here's a small collection of her stating she does. Jesus Christ, I wonder if her multiple personalities are the "friends" she's referring too.


"At least I've gotten rid of all the negative people in my life..."

I wonder if these "negative people" are the remaining two generals she's referring too. Apparently, those two generals finally saw the light, though still "loves her", and decided to leave Tuna's playhouse of broken promises because they don't want to "enable" and watch her kill herself any longer. In response, though not sure of its authenticity, Tuna answers a question asked by some teenage blogger:

"It's time to take care of me now"? And by taking care of herself, she means buying materialistic stuff. Purchases Rents a lambo, but now repossessed. "For the FIRST TIME in my life, I am FINALLY spending money on MYSELF as to spending it on everyone else!" Yeah, and I cured cancer. Anyways, I have written numerous times about Tuna being a liar and shit. Well, during my research, I've stumbled onto this entry and this is the only truth ever spewed out of her disgusting mouth. Bravo for being honest, you dumb twat.

The two former generals, who still can't explain what a general is to me, are dismayed and uploaded videos of their rants, specifically explaining why they decided to leave Tila Army. We all know Tuna will use this opportunity to ditch her Tila Army website. I'm not sympathetic because they should have seen how she really is since 2010 and is skeptical about their so-called resignations. Only time will tell.

In regards to other negative people, I don't see how she's able to accomplish this when she has no people in her life to begin with. I see that twitter isn't so friendly because Tuna can't delete comments, hence, interacts on facebook instead. Ridding negative people isn't the solution, Tuna. Our greatest enemy is ourselves. If you want to attract positive energy and want people to like you, you need to stop with all your bullshits:

1.) Stop blaming others for your own mistakes and wrong-doings. Take responsibilities!
2.) Stop fucking lying.
3.) Stop doing drugs.
4.) Stop achieving for fame and wealth. You've done this for like 11 years and going nowhere.
5.) You've mentioned what makes you happy from the interview with Chaunce Hayden. Pursue them.
6.) Stop thinking the world owes you shit. It doesn't.
7.) Get real help.

What a crock of shit! Here is an entry Tuna wrote about wanting to help mankind during her celebrity blogging days, but realized because the world is too mean to her, so gave up.

Oh, this is good. Check it out:

"Something called 'POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER' is definitely real and painful. So during those moments in my life, I kept trying to keep going and going, to hide the fact that deep down inside, that yes, I was torn to pieces, but that's something so personal. How do you share with the world your personal pain what you're going through is painful enough?"

Tuna, you can cut the bullshit and accept the fact you're the one that's making yourself miserable. I mean, hell, look what I've found:
Yeah, you're responsible for all these dramas, so why the fuck do you keep blaming others? Because you're a dumbass, that's why. You need to be grateful your dramas are making headlines. It's obvious when going through your mood swings, you write these annoying "self-pity" entries just to get idiots to kiss your "thin" ass because your parents wouldn't. Maybe your small remaining fans are, but the haters are not stupid. But nevertheless, I do find these "self-pity" entries and videos entertaining as fuck. You're not fooling anyone about embracing people, Tuna. You will always be bitter and attack haters under various fake names. Nice try.

Considering the fact nothing makes sense about her latest stunt, no doubt she's just milking as much as she can. What a sick, stupid slut.


As a person who doesn't follow any religion, but don't consider myself an atheist, if I were a Christian, I would be pissed off. Here's why.

On May 6th, 2011, Tuna had an interview with Fox Business. This interview is quite infamous because when asked how many employees Tuna has "currently" employed, she says 25-30. You can imagine the ridicule. Anyways, you can find the quotes listed below starting at 02:46.

REPORTER: Are you religious at all?
TILA: I'm very spiritual, I'm not religious.
REPORTER: Your family history, do they have religion?
TILA: They're buddhists.

Based on my knowledge, Tuna describes her god that's very Christian-like. First of all, Buddhists don't believe in gods. Secondly, Tuna merely takes the Bible God and corrupts the nature of it. How? As someone who suffers narcissism, they demonstrate the stupidity of thinking God will be on their side. "DEAR THY ENVIOUS ENEMY! I DO NOT LOATHE YOU NOR FEEL ANYTHING, BUT YOU CANNOT STOP THINKING OF ME!" is a classic example. Here are my favorites:

"So angry you are for me up high closer to GOD, while you down below..."

"I am GOD's Angel, you are NO one, can you see? SO he leaves you down low..."

"God laughs at you while he gives me big hugs, all the tears you made me cry, GOD turned them into diamonds!"

"Because Daddy(GOD) Loves me more, I help him more than you, you do nothing in this world..."

With Love, Miss Tila Loyal Servan to GOD and his #1 Angel in disguse!"

Little does this twit know, God's number one angel turned out to be a fucking traitor! And if I remembered correctly, Tuna tried to make a deal with Satan by offering her worthless soul in exchange for fame and wealth.

"I know you have done a lot to shush me up, but now is the time I call you out and we meet face to face. So how about it?"

"So how about it? Would you like to cut a deal?"

"So, I am writing this offer to you once and once only."

"So go ahead. Let's cut a deal and meet half way."

"Meet me halfway. I am here. How to find me? ...No worries."

Seriously, Tuna? You try to preach us this God's love bull-crap, but in the end, attempt to sell your soul for fame and wealth? Do yourself a favor, make a deal with the devil for I care, but don't try to be this angel of God you are not. You turned your back on him. You think God is on your side. You don't understand how God works. In case you didn't know, God loves everyone, not just you. You are a fucking fool.

I want to write an opinion about the Us Magazine's article and her alleged new "Summertime" song, but need a break, so will blog about it in my next entry. Have a great weekend, folks.


deluwiel said...

classic narcissist. She's incapable of feeling anything authentic and incapable of feeling any empathy for others. She doesn't grasp the concept that she might be wrong in her actions - it's always other people's fault. She's the victim, she's misunderstood because she's just too complex for us mere mortals to comprehend.

She never went through any kind of legit rehab program evidenced by her FB posts about how hard staying sober is and how she needs something to occupy herself, going to the gym and reading her 'fan' comments. If she was in a real program the first day she got back she would've found a group and be going to meetings - maybe multiple meetings a day, and gotten set up with a sponsor by now instead of sniveling about how hard it all is and how she needs to be distracted. She has NO CLUE what it is to take responsibility for herself and she never will. This is all a joke, she's once again making a mockery of an incredibly serious issue. Faking grieving the loss of her "fiancee"; faking the loss of an unborn child; now faking what for many is literally a life and death struggle with substance abuse - can she go any lower? I don't know. I'm not sure I want to find out.
P.S. - I can't see @OfficialMsTila tweets - Twitter keeps telling me they're having a problem loading tweets, but I can see other accounts. Is it just me?

@OfficialMsTuna said...

@deluwiel The message saying "Loading Tweets seems to be taking a while.", means the person has you blocked. All you have to do is log-out, then you will be able to see her tweets or you can see them by doing a search.

There is also a message where it says "@_______ hasn't tweeted yet.", in that case it's because you have that person blocked & if you unblock them (or log-out) you can see their tweets.

deluwiel said...

thanks! I knew I was blocked, but I had never seen that and could always see her timeline before.

Joann said...

@deluwiel...I hear what you're saying and definitely agree.

Tila's fakery should be no surprise to anyone. She has lied so long and so often the spirit of lying has taken over her soul and she can no long distinguish between a lie and reality...that's how f*cked up she is.

Tila makes me think of that movie Sunset Blvd where the old time Hollywood actress still believes she's popular and her agent don't have the heart to tell her no one wants her anymore. Tila still thinks of herself as she was in her Myspace and A Shot At Love days. That train left her behind a loooong time ago.

"I'm not sympathetic because they should have seen how she really is since 2010 and is skeptical about their so-called resignations. Only time will tell."....I'm with you on this QOCAP. As soon as Tila tells them a bunch of BS about loving them and convince them she is off drugs they will be right back kissing her ass. Of course it will all be a lie. The AOI have not learned to see THROUGH the skank.

I'm waiting to see what lie the skank will come up with next.

@OfficialMsTuna said...

@deluwiel I believe the changes to what you see when blocked or blocking someone started last Thursday.

Rachel said...

People who prey on other's sympathy and emotions are the worst kind of manipulators. I wish no ill will but would like her to get caught up in her web of deceit, and perhaps sent to some sort of facility for dual diagnosis; I think she's got major personality disorders in addition to addiction. Worst, when someone lies that much where's the line when they get lost in their own tales?

@OfficialMsTuna said...

"Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Lying

To be honest (and therefore vulnerable) terrifies the narcissist. She fears this will equate to being controlled by others. The narcissist finds comfort in not being pinned down, and not being accountable. More lies are necessary to cover up a previous lie. The pathological lies become malignant and the high-level narcissist scripting an illusionary life begins to believe her own versions. This is why pathological lying is so hard to detect, and may even pass a polygraph. Additionally the narcissist doesn’t suffer a guilty conscience. She believes she’s entitled to lie. It’s the only way she knows how to operate in a world of ‘me versus you’ without the emotional resources to trust. The tragic thing is: narcissists genuinely believe everyone else thinks and feels exactly the way they do. They don’t trust anyone. The narcissist makes sure she gets you before you can get her."

Joann said...

@OfficialMsTuna said in part.."Additionally the narcissist doesn’t suffer a guilty conscience." that's freaking scary. She could kill someone and all she would say is they shouldn't have gotten in my way.

I LMAO when I read where Tila said "I have thought about it and decided I am going to forgive everyone that hurt me". I was like WTH....she never once mentioned asking for forgiveness for the people she has hurt. But, I see why fits in with her not having a guilty conscience.

As you said OMT, in her mind Tila BELIEVES SHE IS IN THE RIGHT AND THINKING LOGICALLY about everything she's involved in. Her mind is wired that way. I wonder if she inherited this behavior from someone in her family? Don't you have to inherit this kind of behavior? I don't think you just pick it up from someone you met along the way but I could be wrong.

This explains why she don't have any friends or keep friends for any length of time. Her family is probably scared of her and don't want her around. lol

No telling what she may do if she think,in her head, someone is out to get her when they probably aren't even thinking about her.

Remember her boyfriend of 1 or 2 weeks, Casa Wilson? He thought he was the shit when he posted a video of both of them in bed and Tila was in her bra and panties kneeling between his legs doing some kind of stupid wiggling moves and he said something about "you wish you had what I have" or something like that and the next week he was on FB crying asking his friends to make Tila leave him alone. LOL.

I thought he was weak but I now believe she went bat shit crazy on him and was getting ready to do something serious to him just like she did with Gary Sun.

deluwiel said...

"I have thought about it and decided I am going to forgive everyone that hurt me".

that right there tells me she didn't go through a rehab program and she's not following through with one now. She's directly contradicting steps 8 and 9 of a 12-step program.

Step 8: Make a list of all persons we have harmed, and become willing to make amends to them all.
Step 9: Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

CLEARLY if a 12-step program has ever been described to her she hasn't taken it to heart. Now, maybe Palm Partners doesn't subscribe to the 12-step format for recovery. Okay, but still... the notion of forgiving others who Tuna thinks has hurt her is counterproductive and once again deflecting responsibility and accountability onto someone else. Not a viable strategy for recovery from a substance abuse problem, IMHO.

She's been very quiet. Why hasn't she been bragging about the Masterminds screening I wonder?

@OfficialMsTuna said...

@Joann "In children, inflated self-views and grandiose feelings, which are characteristics of narcissism, are part of the normal self-development. Children are typically unable to understand the difference between their actual from ideal self, which causes an unrealistic perception of the self. After about age 8, views of the self, both positive and negative, begin to develop based on comparisons of peers & become more realistic. Two factors that cause self-view to remain unrealistic are dysfunctional interactions with parents that can be a lack or excessive attention. The child will either compensate for lack of attention or act in terms of unrealistic self-perception."

That would explain why Tuna doesn't seem to have any attachment to her family.

"NPD is indicated if a person has five (or more) of the following:

1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
3. Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
4. Requires excessive admiration
5. Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
6. Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
8. Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes"

Tuna has pretty much ALL of those traits.

@deluwiel Palm Partners - "Treatment programs incorporating the philosophy of the 12-step model combined with health and wellness practices."

deluwiel said...

yeah, textbook narcissist. Which explains everything, but doesn't excuse anything. This whole overdose-attempted suicide-aneurysm-addiction whatever the hell was supposed to happen and the alleged rehab is a big, fat lie. As usual. She'll never get help because she doesn't believe she needs help and it WILL end badly for her. It's not a question of if, but when.

So... what the hell is this latest bullshit about opening an art gallery to exhibit her paintings to sell for charity? BWHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's one of the best ones yet. What are these paintings she speaks of? Has anyone seen any of these? All I've ever seen are those Sharpie doodles that she took pictures of a few months ago. Yeah, like someone would pay for that "sketch" of Marilyn Monroe or whatever it was. Please. She thinks she has all these extraordinary talents - actress, singer, performer, model, writer - now painter? It is to laugh.

Joann said...

Thanks OMT....I don't know have any info on her childhood other than what Tila wrote about and I'm not believing one word of that but all I can say is she is one sick, sick woman and she definitely has a full blown narcissistic personality. I wish I could get the TRUE story of her childhood.

@deluwiel....we all know opening an art gallery to exhibit and sell her paintings is all in her warped mind. Just like you said....what paintings?

Tila has no talent except getting men horny and it seems that is not going well for her at this time. What little career she had left with her bar hopping tours seem to be at a stand still.

Seriously though the girl needs to be in mental hospital. She's going to wind up physically hurting someone over some BS in her mind that doesn't even exist in the REAL world.

deluwiel said...

@Joann - I don't think she'll ever actually physically accost anyone because she's really a huge coward who can't handle confrontation. She struts around bragging about what a bad ass bitch she is and how hard she is, but when it comes to it she backs down and disappears as soon as someone calls her out. We've seen her do it on Twitter, on her gossip flog, after Casey died and that little kerfluffle about the dogs at her house, and let's not forget the Juggalos!

I would love for someone who actually knew her growing up to come out with the truth. That would be high-larious to see Tuna spluttering around about lawyers and C&Ds and trying to cover her tracks.

deluwiel said...

AHAHAHA!!! She's soliciting ideas for her 'art'. Here are some great suggestions (I kid you not - these are actually posted on her FB)

"You can paint a landscape of sea?" (granted, this is obviously not someone whose primary language is English, but I found it funny)

"HummingBird with a Honeysickle flower!" (I sure love those honeysickle flowers.)

"Paint a unicorn grazing in the clouds" (and cover it in puffy paint and glitter!)

"a beautiful angel like yourself reaching down to a fallen soilder caressing his face before taking him to the hevans to be part of the angels army" (just... no.)

She better fire up that Paint program and get to it. *rolls eyes*

Hannah said...

I hope someone can dig the original picture out (with the brass knuckles) which she obviously used a photoshop filter on and boasted about how it took her seven hours to paint it LOL you can so easily tell that those are not real painting, when you take a photograph of a painting it doesn't look like this

@OfficialMsTuna said...

@deluwiel Funny you should mention about how she pretends to be such a hardass. Another symptom of someone with NPD.

"In cases where the narcissistic personality-disordered individual feels a lack of admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation, s/he may also manifest a desire to be feared and to be notorious"

@Hannah If you want to try to find the picture of the girl with the brass knuckles, her name is Emilia Carpinisan, I couldn't find it. I almost thought that the picture was actually Tuna, because the girl looks more Asian than Swedish. But Emilia does have stars on her wrist like the ones in Tuna's "painting".

@OfficialMsTuna said...

PS Here is my painting of Emilia. @;-)

Hannah said...

@OfficialMsTuna Thanks! I too thought this was Tila herself! I love how Tila's back in full f/ckery mode, she got boring for a while there ;-)

JT said...

So if you go on Emilias blog, you will see that there is an andy warhol type painting of her "by Tila" I used Google translate and it came out, "Look what Tila did to me today" - which implies changing around an original something into something else.... also, "the painting" isnt the same as Tila said....

JT said...

by the way, youre welcome.


deluwiel said...

Good catch, JT. There it is - the proof that Tuna blatantly lied about that image being a painting; yet the AOI will completely ignore it and continue to gush over her artistic genius. The mind... it boggles.

deluwiel said...

she's got another alleged "painting" up on her FB. This is less identifiable as a photo, but it's still obviously nothing but a 'shopped image using posterization and the airbrush tool. In her comment she says something about 'going to the art store to buy more art supplies.' What, like a new monitor? Maybe a copy of "Photoshop for Dummies"? She just grabs onto these delusions and hangs on for dear life, doesn't she? Cracks me up.

JT said...

I saw it. I think I saw that photo somewhere before... stay tuned


Joann said...

You guys are cracking me up with your comments about the skank and her "paintings". We all know she hasn't painted a damn thing but catching her in her many, many lies make this sooo enjoyable.

Keep up the good work calling her out guys.

deluwiel said...

every morning I go to her FB to get my guffaw for the day. It's not just Tuna - it's the comments that are hilarious:

"I like your work Tila. Reminds very much of Andy Warhauls style"

Andy Warhaul - you know, the guy who works for the truck rental company. Yeah - those murals on the sides of the vehicles are fantastic, right?


BigPoppaPhat said...

The only painting Tila does is "painting herself into a corner"

Awwsumkitteh said...

That guy who paints with his penis is way more talented than her.