Thursday, April 21, 2011

26 Tila's Fake-Ass Charity Organziation: We Didn't Forget

Just recently, our favorite hogul decided to create a dumbass contest which requires Tila's fans (all children) to submit a video of why they like being part of her Tila Army family (ahem, Manson anyone?), along with downloading her piece of shit Iphone app (her fans waited since May 9th, 2009 for it by the way). Why bring up her silly app when it serves no purpose with this contest to begin with? Because it sounds like only few downloaded that garbage and she wants to prove the world her popularity is strong as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber themselves. Yes, I know what you're thinking: Yeah, right bitch!

Forgive me for pondering, but, I can't name one genuine celebrity asking their fans to submit a video of why they're fans. Really, Tila? If they're fans, don't ask, just be glad that they are; although I wouldn't brag about your little platform because they're either gullible children or perverted men who happens to like Asian, lying, talentless, boring ugly-looking slut like you. What? You seriously think your fans are bright young to middle-aged adults? Better think again.

If I were you Tila (thank God I'm not), I would have been more creative about this so-called contest by making it more challenging and fun but since you don't have any intelligence whatsoever, I'm not surprised your contest is the subtle way to feed your disgusting ego. We're not stupid and you're NOT a god but a piece of meat who needs to rot away and be done with.

Before moving on, I'm reminiscing the old days regarding about Tila's attempt to help the world:

The real Tila also loves charity work, helping the less fortunate, providing children with proper education, and has a weakness for children

I WAS gonna adopt from Russia, but found out they were a fraud company! Plus I wanna Support AMERICAN foster children. SO YAYY! MAMA TT!

8) doing for so long now. I am even working with Domestic Violence & Violence Groups who I help with. But the world can be a shitty place

I also gave $30,000 to charity and bought another friend of mine a $6,000 5D camera PLUS lense for XMAS! I am A GOOD PERSON and I SHARE! xox

From Tila Tequila Taking Over the World:

Let us not forget about Tila's charity organization called Jayden's Angels, either. The Tilasrotspot are awesome and have entries about this fraudulent organization here and here.

First of all, I know most of us are tired of this bullshit but I'm doing this for the benefit of those who are new haters (welcome to our club) and give them a heads up about this illegal solicitation which should have put this skank in jail but hey, the evil prosper, right? Here's a screenshot from the trs:

Secondly, unlike most of her lies, this one should have put the skank in jail because not only did she lie to her fans her charity organization being legit, but was scamming them as well. It is one thing to ask for donations, but when you tell people about a charity you run, take their money and keep them, you're fucking scamming people. You just love going low, don't you, Tila?

Photo courtesy by the TRS:

Oh, and let us not forget about this as well:

It is true Ting-Ting donated undisclosed amount of money to some charities, however, it is nothing compared to actually helping people such as building wells. My parents donate money, does that mean they have a heart of gold? I'm sorry, but just because you donate some bucks to charities doesn't title you to become the next Mother fucking Teresa, so please, Tila, take note. What happened when Tila's organization was discovered to be a fraud? What did she do with the money she'd received (yeah, I'm surprised too)?

I can't remember the last time Tila ever mentioned about her charity organization, but it's very typical of her to make a lie and never bring it up again. Well, she was caught lying. Just like she was caught lying about living in some mansion. Not to sidetrack here, but don't you just love how she enjoys showing off her car, but not her new home? What's the matter, Ting-Ting? Still embarrassed? Don't attack your elevator, sweetie!

Anyways, the whore kept whatever money she'd received. After all, she's just a prostitute and a new porn star so what did we expect? Quite frankly, I doubt Tila will make such a positive, if not, any impact, regarding about her attempt to help Japan. Just look at the evidence provided in this entry!
Oh, really? Just like back in July 2010 to help Africa but never did? God, you're pitiful. Well, it better not be another "why do you love me" video contest, seriously. Speaking of contest, let's remember Tila's old lies about her previous prizes to winners she'd failed to offer:

I will be flying out lucky contest winners to hang out with me and Imma help you get famous...all expenses paid+FUN TIMES! woohoo! xoxo

I am shooting official Music video for "I FUCKED THE DJ" later THIS MONTH! Will be holding a contest for hotties to be featured in my video!

Also I will be shooting a HOT music video for "I FUCKED THE DJ" in LAS VEGAS on JUNE 22nd! I'm gonna have a contest for you all 2 be in it!

Although these are not contest-related, but didn't she also said...

I'm gonna start my own Record Label soon!!!!! Who wanna get signed? I will promote the shit out of you and make you famous baby! hehe..xox


The moral of the story, don't believe in her hype until she fucking does it. Also, she better not hire some actor to pose as a fan now to state otherwise. We already thought about that, too. A final word to Tila: Girl, you need to shut your fucking tramp and start thinking about where you want to be buried. And no, this is NOT a fucking threat you dumbass. No way I wanna be near you. Lastly, Monique made a hilarious mocking video of Tila's contest so please check it out!

And to end this entry beautifully, I couldn't have done it without you, Tila! Thanks, gal!


BigPoppaPhat said...

That tweet about Tila keeping the charity money for her and her "son" is the best one ever!

Awwsumkitteh said...

Don't forget all the make up tutorials she's going to give with the $500 of makeup she bought back in '09

Joann said...

The skank goes from being passionate about dong charity work, starting her own charity, asking people to donate cause she wants to help the poor unfortunate children then doing a 360 degree turn and telling people "so what if she don't donate the money to charity and want to keep the money for her son"(that was my favorite too BigPoppaPhat).

That's why I don't believe NOTHING she says until I actually read about it or it's confirm by a reliable source.

I was trying to find some info on her tonight and found this by accident. It's from 2009 and it's one of her telling yet another lie but I never heard anything about this. It's funny to me.

Anonymous said...

It's just so damn sad that people still buy into her bullshit. We all knew she wasnt going to go through with this stupid contest, she never goes through with anything. When she does, it's two years later or half-assed. And oh boy, new music coming out? Right on, how is it different? You mean you're actually going to attempt to write a song yourSELF that doesnt involve fucking random people? *gasp!* ...yeah not gon' happen. Thanks for updating your site, it helps my boredom tons. Much love.

Sobe said...
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Sobe said...

here is another one of Tila's lies she posted today to Paralyzed Queen on her flog today

"well hopefully you'll be able to enter future contests where we're giving away free concert tickets as well as a free all expense paid trip to one of my shows!"

and of course they ate it up and believed it. Plus now she is extending the date on her contest. I guess she didn't get enough entries is my bet.

Joann said...

What's crazy to me is the prize. The winner of this crapfest contest will get....any merchandise they want from her store autographed by her. WTH.

Why can't she get them a prize worth getting like a $100 gift certificate to Target or someplace like that. She has a lot of money so I know she can afford it. lol.

Her AOI's can use that since the majority of them are in high school and the few unstable adults in the army are broke as hell.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I thought this contest was to benefit Japan right? Now free tickets to her "concert" , im sure the karaoke bar where she's diving in for the night has free admission anyway. You just need to find your own way there.

Michelle said...

Monique I love love love your video! that was awesome :)
Has anyone else checked out some of the army vids? Man alive I don't know whether to feel sorry or scared of these kids. I agree shes extended the date as from what I could see there was only about four or five entries. Most of them were about as creative as copying the kid before them, endless photo montages to the queen of skandom. The prize is pretty shit too, whats the bet she also extended the date to make them forget the whole idea in the first place? We all know she has the attention span of a dead goldfish
What I want to know is she that desperate for attention she has to go begging for it in the guise of a fan contest? I know the answer of course but wow thank god I'm normal

BigPoppaPhat said...

I second that, shell extended the deadline and wont mention it again. Shell distract her fans with some other great news or fabricated crisis.

Monique said...

I pretty sure she extended the deadline because there are not enough entries. I had called that on QOCAP's previous blog, saying it was going to funny to see how she gets a "Top 10 entries to vote on", from a total of 4. At last count there were 6 entries if you don't include mine. But now she has changed it from Top 10" to "top contender’s (sic)". I do think she will give away a prize, because it really isn't going to cost her shit. It's probably crap that she has had laying around that no one bought at her garbage sale. But she is suppose to do a live video chat this Tues. So let's see if that happens and if she uses it as a diversion.

Since I am sure Tila reads this I want to say to her, let's see what a good sport you are & see if you have me as a contender. You say, " It can be funny random video’s of you doing whatever you want." & you KNOW my entry is damn funny! Plus you would win too, because the hater would flock to your site to vote. I would have actual respect for you, if you could laugh at yourself.

Anywho, that won't happen. Just wanted to say, "Thank you!" to all of you for liking my video and for QOCAP for mentioning it. If you saw it when I first posted, you may want to revisit it. I added some "easter egg" type stuff, where you mouse over and it has a annotation. See if you can find the Homer easter egg. LOL

PS I was watching a older video of Tila today and she talks about this "Country song that she wrote. You could line dance to it." Guess what the song was? "Get Me Off." I don't remember that being country or western. LOL

Monique said...

OMG I feel like I am being HB and posting too much. But I happened upon this totally out of blue and just HAD to share! Remember the "prank" Tila pulled where people watched her porno and then she "surpised" them? We all knew it was a stunt and all, but whatever, it was lame. Well get this, the people that were in the prank watching the video ANSWERED a ad on Craig's List! Plus the "office" she was at just happened to be in next door to VIVID. What a coinky dink. Anyway, this is a must read blog from one of the people that answered the ad.

Benji said...

How does a contest which glorifies her in the eyes of her nimrod army, benefit Japan? She offers ONE prize to her BOI, which is worth less than $20, and then says nothing about how Japan benefits. Is she planning on presenting the Japanese people with an autographed crotch-shot? The only benefit I can see that bringing, is the Japanese people thinking, 'you know, with earthquakes, deadly tsunamis and an uncertain and potentially catastrophic and cataclysmic nuclear disaster, we're still better off than the Americans who are bombarded with this Tila crap on a daily basis".

Joann said...

I know it's late but HAPPY EASTER to QOCAP and all my great e-friends on this blog and a HAPPY DAY to all my great e-friends on this blog who don't celebrate Easter.

Michelle said...

Well its been an exciting day on the flog, a poster called yeah yeah threatened to go to the cops over homerbartt and his inappropriate perverted comments
Yeah yeahs last post claims he has gone to the cops, sat there for four hours and laid out all the evidence against hb. He then reported that the police will now be keeping an eye on hb for further behavior.
I hope it's true I really do but my thoughts are if it is, then the whole flog would be shut down immediately. I mean Tina has no age appropriate warning on her site so I don't doubt most of the army who would e minor are exposed to some pretty indecent material day in day out. Including material supplied by the hogul herself.
Speaking of the biatch, she's back on the adoption bandwagon. Its beyond pathetic, does she really think any sort of authority would grant her access to a child especially one who released yet another porn this year
Anyhoo will be interesting to see what happens. In the meantime all hope you're having a wonderful Easter holiday break and here in Australia today we celebrate the Anzacs, a true army of Australian and new zealand soldiers who risked their lives for our freedom. Lest we forget

Monique said...

Yeah Yeah is full of shit and has no clue what they are talking about. I wouldn't be surprised if it is yet another Tila creation. HB saying he gets a boner from Tila is far from soliciting minors. I love how Yeah Yeah claims he has Homers address, name and ip address. No way in hell he has that info, unless he personally knows who HB is.

But my favorite stupid quote,

"This month there are a lot of creepy men arrested for sexual behavior in front of minors on the internet.The investigation started in the usa and later worldwide there are more then 40 people world wide arrested for sexual behavior in front of minors!! Keep with facts not with falls comments!!"

Great "facts" you supplied there yeah yeah. Some people, did some stuff in some different places and wtf is "sexual behavior in front of minors?" If it is online, then it can't also be "in front" of minors. I wish yeah yeah would stfu, because it just makes us jelis haters look bad.

Here are some actual facts, not something I pulled out of my ass like yeah, yeah.

"Internet Censorship:
Law & policy around the world"

BigPoppaPhat said...

Dude me and tila been going at it all day she's @muffygrant everybody should join in, flame this idiot! She forgets she's using another account and responds to my comments about tila as "I"

Joann said...

@Michelle...when I do go on her piece of crap blog and see comments by HB I usually skip over them because they're basically stupid and say the same childish thing over and over.

I always thought HB was Tila or a person she paid to comment on her blog as HB to keep the count up. When she cut the haters off the comments on her blog were...what...maybe 50-60.

I also don't think HB is a Tila fan at all....just likes to mess with the people on her blog to keep them riled up and to keep them answering back which in turns drives the count up even more. That was probably the motive behind HB replying to EVERY person who commented on her blog whether pro or con.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@BigPoppaPhat LOL!

I seriously don't understand muffygrant's perspective between racism and insults. I mean, c'mon! I've said some really, really nasty shit to Tila and this dimwit registered on twitter to bitch about me calling Tila a gook and gook only?

Okay, I just want to say this: I am NOT racist, but when I truly hate someone, using racial slurs comes with the territory. Supposedly you're insulting a person who is fat. Chances are, you'll call that person a fatass. A weak analogy, but that's just the way I deal with hatred toward whomever I despise. I can be very immature, especially online, but I'm smart enough to not hate people based on their nationality. When I call Tila a gook, it does not mean I'm calling all Vietnamese and Koreans gooks. Jesus Christ, why am I even lecturing about this shit?

BigPoppaPhat said...

Dude she's so dumb, even more dumb and immature than I thought now I got to have a conversation with her on a personal basis.

deluwiel said...

@BigPoppa - I don't think MuffyGrant is Tila. The tweets are way too articulate and there isn't one apostrophe out of place.
Re: HB - I'm with Joann. The guy is just getting his jollies by seeing people respond to him so he'll go back and forth with you all day.

deluwiel said...

BTW - @Monique - where and how did you find that link about the sex tape "prank"? I LOL'd about his description of Tila's acting ability. I watched about 45 seconds of the video (couldn't get through anymore - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) and he's so right. Her reactions were so bland and so flat there was no way any thinking person would believe her. There were a couple of times she looked like she was trying to keep from smiling. She's an actress like I'm a lion tamer.
Speaking of acting, wasn't she supposed to be so busy filming this summer? What do you want to bet that award-winning producer/director guy-somehow-connected-to-Black Swan-and-Requiem for a Dream booted her off his intense emotional big time movie because of her antics with the guy in Masterminds. She was so devastated for about an hour and a half that she wound up wandering the streets of Hollywood sobbing in her incognito wear (I'm sorry I keep bringing that up but I think it's just so damn funny) so naturally she had to come up with a super duper stroke Tila's ego contest to feel better.

Joann said...

@deluwiel.....I'm so with you on that statement. "Wandering the streets of Hollywood sobbing" was bad enough...but "in her incognito wear" was the icing on the crackhead cake. I laughed at that until I cried.

I don't think she knows what incognito means. In fact, I think she copied that entire description from a story she read and applied it to herself to make people feel sorry for her.

She's can't act, not a singer, mogul and from what I read not that good of a porn actress. What big lie is next?

deluwiel said...

@Joann - cue the big excitement about pending
1. adoption (she's ramping up on Twitter for this one as we speak)
2. pregnancy (logical extension of #1 when she gets bored with the adoption lie)
3. soulmate (see #2)
4. concert tour (after #1, 2, and 3 don't pan out she'll deflect with this)
Rearrange in any order and repeat.

Joann said...

ROTFLMAO and almost choking on my food...I could not resist putting this up...too funny for words:
"WtrBong ︻╦╤─ ~
@OfficialMsTila do you speka any english, do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth miss ricer rony ??
37 minutes ago"

deluwiel said...

watched parts of a few of the fan videos - it's gonna be a tough decision. Picking just one out of all that mediocrity. *yawn* Clearly the Army's creativity is matched only by their critical thinking skills.

Side note: Did Mittie get a Justin Bieber haircut in honor of Tila's newfound admiration for the Biebs? LOL No, really Mittie's a cute kid. He should be hanging out at the malt shop with a cute girlfriend instead of on Twitter.