Wednesday, April 27, 2011

60 Tila's Adoption Attempt Part Deux

First thing that came to my mind when she tweeted about adoption: NOT AGAIN.

What's a skank got to do to get the attention she so craves, let alone, stay relevant?! Why, make up some ridiculous news like attempt to adopt again of course! Fear not, folks! I have confidence whatever agency Tila goes to will deny her request. Explanation will be provided in due time. Meanwhile, let us go back in history and focus on her previous advent about adopting children shall we? But first, I want to add this: I would like to assume this midget hogul was on some crack/meth binge while tweeting about adoption, but honestly, I think it was my previous entry that sparked this crack o' clock rant and for that, I apologize to the rest of the detractors for this nonsense.

I wasn't able to find these tweets to link them individually, but did manage to find this instead:

Interesting. According to the timestamp, it's less than two years as Tila claimed:
So, yes, Tila not only lied about adopting, but about the time gap as well. Drugs are really, really bad, kids. Tila has no respect for consistencies if she wasn't a drug slash hooker junkie anyways. And besides, it was never confirmed because it was all a publicity stunt. Publicity stunts have a beginning and an ending, so what was Tila's ending?

Something doesn't add up, right? Tila says it's 100% confirmed she's adopting a child, but later states the agency was a fraud? I don't know how the adoption agencies run, but I assume you hire a special kind of social worker in your area who helps the process of adoption specifically overseas. They send you photos of children that are waiting, right? But the priority is to make sure you're suitable and not a complete psycho. Discussion about Tila's ability to raise children will be talked later. Why I think the Russian adoption is all bullshit because of two things:

1.) If the agency was a fraud, the right thing to do was to contact the government to stop whatever illegal organization that's being run. Have we heard this fucking moron brag about shutting that agency down? Absolutely not. Had she done it, this would made news regardless of Tila's effort to keep it quiet. We can't see that happening anyways.

2.) Tila wasn't planning on adopting one child. Because she loves them, she wanted to adopt "at least five". Five from different countries like from the following countries:

So, because of Tila's assertion, she'd decided to opt out completely. If one agency is bad, then the rest must be bad as well. No, Tila. You opt out because you never intended to adopt children who deserves a loving mother. You would be a terrible mother and they would be better off dead, seriously. You are a fucking bottom-feeder who takes advantage of people's miseries. How sad you really are. I have no doubt adoption agencies would deny your request because of your mental state and your incompetence to remember your previous lies.

Why should you think Tila has no intention of adopting children? Evidence from herself is sufficient, but, I'll be kind enough to point out where the red flags are waving:

"A bunch of teens..."

People are not objects...well, maybe you are, Tila. We already have one Octomom. We don't need an Asian version of it, okay? I find it just as sad Tila belaboring about teens needing adoptions besides "doing this for two years", too. Like the world didn't know that! Just this screenshot alone can make you feel the vibe of insincerity. Do you think she's being serious? If you're doubtful, read more from her tweets:
The answer is no, she's not serious. She's hoping RadarOnline will report about this bullshit...her goal, obviously. Just like mocking mothers who suffered miscarriages, Tila had to sink low by mocking children who are waiting to be adopted. It just breaks my heart someone could be this disgusting. This whole adoption thing got a little out of hand.
Apparently, her idiotic fans believes her and joined the bandwagon of mocking orphans. I really, really want to believe most of those users are fake because it's disturbing the way Tila thinks she's their mother and tweeting rather questionable things that are pretty inappropriate to those who are minors if you ask me. See for yourself:
Flirting with your fans is part of being a celebrity or some bottom-feeder losers like Tila Tequila. However, one must be the responsible adult here and know their boundaries and it's clear Tila is crossing that boundary. Thanks to the internet, it is difficult to know the person behind their screenames, but many Tila's fans have revealed their age, uploaded videos of themselves via YouTube, and they are minors, so why is Tila flirting inappropriately with them anyways? My guess is she's lonely as fuck, desperate for attention, and need some kind of stimulation to make herself feel good. When drugs aren't available, ass-kissing will suffice. That is only the role for the Army of ass-kiss Tila Tequila and nothing more. She seduces the ignorance, and they will always be duped.

The TRS has interesting entries regarding about Tila's previous interactions with minors and adoption. You can get their "child adoption" tag here and their child-minor-theme here for your quick link convenience. It is quite shocking and a must read.

Now comes the discussion: Is Tila Tequila suitable to be a mother? We really have nothing to worry about because its unlikely an agency would grant her honor after discovering Tila's antics, let alone, the lack of Tila's seriousness. This may sound like an biased opinion, but if you've been a follower of this site or its predecessors since the beginning, you would be on the same page with me that the answer is simply no, no, and no. Hell, that ugly alien whore is promoting violence toward children already!

Is Tila Tequila fit to be a mother?

The answer should be obvious.

Remember when I said my previous post may have started the spark? Well, I think it was because of this:
So, this was all just a scheme to get her fans to send her gifts by using adoption and being their internet mommie? This brings back the memory of an entry Fatty McFatterson, a former TRS writer, wrote when Tila was asking her fans to send her gifts after her Juggalos performance:
Read the rest of the delicious entry here. You might be saying, "but QOCAP! Tila isn't a mother!" Yes, that is true and we are all blessed with that fact right now, but considering the fact she's a devious, selfish, psychotic person who only cares about herself, this will not stop her from asking her fans to send her gifts on Mother's Day. But whatever, let's just hope Tila will not ask her fans to send gifts to her P.O. Box because I gotta feeling some hater might disclose her home address just to get kicks out of it. I'm a bitch, but I won't do that because it really sucks to have your address disclosed on the internet. Oh, and Tila, you really haven't done shit for your fans, so cut that bullshit already.
I am blessed with a stupid fanbase! Thank you, God!

Before I wrap this up, I went back to her site just to see what this HB fuss was all about and sure enough, this person has no life! I've been doing some research lately and analyzing best to my judgment and I'll offer my results once it's completed. Meanwhile, I've stumbled onto a comment that made me laugh my ass off!
For those who don't get the actual inside joke, Tila claimed when she was a minor, some dude knocked her up and out of the blue, hit her stomach with a hammer which led to miscarriage.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Tila would be one of those parents that let their kids run wild at Walmart, riding the bikes in the store and destroying merchandise in the toy isles, while she's off shopping for clothes for herself with the child support money.

I love the part about her blasting Angelina for copying her. Wow. Talk about a paper tiger.

deluwiel said...

Jesus. Have you seen her tweets? Hope you all have strong stomachs.

I felt bad for cutting the girl off during the interview but I really rather chat with you guys! My children! hahahhaa! *Spanks*

Ok Children. Mommy has to go back to work now so I can make money & feed all of you! Behave! I'll be back later to pick u up from school!

YOU KIDS ARE SO BAD!! *SLAPS* Mommy said I have to work so be patient! TILA TV is coming in MAY! So don't rush me! UR giving me grey hairs!

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!!! There, now go to your room and stay there! NO TV! No Twitter for you until I get home!

I'm also packing you a special lunch for school tomorrow, if you just BEHAVE! :) TILA TV is on
the way in MAY!!! SO be patient! :)

@AleOMG hahahhahahaha!!! Daddy is being bad, cheating on Mommy right now, but dont worry, Mom will find new Dad for you!

@Officially_Nay Thats a good girl! Ur such a good daughter! :)

I'll try! But I'm doing this for all my babies! So Mommy is working FULL TIME right now!

Why are you kids still on Twitter? I told you to go to your room! I'm gonna have Nanny come over to watch you now! *Spanks again*

And don't ask me who your Daddy is because I have no idea! But he needs to start paying me child support! But I love all my kids! LOL

RT @I_Luv_Miss_Tila @OfficialMsTila mommy! Y do you have kids by men all over the world? Ahaha!!! :) <==Cuz I CAN! Thats Y ur all mixed! LOL

Mother's Day is coming up. Are you going to do something special for Mommy??? Since I do so much for you! hehehe...
This is disturbing on so many levels I can't even handle it.

If any adoption/child welfare agency ever saw this they wouldn't let Tila in the same room with a kid much less adopt or be a foster parent.

After reading these I'm sure that she beats Onyx. I thought on her videos (especially the 'mansion tour' one) that the poor dog seemed miserable and frightened and insecure and now I know why.

This all borders on dominatrix S&M shit only with kids. Weird and sick.

I really think the big movie deal (the one that's supposed to be about child trafficking or something) fell through for her and she's in a needy phase right now, so turns to her AOI and starts playing this bizarre Mommy thing so they can drool and gush over her about how they all loooooove her soooo much. It's so pathetic that she has to stoop to this to get some form of affection.

deluwiel said...

oops - sorry you guys - I didn't realize QOCAP had screen cap'd this whole thing!

Monique said...

This weeks "Exclusive" from RadarOnLies

"Tila Knows Best, Hooks Up With Nick Hogan

Tila and Nick spent a lot of time together both on and off the set and totally hooked up," a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline exclusively. Nick went into Tila's trailer a lot and whenever they were in there the door was locked! According to the source, Tila, 29, was robbing the cradle and didn't find out until after they'd done the deed that Hogan is nine years her junior. "There was some major chemistry going on between them and even though they tried to hide it, everyone on the set knew what was going on," the source says. "They were constantly together, sneaking off and being affectionate when they thought no one was looking." Hogan, 20, and Tila were in Nashville filming for director David Keary's new flick Masterminds starring The Wire's Tray Chaney. "There was one steamy scene they had together and even after David yelled, 'Cut', Tila and Nick just kept going at it!" the source tells Radar."

I hope he takes her out for some street racing.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I know first Trey and now Nick, I wonder how many others she'll say had their turn with her while in Nashville.

Joann said...

No organization in their right mind will let her adopt a child. She's damaged goods and she's getting worse.

How many times did she mention the word "spank" when she was in her make believe world tweeting to her AOI's. That tells you, if she did have a child, how she will treat him/her when they get on her nerves or bother her too much.

Telling her AOI's she would adopt them and talking to them like she was their mother was a new sick low even for her. she's hooked up with Nick Hogan? Oh really!!!! I wonder if he knows. Sick bitch.

Monique said...

Tila is so use to doing porno she thinks all movies require her to work as a fluffer. And "no" I bet Nick Hogan doesn't know.

There is no way she will be adopting a child anytime soon. She was suppose to be on Celebrity Rehab which confirms that she was a drug user. She failed the psych exam which shows that she has mental issues. Since she wasn't allowed on the show and never received treatment one would assume she is still using.

I sure would like to know why Tila's #1 fan Homer didn't go on Paltalk to speak to the person that he loves more than his own family and why he hasn't entered her contest?

Vincent said...

Here is my opinion on HB. At first I thought he was just a troll. Making stupid comments and baiting people into responding to him to fill some miserable little void in his life. What I have come to realize, is that he is actually a Jeliz Hater. No doubt. He embodies all of the typical moronic mental capacities of Tinas fans. By portraying the role of the obsessed tilaarmy member he makes all of them look bad by his personification of stupidy. I think it is brilliant because even if he is real, he still makes them all look bad. He's playing the prototype Tila fan, and everyone bought into it including the skank herself, if she realized he was a jeliz hater, she would've banned him from making so many comments. Its a simple yet brilliant plan. Good Job HB!

Joann said...

I found this on one of those lesser known gossip sites...funny as hell:

"I apologize in advanced for anyone who is currently eating while reading the following words: Tila Tequila has proven that as long as it has a pulse, she’s game – and has hooked up with Nick Hogan.

Apparently, these two are in a movie together that’s guaranteed to go straight to DVD, and spent a lot of time together on and off the set. Sources claim the two couldn’t keep their hands off eachother and their chemistry was ‘undeniable.’ Gross. It’s chemistry between them all right… Ritalin, Valtrex, Kwell creme, and Clozapine scattered in the sheets like confetti!

Per Radar:
“They were constantly together, sneaking off and being affectionate when they thought no one was looking.”

Wait a second, Tila Tequila was affectionate with a fellow D-list celebrity only in private? Doesn’t sound like the fame-whore we know. Lets hope their rendezvous’ are over – Could you imagine the media whore, backstabbing, lime light grabbing, poor driving devil spawn those two would produce? Talk about a train wreck!"

Monique said...

I enjoyed The Superficial's take on it even more.

"Apparently these two are in a movie together which can’t be right, so let’s just assume Radar meant Celebrity Rehab. In the meantime, has Nick Hogan taken Tila for a romantic drive yet? Because women love that. Especially when you drive really, really fast and wrap your car around a telephone pole leaving them with a gaping hole in their head. I’m talking, MOIST IN THE PANNTTIEEESSS!"

The comments were also full of LOLs

"Now we just need them to perform a sex act on stage as part of an opening act for an Insane Clown Posse show. That should take care of the problem once and for all."

"Maybe John Graziano’s luck will change now that Nick fucked a leprechaun" <--- Yeah I know this is totally sick and wrong, but damn it made me laugh.

On a different subject Tila Tweeted about her TilaTv link (that I had tweeted HOURS before her) and in true Tila style mislead her AOI's into thinking she was going live right then.

"HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting ready to blog some fun news right now so don't go anywhere! :) about 4 hours ago via web

Are you guys still here? I'm setting up something very cool for you right now, and then I'm blogging soooo... dont leaaaaaave yet! haha! about 3 hours ago via web

OOPS! I didn't realize it was sending out links! I was testing stuff out! BRB!!! I'm gonna live chat w/ you guys in a sec! BRB! about 2 hours ago via web"

Of course she posted the link a zillion times with no information so that they are forced to click, only to find out that she will be live at 2am on the 29th to do commentary on the royal wedding. You should of seen her "children" crying about how disappointed they were. How they had waited up for hours and she wouldn't even go live for a second.

Joann said...

LOL..thanks Monique, the Superficial article was funny.

The AOI's deserve what Tila gives them. Tila mistreats them month after month, year after year and they don't care or maybe they do and are too scared to confront her. I don't feel sorry for them at all.

Monique said...

Yeah I don't really feel sorry for them, it's more like I just want to slap them for being so stupid. Here are some of the messages after Tina tricked them about the "live" show.

"well i may aswell log off aswell! nite peepz!
so is it safe to log off.. shes defo not coming on 2nite
so .. hmm really wud like to swear but its innapropriate!lol
already been several minutes and nothing
i know its 3:25 am here i've been waiting an hour and a half to see ms tila
im disappointed..): seriously
awk...... so disappointed. y wud yuu say yur comin then do not
AWH MAN!! I STAYED UP FOR NOTHING? GUTTED. ms tila,you should really go on for a few minute
Idk anymore, lol. I'm gonna get going guys. Tty on Twitter!"

Even BBJ sounded perturbed. But then there is always at least one idiot (probably Tila) who says something like this.

"she never said she was coming on today,she accidently posted the links to twitter."

Um... Yeah she Did!

"OOPS! I didn't realize it was sending out links! I was testing stuff out! BRB!!! I'm gonna live chat w/ you guys in a sec! BRB!"

btw here is the url Notice it has a chat and twitter feed. So it sounds like her "new blog" is just moved over to ustream.

@lalabinks if you happen to read this. I know you had said something to HB about Tila offering her breast milk and he doesn't believe it happened. I have copies of her tweets if you want them.

Joann said...

I can't believe Tila is trying to do a live running commentary on the Royal Wedding on Ustream and calling it TilaTV..SMH.

I guess if she can't be on TV as a REAL commentator she's going to play make believe and do her own show on Ustream with an audience of 20 to 30 watching...of course 3/4 of them are idiots and the other 1/4 are unstable adults so it doesn't matter how she presents herself.

I know she'll have someone helping her so she won't look too bad. I doubt if she can tell you the name of the bride and groom.

Monique said...

Skank just went live for a few minutes, testing it before the commentary later. I think she will be by herself. She says "she is on a old laptop since her other one got stolen and this one just crashes for no reason." So expect that to happen if she wants to leave for no reason. She has a new website, The most disturbing thing she said was that "she wants to adopt a teenage girl, because a boy would just be bad, yeah it just would be bad so a girl." That is just sick. I thought she was a lesbian or at the very least let's say bi. So that would make a child of any sex tempting right? She said she would like a boy if he is around 5 yrs old. She is seriously mentally ill.

Mimi said...

In regards to her disorientation to time, I think I've figured it out. The study dumb ass doesn't have enough sense to know you don't start counting till 12 months has passed. So in her mind last March was 1 year and this March is the 2nd year. She does this shit all the time- sex tape, Casey's murder, celeb rehab (and everything about it), starting her website, the list goes on and on.

She simply uses this adoption bullshit as a method to get attention. Simple as that. There's no chance in hell she would be approved to adopt any child, no matter the age!!! It's crazy what a narcissistic lunatic she is.

Mimi said...

*stupid*, not study!

Monique said...

Yep there is no doubt she just does it for attention. She is WAY too narcissistic. I child would draw attention away from her. If she had a child I could see her getting out of her Lamborghini, paparazzi cameras clicking, as she walks down the sidewalk they have to remind her, that her child is still in the car.

As far as to disorientation I call it "Tila Time, it's kind of like 1 yr = 7 dog years. Tila 1 yr = 2 yr That's also why she thinks she is 29.

Joann said...

LOL..I didn't see her chat but the idiots are going crazy on her twitter. Of course it's the usual "I love you", "You are beautiful", etc..

You can tell those kids are so impressionable it's not funny and having some of them calling her mommy on twitter is creepy.

I wouldn't be surprised if the skank is laying the ground work for one of the AOI's to come live with her(for whatever reason). You know she plans her BS deeds way before she actually does them.

Monique said..."she is on a old laptop since her other one got stolen and this one just crashes for no reason." So expect that to happen if she wants to leave for no reason".....yea, she's stating the stage not to show up at all or show up and stay for a hot minute.

Tila is always talking about how much money she has, you would think she would get a top of the line laptop or have more than one GOOD laptop lying around and a disk with her work backed up on it since her laptop get stolen so much..*rollng eyes*.

Monique said...

Yeah that's because she does have money, never did get her laptop stolen and has a top of the line Mac like she has always had. She is so stupid she doesn't even realize she leaves a obvious trail.

But you would think she would have enough money to have better furnishing in her bedroom/TilaTV studio than "a glam desk", bed & Marilyn Monroe poster that she probably purchased at a "Frames 'n More" in a strip mall, somewhere USA. Have to say Onyx looked good. I think she actually does take good care of her.

deluwiel said...

Tuned in (right at the end, I guess - she say's it's 4:00 a.m.) She's watching the wedding on TV and "singing" over the choir. Now she's waving her arms around "dancing like a ballerina" and posing while the music is playing. She's talking in her horrible phony British accent. Now she's singing Christmas carols, pulling her hair up and posing. She's so high she can't even focus. No commentary WHATSOEVER about the wedding... She probably lost interest about 10 minutes in and the rest of this thing is her her acting like a complete stoned idiot.
Oh God. She's responding to a chat question saying she doesn't want to "disrespect this special moment (the wedding)". *meth smack*
Now she's closing. Said Kate's dress was gorgeous and then wonders if she married William or Henry because she can't remember which is which. *sigh*

Mimi said...

Can she get anything right? She needs to be ashamed of that....for real!!!

Mimi said...

She is a terribly disturbed individual.

Monique said...

I am watching it now. Wow this is a trainwreck. So far she has said that she has never been to a wedding, but then corrected that statement, saying she has been to one but it wasn't a traditional wedding. Hmmmm I wonder if that "one wedding" was the one she went to last year in TX, where she hooked up with a girl from high school? I am at just about 3 mins in and she just mentioned "how nervous Henry looks", I am dumbfounded because she is talking about Prince William. She really doesn't know which Prince is getting married. Now she said "Henry looks like he is going to shit his pants, excuse my French." Now she is asking her AOI's what they think of Kate Middleton and Henry hooking up? She has not mentioned Prince William once. She is asking "If there are any English people out there that know what song the choir is singing" When she get's married she said all her Army are invited to come to her wedding and she has a feeling she will be getting married soon. Wow... just wow.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I have no experience with ustream or how it works, but didn't any of her fans correct her on her complete ignorance? Also I wonder how her fan from the UK feels about "Henry"

Monique said...

I could only watch half of it, couldn't stand listening to her sing. She could read the chat where people were telling "her how great her singing was". So someone could of corrected her there. I didn't watch it live so I don't know if anyone tried to correct her.

deluwiel said...

What.a.loser. Not only did she get the two princes mixed up, she got Harry's name wrong! LMAO. News flash Tila - "commentary" means you actually talk about what you're watching, not wailing like a drowning cat, sexy posing, or yammering about yourself and making stupid ignorant remarks.

So before she ended this travesty she said she was going online next to research adopting a teenager. I think I've figured out why this sudden interest. If she adopts a 16-year-old she's only responsible for them for 2 years as opposed to a baby that would tie her down for 18 years. The kid would be old enough to take care of him/herself so she could carry on with getting high and tweeting all night and sleeping all day and she'd have someone else in the house who can drive to send out for her pizza and burger runs. It all makes sense now.

Joann said...

Thanks deluwiel and Monique. OMG, OMG...I knew that skank would not know the name of the bride and groom. Well, I was half right.

I watched the wedding on CNN and it was beautiful and classy and for Tila to disrespect a historic event like that is beyond disrespect. She takes EVERYTHING and turns it around to make it about her. Dumb bitch.

Joann said...

Anybody knows what happen to It seems to have disappeared.

RockitQueen said...

I just made the mistake of watching a little bit of her "commentary." I wish I hadn't. The beautiful and sweet moments from the wedding had me smiling all day today and her drugged-up slurring and embarrassing preening just about ruined it for me.

On a separate topic, I'm a bit of a true crime junkie and I was recently listening to a podcast about the Lisa Montgomery case...she killed a pregnant woman, took her baby and tried to pass it off as her own. Anyway, before the murder, she apparently faked a bunch of pregnancies, including one where she claimed to pregnant with twins, and then faked miscarriages for attention. Then she puffed her belly up for months before she killed Bobbie Jo Stinnett. She apparently had her husband, other kids and family convinced. All I could think of was the fake prego antics of the Gremlin--the similarities in their made-up stories are freaky.

If you'd like to hear the podcast, it is Episode 1 here:
Warning: it's very disturbing.

Joann said...

I was going to go to her Ustream link to listen for myself at the foolishness that is Tila talking about the Royal Wedding but decided to go to her piece of crap blog to see if anyone called her out on her stupidity. Here are some snippets. These are hilarious:

"I watched the last few minutes - it consisted of hearing the service in the background while she "sang" Christmas carols and her loose interpretation of a Broadway tune, waved her arms around "like a ballerina", pulled her hair up and posed,"

"She didn't give a shit about doing wedding commentary. All she wanted to do was have a camera pointed at her for a solid hour so she could talk about and do whatever popped into her pea brain. It was ridiculous."

"..OKay...I just clicked through a bit of your 'commentary'.. half of the clicks you were talking about you..."

"Also, seeing as they're almost in their 30s, the last thing on their mind is 'partying' unless you count dining on fresh food and rich wines"

"Also, the fact that you were born in the year diana and charles got married..doesn't make it fate...or whatever you called it."

"Watched your commentary tila and wow, it was the worst thing I've ever since. You talked so much about the press being bad and they'll never get to be kids well duh tila they're not kids they're almost 30 years old!"

Monique said...

@Joann regarding GRR's blog, found this tweet.

"I'm still doing my radio show. But, in the process of transferring my blog to safer servers and it should be back up soon!"

She replied to one of my tweets saying,

"Thank you! It will be back up shortly. I have a back up for all of my blogs I wrote. Thanks again for your support. Appreciated!"

Monique said...

OMG just read this comment on her flog. Whether the author is being 100% serious or not, it is disturbing on a whole 'nother level.

"Let me tell you something, Tila. God's love for you is infinitely more REAL and POWERFUL and MEANINGFUL than all the hatred in the entire world combined. These two-time losers who keep attacking you don't know God any better than they know how to spell. YOU ARE WORTHY, Tila. You are LITERALLY a PERFECT being, and so are the people who attack you, they just have so little AWARENESS of their natural divinity that they act like total imbeciles.

Tila, I don't know what your feelings about the so-called haters are. But I guarantee you that if you could see how true it is that everything in life is happening exactly as it's SUPPOSED to, that there's not even any such thing as "bad," and that "attack" and HATRED aren't even REAL, you wouldn't care an iota.

You must see things from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE. You must see the PERFECTION of it all. See all "attack" as a CRY FOR HELP, not as a real injustice. Most importantly, see YOURSELF as BEAUTIFUL, WORTHY, and PERFECT.

You know, Tila, everything you've ever done has been RIGHT FOR YOU……"failure" is only an ILLUSION. Everyone is living their lives PERFECTLY. Or as God Himself (Herself) says in Neale Donald Walsch's book "Home with God,"……NO ONE DIES HAVING FAILED TO EXPERIENCE ALL THAT THEY CAME TO THE PHYSICAL WORLD TO EXPERIENCE…….In other words, everything you've ever experienced (even the ridiculous haters), has been part of what you are here in this world to experience. Everything is part of a PLAN. Even things that seem unthinkably bad, such as the Holocaust, are part of the perfection of life in this world.

Tila, you are quite literally a HOLY and PERFECT being. All your choices are perfect. You can never fail to do what's RIGHT FOR YOU, because you are the Christ, the Daughter of the living God. I honor you as that with all my soul. Amen. And amen.


By child_of_light"

BigPoppaPhat said...

Dosent sound any different than any over asskisser fans calling her inspiring, mommy, an angel from God, blah blah blah...just this one is a little bit more in depth than the usual one liners.

But yea who the hell are these people?

Moogle said...

@Monique... ROFLMMFAOLOLOL... Of course the author of that is being purely sarcastic. Of course Ting Ting will trip and fall all over it like Viet lady boys do on Dong McShlong.

Your vid was hilarious and I've "liked" it. Keep on keeping this blog alive. Thank you and everyone else for continually feeding us lurkers any and all of Picasso Tittay's current shitnanigans.

@QoCaP... Please don't every quit on us bitches as per TRS. Many of us still live for teh lulz!

Sobe said...

Tila tweeted this "I start to go a little crazy in the middle of the vid as it got later LOL" you think? I guess she sobered up & watched that crap feast. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't delete it before long.

Joann said...

Thanks for the update on GRR Monique.

The only thing I can say about David's dogma is he is entitled to it. IMO, that's some "Jim Jones" BS and I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole...but that's me.

Monique said...

You're welcome Joann.

Ty Moogle for liking my video. It's pretty funny that so far I only have one unlike, you would think with a army on her side there would be more.

It look like it isn't David's first trip on the ass kiss express.

About her going crazy during the middle of the video. She called William, by the wrong name within the first minute. The broadcast was only around a hour long. It's not like she was master of ceremonies for the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Did any of you happen to see the skanks tweets about having some of her aois as moderators of her message board? I can't see that happening, unless she can restrict them from seeing IPs of people posting.

Finally I HAVE to post this from HB. Sounds like he has everything planned out perfectly. Why doesn't he just as Tina already? LOL

"lol. pardon? well,i don´t know what i would do in the US. i like cars,i could do something with involving cars and stuff. or i could be a security guard or something or i could work for tila or something =) and i play little drums,maybe i could play for tila,we could form a band together,lol =) i think there could be many things that i could do for a job i think. i bet working for tila would be awesome i think =) they say that its not easy to find a job in the US. maybe tila could help me,like if i could work for her or something,oh,i would work for her for free,it would be an honour to work for my lady =) i think the most important thing is the drug thing,i mean,some people here say that tila is using drugs,so i would like to help tila to get better and sober,if its true. (tila has said that she is doing fine and does not use when someone says that tila uses drugs,it confuses me) i don´t know if tila got money or not,but i could try to get somekind of job in the US,and i could try to help her to pay the rehab thing or something,and if she would want to,i could be there for her,for her support,and i could help her with things and stuff,and i could take care of her and onyx too =)i don´t have any kind of problems or anything,so i think i could get a job, and make some money and give it to tila. homer is a man,its my job to take care and support a woman =) i just would have to watch out and take things easy little sometimes cuz of my heart,but its no problemo,lol. but i don´t know if i can come to america,i have some money,but not so much that i could buy or rent my own place,i would need a place to stay for a while. i think it would be awesome,if tila would let me stay with her,but i think that she would not let me stay with her. homer is stuck here in sweden for now,lol. and btw,u can call me what u want,but im not lazy,and im not a bum,when i had a job,i used to wake up like 5 AM,and come home like 5 or 6 PM. and even now when i don´t have a job,i still do things,i try to practise some drum playing and stuff,sometimes i play and practise for hours,and im almost soaking wet from sweat. and i would even play more,longer,but i can´t cuz of the noise and stuff,lol. and i used to,and i would still do,if i would have a chance,play hours and hours,like i did before,years ago,i played and practised so much,that the end of the day,i could not even hold the drumsticks in my hands,i was so exhausted,lol. but some time ago,i have felt weaker,and i did not play much,but recently,i have felt little stronger,when it comes to playing drums,so i play little more again,lol. so u can call me whatever u want,but im not a bum or lazy."

Joann said...

LMAO @ the word "punctuation" unknown to him? Good Lord, my eyes kept getting lost in the body of his comment cause it's one long sentence.

I still think HB is not a fan or a hater, just messing with people's heads. The haters must be making fun of him again because he did a lot of explaining why he can't come out here to Cali throughout his entire comment. LOL

I'm going to her piece of crap blog now and see what's going on.

Sobe said...

Did all of you see this low rent party bus gig Tila is working in Laredo Texas? I guess this is one of her big projects she has been talking about LOL

Joann said...

Thanks Sobe. It's sad...Tila thinks of herself as a mogul, actress, TV/reality star, singer and here she is hosting somebody's birthday party in a bar in Texas.

Funny, she's not blasting that gig all over her piece of crap blog or on her twitter? Lying low budget piece of trash skank.

Monique said...

She needs to stop using the magazine cover from the July 2008 issue of "King Magazine" for her current promotions. She really looks nothing like that now. She has definitely had work done on her face, she is looking more alien like.

I wonder if this is her NEW television deal with MTV? Maybe they are shooting a episode of My Super Sweet 16. HAHAHAHA

Monique said...

@Joann GRR is back up.

Joann said...

Thanks Monique.

For those on here who haven't heard yet....US troops have killed Osama bin Lauden. The US have his body and the DNA match.

Joann said...

Sorry, I spelled the bastard's last name wrong...anyway, Tila is still tweeting about herself and the Royal Wedding over on twitter.

How many people thinks she even knows who Osama bin Laden is?

Michelle said...

Guys somethin seriously needs to be done about tila. This mommy (well we call it mummy) stuff is beyond disturbing.
I was away for a few days and came back to see some truly shocking tweets by tila and the poor misguided kids asking her to adopt them. Yeah it's probably not being taken seriously by any of them but it's not the point. A woman claiming to be 29 putting ideas like that out there and then in the same context mentioning spanking etc is sick. Most of the army idiots are under 18, hell most of em would be under 15 and she's consciously posting things like that?
I'm no lawyer and have no idea how or if laws apply in this sort of case. I assume though there is a freedom of speech statute that let's her get away with it?
I just can't shake the feeling that if these kids parents knew what there kids were up to and what they're exposed to on a daily basis they'd be horrified.
What's the real story behind tila's family? Is there a reason she has such a fucked up view of relationships or if she just one of those truly evil people born to good parents?
Well there's my rant for the day, it was my birthday yesterday and now I'm the same age as the hogul a dubious honor at best :)

Michelle said...

Joann it's prob Henry bin laden in her fucked up ambiened mind...
There's been massive coverage of bin laden over here today, what's the vibe in the US? I'm glad the bastard has been brought to justice finally, just praying though there no retaliation attacks and you all stay safe

Joann said...

@Michelle...the "mommy" situation is very, very creepy. I did inquire to certain people regarding this but I won't go any further because she reads this blog. Still waiting to hear back.

The news about bin Laden was released late last night. Before I went to bed I watched the news and people were still celebrating in front of the White House and ground zero in New York.

This morning CNN is still reporting and giving more details about the operation as are other news stations.

I'm ecstatic they finally took bin Laden down. I'm just learning he founded Al Qaeda in 1988 and started small attacks against the US back then.

I'm going to do some research because I'm puzzled as to WHY he hated the US so much.

Even though I pray this won't happen....I'm almost certain there will be retaliation and of course I wish the same safety for you and yours.

Also, happy belated birthday and if I may ask, where are you from?

Sobe said...

I was reading the comments on the article Tila was going on about where they mentioned her name this is one of the comments: "I was wondering who Tila Tequila was, I googled her and she is a porno star. So what does she have to do with the royal wedding? Did she do a commentary in the nude?" He was pretty much spot on. LOL

Joann said...

From the skanks twitter:

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
So I know a lot of background behind all of these organizations and what they do! They're gonna have to do more than a speech to convince me
5 minutes ago"

Miss Tila
OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
Anyway, on my spare time all I do is read about conspiracy theories, propaganda, history, quantum physics, Ancient times, and more! ....
7 minutes ago

Miss Tila
OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
It's BULLSHIT! Bin Laden finally died of old age and liver failure as he's had liver problems, and they turned that story into a heroic 1!
8 minutes ago"

Miss Tila
OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
IF the USA is so powerful, and this Bin Laden guy was hiding in caves, etc, then why did it take our gov over 10 yrs 2 hunt him down & kill?
9 minutes ago"

Miss Tila
OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
Where's the proof besides just "STORYTELLING?" Don't be so quick to believe everything that is fed to you in the "NEWS" #Propaganda"

BigPoppaPhat said...

Don't forget the tweet where she said how the news wont tell us how they found him

Anonymous said...

Her comments about the bin Laden matter are absolutely insufferable. It almost makes me think she's trolling just to get people riled up, but I think she's really that dense. Also, is it a bit ironic that the only proof she offers for her claims is "STORYTELLING" too?

I went to the flog for the first time in a while and read the comments. I think the vast majority of them were awful, and that includes the comments from the AOI and the haters. I probably won't be back there again; I'd rather read the comments here.

deluwiel said...

so, so pissed about those tweets. how can someone so stupid manage to continue to exist?

Monique said...

I don't understand why she still has fans. After her Bin Laden rant how can tilaarmynyc still support her? Then she turns around and treats them like crap. She said yesterday that she was posting her flog with the "top 10" contest videos, then turned around & said she couldn't find one of the videos, she had a headache and was going to bed. This bitch went off on how it should of been easy to find Bin Laden and she can't find a video ABOUT HERSELF on youtube! Not only does she still have fans, one of them was asking where they could send a mother's day gift for her.

BigPoppaPhat said...

SmartAssMadison made the best prediction on twitter, shell probably make a fake profile and pick it as the winner.

I don't get how her 3 or 4 biggest fans begged and bugged her to pick the top 5 as promised and she totally just blew them off, then they apologized to her and told her to get some rest and they understand. Im like huh? She hasn't been back since and thatwas 14 Hrs ago as of now. Also since when does Tila go to bed at 830 pm anyways? Someone who's always up till dawn "working".
They remind me of the battered housewife who always apologetic to her abuser

Monique said...

So get this one of the videos Tina included in the top 11 was by Mittee and was uploaded IN JAN! So of course it already had a bunch of views and likes. His video should of never been included in the contest. How fair is it that the other people that entered the contest only had a few weeks to get a video together? Also it "just happens" that Mittee has THOUSANDS of friends that are voting for him. His reasoning is that "the date he uploaded it doesn't matter, it's all about the message. Please.

Anonymous said...

Just for the hell of it, I looked at the contest voting. Video #3 has 1260 votes, but if you look at it on YouTube, it only has 634 views.

Sounds legit.

Joann said...

I don't think she actually looked at any of the videos to judge...if she did she would have known Mittee's video was old and had been on Youtube for awhile or maybe she don't care...who knows.

Can't wait to see how this turns out and what will happen between the nitwits after finding out Mittee has cheated.

deluwiel said...

@Joann - she doesn't care about this stupid contest or who wins. All she cares about is sitting in a drug-induced fog watching video/slide shows of pictures of herself. This is so, so sad. Now she's tweeting again about meeting with "director's" about a new movie. She's like a frikkin broken record. What about the movie she was supposed to be gone all summer working on? Oh, wait. What am I thinking actually asking reasonable, logical questions? This is Tila we're talking about.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Im my memory serves me correctly, this is the fourth or fifth movie she's working on this year. The only one she actually had evidence she was actually there was mastermind, and after she left Nashville, I haven't heard anything about it since. What happened with that? I wonder if she even has a speaking part in the movie, or is an extra playing a topless stripper in the background in some nudie bar scene, or like what has been mentioned already, she's just there to "entertain" the crew.

Sobe said...

you can leave comments her about her ass kissing contest on poll daddy & I don't think she has any control over what you say

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