Friday, May 21, 2010

0 Me a famewhore? "Unpossible!"

"KATE GOSSELIN IS A FAMEWHORE….DUH!" (for those who do not wish to click the link, I've provided screen-caps below). While that is an obvious statement, but there are so many things I find this entry really disturbing that I don't even know where to fucking begin.

No publicity is bad publicity. Tila certainly lives up to these words. What you lack in talent, makes up for stupid behavior. Well, she's not afraid to run her filthy mouth, that's for sure. She's an epitome of deception who continues to play "poor me" and wonders why she has myriad of haters. It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out.

And because she brought it up, it's likely Tila was never pregnant and lied to remain in her struggling spotlight. Desperate time calls for desperate measures, right, Tila? And to add insult to the injury, she had the nerve to add it's a mockery when in fact, she was the one mocking the mothers who suffered miscarriage. Kate Gosselin is a famewhore? It's a fact Tila Tequila is a bigger famewhore!

And if you were to compare the two, Tila makes Kate a beautiful woman! "Sorry Katie Pie, hate this to break this to ya, but the biggest challenge for you is to stop being a famewhore and start being a real mother again for your abandoned and confused, heartbroken, and lonely children….." And this is spoken from a mentally ill woman who lied about adopting not one, but many children? A woman who lied about being pregnant, suffered miscarriages, took advantage of Casey Johnson's death, and had vitro fertilization?

Am I missing something here, folks? And she still has fans? This woman is seriously messed up and truly delusional. I hope to God Tila doesn't adopt children. She would be an unfit mother.