Monday, May 10, 2010

2 The return of blogging.

Allow me to re-introduce myself: Under the pseudonym, I was first known as aintcrazyliketila. I've registered that name at facebook to communicate with Tila's Army and her haters. While it is impossible to hate someone you don't know, I must explain it is really her behavior that disgusts me.

If Miss Tila (formerly known as Tila Tequila) didn't lie on regular basis and disgrace those with true talents, I wouldn't bother bashing her. Why I've returned to blogging is still vague to me. My duration under aintcrazyliketila was rather brief. Eventually, Miss Tila deleted my post. There is a confusion with Facebook as I don't use it for other purposes. I might have experienced a glitch where I couldn't leave a comment while signed on, and hence, speculated she banned me, so this prompt me to register under a new name of notcrazyliketila.

Prior to creating a new account, I began blogging at and had few entries before closing it. I can't anticipate how long this blog will survive. Time will only tell.


Sheriff Gauncent said...

Wow! Just wow! Brilliant stuff here! Thanks for coming foward.

I love this!

Bye the way is it ok if I shit here? Just asking permission because you are amazing!

queenofcopyandpaste said...

Glads someone finds my blog amusing and can take it like a real person.