Wednesday, February 15, 2012

33 Hello, Amy Hollywood!

Between very late January and early February days, an unprecedented event of silence took place. Not only was Tuna quiet, but her persistent, foul-mouth, retarded caps-lock-loving troll was as well. Strangely enough, this troll who runs under various twitter accounts, did not wish Tuna a Happy Valentine's Day. My point is, those days of absence felt great and I hope Tuna dear will be less active from now on, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Anyways, looks like Tuna has another personality on board. I will get to that after discussing about her alleged world tour.

I thought it would be her clothing line. Is this dumb hag becoming senile or something?

Oh, really?

Dear Tuna, I'm pretty sure most people with intelligence would agree the world is NOT interested in your shitty pseudo musical projects, or any projects you claim to have. To listen to your updated versions of "Fuck Ya Man" or "I fucked the DJ" or copied songs from true artists with talent you so lack of would be very appalling. Our countries have enough problem. Stop adding fuel to the fire. This message is spoken deep from my heart who loves music in general. But trolls like you always find ways to destroy things that were good and replacing it with garbage we see today.

You are too old to be a sex kitten for one.

Secondly, you can't fucking sing. Here's a clip of you singing a cappella "Blue Dress" by Depeche Mode. What I really like about this video is the fact you demonstrate your inability to sing with tune. Seriously, seek lessons:

Anyways, I'm also sure the people perverts interested in your upcoming tour are the same perverts interested in adult conventions. Not for the sake of your so-called music, but for the sake of your old, fake, sagging wonky-breasts. But you already knew that and know you're just a Lady Gaga-wanna-be. Keep dream'n and ly'n! And instead of building those three websites, you'll lie about going on a tour to Canada, Germany, and Australia instead because of three new songs? Um, okay.

Wait a minute. A tour in Canada, Germany, and Australia? Do I sense a déjà vu?

Yep. Rinse, repeat. Just to let you know, Tila, dive-bars and strip clubs aren't considered "concerts".

Speaking of Australia, February 2010 was quite a fiasco. For one, in February 19th, Tuna made an appearance at the HQ Complex in Adelaide and from the looks of this entry written by the TilasRotspot team, thinks not only HQ Complex is a concert, but also sold out. Well, it is NOT and wasn't sold out during her presence and secondly, she was allegedly pregnant at that time, too. Obviously, she was never pregnant to begin with. Watch this midget whore boast about performing in sell-out concerts dive-bars and strip clubs while in Canada, Germany, and back in Australia.

The fun doesn't stop there. While in Melbourne and pretending to be pregnant, Tuna decides to ruin one of Madonna's 80's song, Like a Virgin, and even lie on the dirty floor like a dog would when needing to scratch its back:

Was Tuna trying to convey a hidden message or something? Why this peculiar song? We all know she's not a virgin. If you ask me, the video below is very appropriate for Tuna's taste. The following video contains a lot of booty shaking in thongs. Too bad Tuna doesn't even have an ass to be qualified in this degrading video:

Hello, Amy Hollywood!

OfficialMsTuna did some detective work and found something interesting which may be the answer to the delay of those three websites. Honestly though, I do not expect a Tila Army website to be running at all because it gives Tuna no benefits. Building a website where she can charge visitors monthly fees is part of her income. With the way she is, doesn't that make more sense than waste time and money?

Yeah, like we'll be seeing them anytime soon. And god forbid, it comes through, it'll just be a dumb little messageboard.

Who is Amy Hollywood? OfficialMsTuna was kind enough to answer my questions of that name I've been seeing in my timeline on Twitter and in a nutshell, is Tuna. Because internet is a place where anybody can impersonate anybody within the snap of a finger, I'm honestly skeptical and is letting the readers decide on their own if Amy Hollywood is indeed Tuna. So basically, take it as a grain of salt.

One of the earliest sight of Amy Hollywood:
Here is the link to the comment and Amy Hollywood's profile page. (NOTE: The links will take you to a pornographic website):
Below are some tweets of Tuna bragging about how awesome she's at in building websites:

But according to Amy Hollywood's profile page on, seems fucking clueless:

In " Accidentally filled out the wrong URL in General Settings & site crashed!" topic, Amy Hollywood reveals the url address to her TilaMerch site:
My thoughts on this? In the movie, Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, my emotion is exactly like Carolyn's after being asked on how to fax by the film's protagonist:

I'll give you a really small, small, small hint: Look at line 68. It tells you what the fucking problem is, dumbass. Tuna can, figure it out yourself or hire a professional, already. Face the fact you have no fucking clue about web designing, so give it a rest. I'm sure your army of idiots are getting tired of waiting, especially your one general.

Moving on. Amy Hollywood also has a profile on Model Mayhem website, registering on October 31st, 2010:
Apparently, Tuna isn't so liked and many of the posters share the same sentiments. Check it out!

Before clicking the publish button, here are two things I want to add:
Word. We all know Tuna is not a real celebrity. Duh.

Too bad Tuna didn't do good on the voting last time I checked for "The Best Singer in Social Media." Continue making multiple accounts and vote, vote, vote, gir!


BigPoppaPhat said...

Wow that Like a Virgin video, she was so off key the whole time LMAO . Now I know what a TilaTequila concert looks like. It reminds me of one of those people at a bar that gets forced by their friends onto the karaoke stage to sing.

Ben said...

This fool Patrick Walberg was trying to defend her saying she didn't try to capitalize of Casey's death:

What people may not know is that Tila has worked very hard since she was a kid. Nothing was ever handed to her! She earned everything she has and not by committing any crimes, nor did she inherit anything. She is very hard working for this status of "famous for nothing." I will defend her against the unfair criticism and lies that have been told about her.

As for "nothing was ever handed to her" I guess he forgot about the car her parents gave her. Sounds like one of the idiots Tila sucked off for free pictures.

Holy shit:
I don't need to read any of it. I know as a writer myself for the news that words can be out right lies. How often does the media fact check things regarding peoples personal lives and get it wrong anyway? Well a huge percentage of the time, these so called "news stories" are inaccurate. I have heard Tila's own words first hand. I don't need to read anyone else's interpretations of her life. Sorry!

You have to read that ModelMayhem link, funniest shit ever. QOCAP another great find/post.

BigPoppaPhat said...

LMAO at her "concert" in that club, she was so off key, it pretty much looked like a pathetic drunken karaoke.

Journalism isn't journalism anymore these days, its usually the opinion of the writer is passed off as actual news, weather its true or not. Patrick is a good example, he probably went by some BS profile that Tila wrote about herself it sounds like.

Monique said...

@Ben if you think Patrick is a idiot in that thread, you need to read this one...

"Tila Tequila is a Attention Ho"

"I've been sent to "official" tweeter pages before and found it was not the real person utilizing it before. Even if it is, what is the purpose in reading someone else's thoughts at the moment? ... I have three accounts on Youtube and three on Myspace and I have to pay people to help me keep track of all my stuff online. I don't have time for tweeter"

Someone called him on it saying, "If that's not her, that's even worse! She's PAYING someone to talk about her grieving process, I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt that it's at least her."

It's quite possible Patrick is yet another Tuna alias. I think I'm pretty good at knowing the mind-games Tuna plays and this is one of them. Call it by the wrong name (tweeter), say it is a waste of time and most normal people wouldn't think twice about it. That is the ONE thing she is REALLY GOOD at, mental manipulation & misdirection.

Patrick also had this to say about Tuna's family,

"Her family and real friends respect and love her. She wasn't borm under a rock, you know! She has a mother and father too! I know you don;t like her and maybe half or more than half the people who are "friends" on Myspace actually don;t like or respect her, but that still leaves what? Half a million people?"

Well we ALL have a mother and a father! Patrick would have to be more than just someone that photographed her to know how her family and friends really feel about her. Lastly, his MySpace comment is just asinine. "Friending" someone on MySpace does NOT mean you like or respect someone! Most of her "friends" accepted her request because, well, that's what you do or because she is a whore & will post pictures of herself acting like one.

If you do a search for "Tila" on the MM forums you'll find 28 threads on a variety of her antics, with a clear majority of the comments being negative. What I find really telling is the fact that she must really be desperate for money to create a fake profile there.

- @OfficialMsTuna

CodyFairley said...

Lol. I was the one who leaked her site, and she denied it was hers. I knew she was a fucking liar.

deluwiel said...

There's a real Amy Hollywood out there and ironically she teaches at Harvard Divinity School. Anyway - either Tuna fakes her illiterate incoherent writing style on her blog and in her Tweets or she's got someone else posting these questions and comments as 'Amy Hollywood' because they seem way too articulate and grammatically correct to be Tuna typing them - not an apostrophe out of place!

BTW - she's threatening to post a 'snippet' of one of her new songs. I'm sure it's going to be a huge hit just like that stupid You Can Dance piece of shit. Absolutely no one buys her singles and no radio on the planet ever plays any of her songs - you would think she'd get a clue.

Michelle said...

Wow...I've never seen her infamous "tour" of Melbourne before...can't believe anyone actually turned up there and even more shockingly stayed while she pranced around like gutter trash. The girl cannot sing a single note. Leann rimes is just as pathetic as tuna but at least she still has some talent.
Tuna & her entourage of a half wit must have supplied the crowd with some happy drug cos there's no way any of my fellow Aussies would put up with such a performance especially getting the city name wrong (really tila? It's not like you had toured even a fifth of our country, melbourne and adelaide are nothing alike...) without booing her or laughing hysterically at her cat strangled voice.

The funny thing is no one here even remembers who tuna is, I only do as I love this site and GRR so much...she'd be an absolute fool to even think of coming here again. Not that it would happen anyway as no one would book her. Besides we all know it's just an attempt to distract the moron army from realising she'll never deliver on the websites

Anyone know what happened to homely? Did his fake heart disease finally catch up with him? Has the FBI made an arrest on the worlds yuckiest stalker?Or did tuna finally get bored of pretending to be every male member of the Simpsons...oh the intrigue :)

Joann said...

deluwiel said..."Absolutely no one buys her singles and no radio on the planet ever plays any of her songs".

That's the same thing I said. What management company in their right mind would book her for a tour? If your're music is not going anywhere and your songs are never played ANYWHERE why would a management company book her on a tour AGAIN, in or outside of the US? How would they make their money back? Business 101 would tell you to drop this project and move on.

IF she goes on tour it's not because of her "music". IMO the "music" is just a front and everything about this skank and what she does while on "tour" is suspect.

@Michelle....I think Homerbartt or whatever his name was, was Tila or she got someone to post as him and when a lot of people caught on to her she dropped him. I also believe that Diana person who was beefing with Gary Sun a while back on twitter was Tila.

I believe half the people on her timeline are fake. I wouldn't be surprised if she got PQ to post as other people on her twitter.

I knew the AOI would not see the website Tila described to them. She's not wasting her time on them like that. Just like QOCAP said...there is nothing in it for her. Tila has disappointed them time and time again and they still follow her like a bunch of morons so they deserve what they get.

Monique said...

Well I think it's become pretty clear that Homely was yet another alias of Sesely Gonzales aka Skyylar Jaylen, Aliana L'oren Nguyen, Gianalla McKaela, Jenna Michelle and MANY more! You may have heard of some of these "people" & what they've done at GRR's blog. @OnBlastX20 and I have been researching this and we are still surprised, on a daily basis, of the absolute fuckery of this mentally imbalanced, Asian porn star addicted, stalker.

From badly photoshopped photos to multiple accounts that talk to each other in attempt to make each other look real to tweeting in a way that the "real" celebrities that they seem to be friends with never actually see their mentions and are non the wiser.

Check out @OnBlastX20, @OfficialMsTuna (me) and a rogue account (that we both support) @ACN_is_A_Fraud on twitter. You don't need a account to read our tweets. We have been posting information & pictures that prove the antics of this madwoman. We have so much more info that we are still sorting thru.

We haven't even begun to get into ACTUAL information such as where they live, what they do, relations & how to contact. But we are hoping it doesn't come to that. The ball is in ACN's court about that.

RockitQueen said...

@Monique: Wow, that is insane...I'm about to dive into your Twitter feeds. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Sesely/Skyyler/etc. actually in a video with Tuna when she was singing a song she supposedly wrote for Casey in a bar? So they do definitely know each other, right? Do you have any indication of what their actual relationship is?

Ben said...

I don't think Tila's "tour" is the same as a musical tour as it is a "celebrity" tour. She's just going to be hosting gigs in bars and will maybe perform a song or two. She won't be playing at clubs that normal artists play at. She's just there to try to bring people into the seats.

BTW, any of the Tila hating women out there want to beat the shit out of her with a pillow? Please say yes. It's on Ghost Rider Radio's blog. I'd love to see the Tila hating women come out and stomp some ass.

Hannah said...

What is it with her Photoshop obsession lately? The pictures she alters of herself are the most ridiculous Photoshop jobs I've seen in a very long time, 12 year old girls on Facebook have better skills

RockitQueen said...

Something is up, guys. The Gremlin has been too quiet too long. Predictions? I'm guessing her electronics were repossessed.

deluwiel said...

Joann said "IF she goes on tour it's not because of her "music". IMO the "music" is just a front and everything about this skank and what she does while on "tour" is suspect."

This is what I'm saying. These appearances have to be a front. I just can't believe she's enough of a draw for anyone to want her to appear for a night at their club. Her management company is working some real magic or there are back room deals being made.

William said...

Have our wildest dreams come true and she finally shit the bed and is floating down a river somewhere?

Sheriff Gauncent.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Wouldn't we get another "Tila Tequila is dead" tweet if she died?

Juniper Shawnterey said...

It mentions you! All about Tila. Kinda funny!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Juniper Shawnterey Thanks for the shout-out. :)

Awwsumkitteh said...

Awwsumkitteh said...

man there really isn't anything out there.

Joann said...

Anybody know if this is true or not?

raunchyb said...

@ Joann: Wow. It's hard to know if anything with her is true. It would explain why she hasn't posted recently, but she's also known to sell stories to Radar...

There doesn't seem to be much of a response from the AOI on Twitter yet, just He Who Shall Not Be Named and haters.

Joann said...

@raunchyb...after reading the article again I find it hard to believe how anybody can be in and out of TWO HOSPITALS inside of one week after having an aneurysm, ingesting TWO BOTTLES of heavy prescription drugs, threw those up then broke out a window AND ALMOST JUMPED.

The fact that the article said she was in intensive care for a week shows you how the majority of this story is fake. You don't get discharged from intensive care and go home, you go to your hospital room or back to the ward they assign you to. She was never in intensive care.

The drugs probably had her freaking out, they took her to the hospital and after cleaning her out, sent her home.

She made up this bogus story and sold it. The aneurysm is a cover. She was mentally impaired before she OD.

Michelle said...

I can't believe her lies dad has had two cerebal haemorrages in his life (one as a child and one in his mid 20's, he survived both and is the fittest person I know) and he was in intensive care at the hospital for MONTHS. My mother used to visit him every day and there was a long period where he couldn't talk properly...I could go on and on about how strong my dad is and my mother as well...obviously I'm very proud of both :)

My point is, she could not have had this happen and be back home in a two week period. More likely the first week she detoxed, couldn't hack it, discharged herself and went home to get high again at too big a dosage. Then the OD/losing her mind incident happened, they diagnosed her as a psych risk(is it a 5110 or something? I remember seeing a 51something when she slashed her wrists a couple years back, we dont use the term in Australia so I can't be sure), she detoxed again and has agreed to an outpatient programme.

What I can't believes Radar took it at face value! Why is she so protected by them?outside the twit army, no one fact anything she is mentioned on there for is ridiculed by the few comments she ever gets. Plus tmz still hasn't mentioned it...

Tila get help. Big time. You're done in Hollywood, you have been for a long time now so commit yourself to getting all the psychiatric care you can, go somewhere quiet and find some way to be a real person. It saddens me to see even now, at her very lowest, she still won't see the truth and just like the many lies of pregnancy, suicide, lovers, bashings etc still blames everyone but herself. Only you can fix this tila, stop lying to yourself and then maybe you can be free. Im sure knowing deep down all you have lied about makes you feel sick inside,hence the extreme drug use, the delusions of grandeur and all the rest. Wouldn't it be nice to look yourself in the mirror and see honesty staring back at you?

If the army truly care, they'll echo my statements. I'm sure though they won't, PQ and the like will deny deny deny just like tila has. MJ was cheering on LiLo's SNL performance, another "star" who has lost their looks and talents to lies, drugs and fucking people over. In true MJ style though she ignores it with Lohan so I'm sure she'll gloss over tila too.

I've not liked tila for a very long time now and she's sickened me in the past over her stunts, but all I see now is this drug filled empty shell of a person and I genuinely hope she gets help now before it is too late. I guess it's pity I feel,but I've never wished death on her anyway and it's sad she wasted her potential. Hope she helps herself this time

deluwiel said...

Here's what I believe actually happened: Tuna was extra high, stumbled against the window and broke it and suffered lacerations. She was seen at the ER and admitted to patch her up and detox her. 1 week later, off to rehab. There was no brain aneurysm (she has to go with the most dramatic cover story possible, increasing the unbelievable factor. Should have gone with exhaustion - that's what Lilo always uses!) Michelle is right - recovering from brain surgery requires a lengthy stay in the ICU.
Not to mention that in the midst of her brain exploding and with 2 full bottles of chemicals rushing through her bloodstream and shards of glass impaling her body she managed to 'text a friend' who then called 911. Uh... okay, Tuna. Whatever you say.
If, indeed, she is in rehab and she manages to come out clean and sober and stay that way, goes about building a career by hard work and dedication and keeping her nose clean I'll be the first one to cheer her on. However, I expect her to bail on treatment and Radar to come out with her ridiculous near-death experience story. Could be a very interesting summer!

deluwiel said...

Ghost Rider Radio has an update.

Joann said...

Read the update on GRR. Tila trying to kill herself all week and not succeeding....whoever heard of such a thing.

There is no way she really wants to die. She would still be in a hospital if she was really suicidal......or she would be dead. All Tila want is attention.

Another thing I find suspect is how she can conveniently get straight and have a sober mind after a few days so the doctors can't hold her. After all her roommate said she went through why is she not in the hospital or at least in in rehab for 30 days? Why is she always being discharged after a few days?

Skank is playing games and it's pretty pathetic the lengths she is going to now with the suicide thing.

RC3199 said...

Dumb bitch can't even commit suicide correctly.

Yet another Tina failure...LOL

RC3199 said...

Does anyone have a link to the "Jack and the Box" commercial (As Tina calls it)..?

RockitQueen said...

If she actually succeeds in committing suicide, it would be a mistake. She is the queen of suicidal gestures for attention. The fact that she called 911 to ask why the police were there enrages me. I hate people who waste resources like this, especially after the giant drain she caused after her other little suicidal "joke." She is such a horrible, horrible person.

Joann said...

LMAO @ RC3199 said....Dumb bitch can't even commit suicide correctly.
Tell me about it. Who tries ALL WEEK to commit suicide and fail. I would be too embarrassed to tell anyone that.

RockitQueen said...."If she actually succeeds in committing suicide, it would be a mistake."
That's the same thing I was thinking. She acts so stupid and has no idea she's playing with fire. I'm not wishing death on anyone but one of these days her attempts at "faking suicide for attention" will catch up with her.

deluwiel said...

see, that whole thing with the cops coming and her claiming she couldn't open the door because she's in a wheelchair (WTF?) What was she doing home by herself?!? None of this makes any sense. None of it. And I'm just waiting for the pictures to come out of her posing and smiling brightly with a flower tucked in her cleavage while she talks about how horrible it all was and how devastated and broken she was, but she's on the mend now and nothing can keep her down - tough as nails little warrior that she is! *eye roll*

Juniper Shawnterey said...

Video got baleeted so uploaded a new one here. It probably is against youtube's tos but I still think it's funny.