Saturday, March 19, 2011

104 Hoe, You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Because I refuse to download Tila's pitiful application she's been working on since 2009, I can't review on this part but read opinions about her app that were all negative (last time I'd checked). From what I've seen, though, I think it's a complete waste of space, but most of all, pointless. All you need to do is check her crack rants from twitter and you've got all the boring self-absorbed latest news from Tila herself. I'm sure someone will put her new (oh my God) songs on YouTube if she ever releases them, so what's the fucking point? To look cool?

Oh, wait. I see the reason behind this bullshit: Tila's been criticized about not accomplishing this project since 2009. Why so late? Because her platform wasn't big like her fake wonky breasts. Yes, her app is free, but it would be embarrassing if one (including Tila herself) and one other were the only ones to download that shit, right? I doubt her platform got any bigger, but I believe her lesbian sex tape gave her a little boost (the best way to stay relevant if you don't have a talent if I may add). Plus, she has made some very, very, very, small roles lately, so it, too, probably helped. Now that Tila believes she's an A-lister, hired some idiot to create this disappointing application. I mean, seriously. 2009. All these years, this is the best you can come up with?

Tila may self-proclaim to be all grown-up, but she certainly hasn't changed when it comes to communicating.

So, in other words, your idiotic little fans, including the imaginary ones, are able to participate in a "contest" but not the "TilaFan contest?" I didn't know there would be such a big difference. Not to mention, since I don't make applications, but if you own an app, does it come with information like how many times has it been downloaded or does it reveal more sensitive information? I'm just curious to know how will this twit rat out liars (besides her). Watch out, Tila. There are photoshop programs. May I suggest you request your army to video tape themsevles using your app? Anyways, another epic fail, Tila. It's like, you put no fucking effort into this project but did it to shut us up. Sorry, sweetie. Too late. You had plenty of time and yet, your incentive was because you believed you've gained a much bigger audience now when in reality, while more people may know your name, but your fanbase is still the same or is diminishing.

And now with her silly music, Walking on Fried Rice--I mean, Walking on Thin Ice. For those who don't know, the song is written by Yoko Ono and released in 1981. So, yes. No originality from Miss Tila as usual. Explicit lyrics about fucking people doesn't count, either. Why did Ono allow someone like this whore ruin a good song is beyond me. While I'm not going into details about the music, but there are few things that are worth mentioning.

A reader shared us a link (see video below)

And according to the information, it was uploaded on February 26th. I sense some sort of insecurity here? Apparently, the video was released before its debut on MTV according to Tila's statement, and to get much people to download from that site as possible to look popular, opt to tell us.

Now's my really favorite part! Since June 2010, Tila's been ranting about the Illuminati (see samples here) and acting like no one has ever heard of them. The fact is, Tila became obsessed about Vigilant Citizen to the point she thought she could do better like dethroning Perez Hilton at celebrity blogging, but only to fail at it... hilariously. In fact, Tila was so obsessed she wrote an entry about it. Thankfully, the entry was saved before this stupid moron deleted it. This is important because I find it even more fucking hilarious on how she's trying to convince us she's now in this "Monarch Programming." What is that?

"From wearing cute little kitty ears, the group is now draped in feline prints, a mind control meme signifying a subject’s beta programming, also known as Sex Kitten programming. The fact that they wore the ears before they got famous might signify the group’s predisposition to this kind of programming."
Vigilant Citizen [SOURCE]
Notice the leopard patterns

Notice a picture of a cat

I'm a regular reader at Vigilant Citizen and as far as I'm concerned, Monarch Programming are usually used on kids or people in their early least for entertainment areas. To see Tila becoming their next victim is truly amusing! She's certainly not a kid, nor 28 anymore, so it would be harder to brainwash older people. But let's just say Tila is too dumb and pretends to be under their control so she can feel cool about it.

The first time Tila mentioned this music video was back in November of last year. Tila thankfully had shit thrown at her back in August of last year as well. You can see that scar the bitch used to point at:
I'm assuming this video was under production between Aug and November and released in February 2011. Are you telling me it took that fucking long for one music video to be completed or did she just wait for her name to be known more? Either way, I can imagine her requesting leopard patterns and a kitty photo. Makes me wonder if she also requested the make-up artist to create that possible fake scar to remind us her traumatic incident. A tiny, tiny scar can doesn't take three months to heal.

Listen to Titla Bacteria sing a cappella to help you decide if she can. But to save you time, the answer is no, the whore can't sing.

And finally, her Tila Merch. $24.95 for a t-shirt? What kind of crack is this hoe on?!

Wearing this embarrassing t-shirt is literally asking someone to kick your fucking ass. Not to mention, the way Tila uses the apostrophe is very annoying. I think she does it deliberately. It may annoy us, but it's certainly making her look more stupid. Indulge me on why is it that Tila's using a service website to run her online store? I guess she doesn't want to pay someone. What? Did Tila quit hooking or something? That would be a total shocker!

And finally, I use this picture as my twitter background. Had it for a while:

Now, notice anything similar?
Why the fuck is this whore copying my font style? Obviously, the font is not mine, but there are endless fonts out there and out of many, this moron had to copy my style. Look at those black dots as well. Her t-shirts are so terrible. A friend of mine used to make his own from his bedroom. Did this pathetic piece of meat did the same?

Tila, stop copying other artists and find your own you fucking turd.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Her shirts are so tacky, I didn't know they were damn near $25. That, plus shipping, is like three weeks of a Tilaarmy members allowance, and that's if they can convince their parents to order that garbage and allow them to wear it. Wack.

Joann said...

"So Im working this entire weekend w/my team to come up with fun contests 4 my #TilaArmy so u can win free stuff AND help Japan @ same time!"

First of all the skank don't have a team and second, since charities are her passion, why don't she make her own personal donation and tell her AOI's to do the same where they live. No, she has to have it tie in with some contest to win free stuff(which I doubt will ever see the light of day) in order to help Japan....yea right.

Sandra Bullock donated $1 million dollars and since Tila actually believes she is an A-list star she should be able to match Sandra or give more after all Tila said she has mad money. LOL

Those T-shirts are garbage. If any of her AOI's pay $25.00 for those T-shirts they deserve to be ripped off.

Joann said...

I was looking through my older "Tila tweets" and ran across this regarding her AOI's. This was in March of 2010. It's a hoot and I had to post it:

Awwwwww shit! It's about to get POPPIN! For a LONG time I have been making BIG plans for all of you with the TILA ARMY! WE ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD BABY!

Russell Simmons even called me today and asked me for my help with my TILA ARMY SOLDIERS! SO Russell Simmons and I have TEAMED UP and we have BIG THINGS PLANNED FOR MY SOLDIERS! With that said, I am now DRAFTING SOLDIERS FOR THE "TILA ARMY" If you want to join....please get a "TILA ARMY" shirt so you can start reppin as A PROUD SOLIDER! CLICK HERE TO GET A TILA ARMY SHIRT!


Love TIla"

Monique said...

Well you would need a team, a team of mathematicians! How can you "help Japan" with a free contest, to win free stuff? Especially if you must have her app. Then you knock down the number of people being able to enter to about 20 (I am being generous with that number). I predict these contests are either going to cost money to be able to enter OR (what I think will probably happen) she will announce that "some name" from "Some Town, Some Country" won and she will be sending them the cool prize.

Monique said...

Cool find Joann. I found her on tape saying that she was starting a new reality show, a ONLINE reality show. She also is having a contest and the winner would be flown in to spend time with Tina. Do any of you remember a winner being flown in? I sure don't. The video is from May 2009.

Joann said...

Monique...I don't remember any winner being flown in to hang with her but I do remember her saying that.
She said they would shop together and have fun running from the paparazzi chasing them or some simpleminded BS like that.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Yea the she had a few contests last year and the winners would get to shop with tila for a day, another will party with her in her new mansion, another was gonna ride in her new lambo. No winners were ever announced, the prizes were never delivered. That was last year. Now she's doing the same thing again this year, and the same people are all excited to win some fabulous super cool prizes, ugh.

Joann said...

@BigPoppaPhat....that's why I don't feel sorry for none of them when they continue to fall for the same lies from her over and over and over again. On top of being idiots they're all a bunch of freaking saps. lol.

Bannana Smoothie said...

She has just become so boring now that during and after the boycott, I've found that it's actually better for us to not give her attention because she doesnt deserve it anyway. I honestly dont think she cares that some people are bagging her - for her, any publicity is good publicity. She is a waste of my time. Her AOI's.. they deserve to be her fans because they are equally as stupid and dumb as she is.

Anyway, this is Anna Bannana signing off. I've had enough of her stupidness. But it was lovely to meet nice people here...

Monique said...

Well her Playboy radio show was canceled. The storms broke the antenna, yeah right!

Look at this fuckery. I love how the title makes it seem like she is going to be on the premiere tonight! Not even close.

Joann said...

Monique..thanks for the link. She must be all kinds of crazy now.

All the dancing she knows is prancing back and forth throwing her arms up and down in the air while lip synching to some stupid song she wrote and thinking she's a hip hop artist. We saw that when she appeared at the GOTJ last year.

After failing at being a blogger, business mogul, singer and a big time movie star she now want to try dancing. Good luck with that skank.

IMO she don't possess the patience and/or dedication to be on DWTS.

Joann said...

I see two of Tila's buddies are in the news today.

You can always tell a person by the company they keep. LOL.

deluwiel said...

@Joann... OMG. Just...


Joann said...

LMAO....can someone pleeeeeeease tell me why Tila walks the red carpet for movies she has nothing to do with. She's not in the movie nor does she know the people who are in the movie. She did the same thing at The Mechanic premiere.

Who represents her now and why do they send her out to anyone's premiere to get exposure. She looks like a fool posing for movies she's not in and don't even know the people in the movie.

I bet the stars of these movies wonder who the hell she is and why is she walking the red carpet at their I wonder if they know she does porn movies.

Monique said...

For some reason I want to say that the Mechanic premiere she got tickets thru the show Sh*t My Dad Says. But the other movie I have no clue. Then she writes on her flog in the third person. pretending to be a member of her "staff". But it is funny they both misspelled the lead actor, spelling it Rain when it is actually Rainn. I honestly think that Tina writes like crap on purpose. If you notice her bio I posted did not have the excessive apostrophes. I think the bitch gets off on any sort of attention she can get. Otherwise why wouldn't she make it a point and spell-check stuff? I also believe she does it to try and disguise herself when she posts as other people.

At this point she is a lost cause & it is fun watching her fail. But the one person that does freak me the fuck out is Homer over at her flog!

BigPoppaPhat said...

@joann I assume anybody can walk on the red carpet if she's up there. I noticed that too I posted on one of those gossip sites what, if any, association does tila have with this movie? She was probably up there waaay early before the stars even arrived or later on after they all left, thinking she's hot stuff and knowing her dumb fans will believe she stole the show

noreality4u said...

That black dress Tila is wearing at The Shine premiere was purchased from one of these two sites:

or (search for Blaque Label)

Tila lied to her Fashion challenged AOIs about her shoes being Loubutins which they are not. The main attraction of Loubies are their red bottom soles.

Monique said...

OMG You must listen!!! FINALLY a interview where they ask the right questions (until she hangs up on them). It starts with her stuck in her elevator. You can't make this shit up! LOL

Honeythorn said...


They totally nailed Tina. Notice when she is lying she stutters, hums and haws trying to think of what to say. I really doubt she is making this huge production of a film. I'd say 99% of legit actors will tell you what their project is all about (promoting the hell out of it so you will go see it), who else is in it with them, and other details. Tina, when talking about her "movie" is as vague as all get out.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Omg Monique that interview was priceless! She can't remember the name of her big huge movie producer....ummm deeerrr funny.

RockitQueen said...

@Monique, thank you for posting that link...the interview is fucking hilarious. "It's one of the directors from Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan. So is it Darren Aronofsky or not, idiot? I'm so sick of this freaking moron. I hope Homer kills her.

raunchyb said...

Wow, that interview was pretty funny. She definitely sounded like she was lying through most of it. And, of all the things she could have been upset about, I think she hung up on one of the least offensive things the DJ said to her.

Anyway, I had to share this tweet. She had to have posted this to sound dumb on purpose for some reason, right?

"I need a vacation so bad! I think I'm going to take time off next month. I really wanna go visit the Mayans and all those historic places!"

Joann said...

Kudos to the radio hosts. The interview was awesome. The skank can't handle the truth about herself so she hung up. LMAO. Thanks Monique.

It is so pathetic that she can not give you the name of the movie she's doing or will be doing, the Director's name, whose producing the movie or who will be in the movie with her. I'll believe she'll be starring in a full length movie when I read about it with my own eyes from a reliable source.

One thing I noticed when she was giving the radio interview is when she said the elevator in HER HOUSE was always stuck which is why EVERYBODY hated it but she uses it to transport her groceries.

Hmmmmm. If this was HER house why would she need an elevator to transport her groceries...wouldn't the kitchen be on the first floor and who is "everybody"?

I'm willing to bet this is an old Hollywood 2 or 3 story home where the owner recently converted the 2nd and 3rd floors to living quarters and rented each floor out separately and the skank lives on the 3rd floor. She probably has a small kitchen up there.

Remember when she gave the tour of her "new mansion" with a camera phone at night and she started at the TOP of the house which is probably where she lives. Don't people usually start from the bottom and work their way up to the top when showing their home?

We saw some of her stuff in the living room area, there was a bedroom which she said was for Onyx(but it had a human bed in it, lamp and no doggie stuff at all) and a room which she said was the kitchen but it was pitch black when she opened the door so who knows what it was. I think her excuse was she didn't know how to work all the lights yet or some crap.

Then she went downstairs to the second floor and showed us a bathroom which had a ring and I think, a man's belt lying on the basin. That was probably the other tenants bathroom. lol

It took Tila days to put up the tour of her "mansion" on her piece of crap blog and when she did it was at night which meant she probably had to wait until the other tenants were gone and she had the house to herself so she could roam around it freely. Of course in the next couple of days she deleted the tour from her blog.

Skank is sharing the house with some other people, it's not hers.

deluwiel said...

@raunchyb - nope. I don't think she means to sound stupid. I think she really believes the Mayans are still around. LOLOLOL

deluwiel said...

BTW - if she has two (or three, depending on which interview you see) movies in the works I doubt very much she'd be able to take any time off next month seeing as how she's supposed to be going to Nashville to start shooting a movie right about then... just reinforcing the fact that if she's going to be in a movie at all it's probably a walk-on or cameo and she'll be needed on set for about an hour and a half. She just makes it too easy.

R said...

Joann, look at previous posts on this site, end of last year. We all know where Tila lives, what her house looks like and who she is renting her single family home (not mansion) from. She does have an elevator in her rental.

Nother said...

@deluwiel...or that "The Mayans" is the name of a place.

Joann said...

@R....I know she's renting and the elevator is inside the house. I also know she lied when she said she lived in a mansion.

The point I was trying to make is how she told the radio hosts she was trapped in the elevator and how "everyone" thinks it sucks but she needs it to transport her groceries. If she lives alone who is "everyone" and why would she need the elevator to transport her groceries. The kitchen would be on the first floor.

I'm saying Tila is renting out the house with OTHER PEOPLE, probably living on the 2nd or 3rd floor which is why she needs the elevator to transport her groceries. IMO she's NOT living alone as she wants us to think.

R said...

@Joann..its not a huge house. It's two stories plus a bottom level garage.

I think its really funny that the idiot made it a point to tell everyone that she has an elevator in her rental too. And I never thought I would ever say this...these comments are a bit much.

I love qocap's blog because it looks at this trainwreck from a funny perspective. But then the comments section has somehow turned into a running commentary on Tila's every fart, things that anyone with a Twitter account or who has been following this matter for longer than a few months would know.

She's an idiot. There's no conspiracy theories or mysteries about it. Take her erratic behavior and lies for what they are. We don't need to know what she tweeted that she ate for breakfast and how she must be lying.

Monique said...

Well I enjoy the banter here & like not being limited to 140 characters. If Tina would learn to either STFU or tell the truth, we wouldn't have anything to even comment on. But until then, I am going to have fun laughing at her stupidity among my fellow Hater's.

Joann said...

@R.....this blog, as far as I know, is for the SOLE purpose of calling Tila out on her many, many lies and to include whatever it is, significant or insignificant, as proof of her constant lying.

Sometimes you have to bring up the old and link it with the new to get the big picture on Tila's manipulations which is why certain things have to be said again and again.

If you believe certain matters are turning into a running commentary and it bothers you then I suggest you contact QOCAP with your complaint. This is her blog.

If QOCAP wants us to change how we comment and what we comment on regarding Tila, I would welcome a post about it.

R said...

@Monique--I agree, I like the banter on here. Some of you have funny comments and priceless links.

@Joann--I'm not sure why you got so defensive from my comment; I didn't address you particularly and this isn't your blog, although one may have difficulty diciphering that. You are the HOMERBARTT of this blog with your reply to every single post. I was merely commenting that some of the stuff posted is really reaching, and if you have followed this blog for some time, you would already know. The funny thing is, you don't need to fish for lies with this skank--she's so obvious about it, it's not necessary to take an innocent statement and turn it into a lie. So what if she even had a roommate? Is that a lie? She's never even said anything about her living situation. Not only that, if she had a roommate, should we call TMZ? Blog about it? If that's what we've resorted to as haters, we all need help.

I never stated that I thought qocap needed to change her blog format. In fact, my statement was an observation, not a complaint. You even said so yourself Joann, that she has become boring. That's why so many of the haters have gotten bored. Methinks even qocap has lost interest, seeing as how she posts very infrequently. So why do you copy and paste her tweets here several times a day? "Tila said she had a ham sandwich for lunch...I bet it's a lie!" It's one think to bust her out on lies like the bloggers do with proof; it's quite another to troll her twitter page and call her a liar for something that hasn't even been refuted yet. I mean, do you really think we don't have a twitter? You're not posting anything new or of value. That's what is great about the blogs--they post evidence. What's pathetic is posting a neutral statement and then crossing your fingers, hoping that she will prove to be a liar.

Nah, the posts are fun, but the comments are dominated by a few haters who think that this Tila thing is news to us. You're not actually telling us anything we didn't know. Sorry if you're just now discovering it.

Joann said...

@R...this is my last response to you.

I come on here to comment about the skank not to e-beef with you or anyone else.

If it bothers you how often I comment on any post..that's your problem. The only thing I can tell you is don't read my comments if it upsets you that much.

As far as I'm concerned, I will continue to comment as long as I have something to say about Tila and it may be 1x per day or 5x per day....just so you know.

I'm done with you and this subject. Have a great day.

danger.mouse1 said...

I have to agree with R on this one. I don't even come here much anymore because 90 percent of the comments are from this Joann person. It's hard to imagine that she doesn't have a life of her own or friends outside of the internet with which she can interact.

I think R just said what a lot of people who used to come here are thinking. Thank God somebody did.

Miz said...

Let's not turn this into a bitching session, please. I don't come out of lurkage often, mostly because I'm not as funny as most of the commenters here, but I had to for this.

Lets not start directing the mean spiritedness usually quite rightly reserved for Tina and her wonky tits towards each other. Regardless of how each of us choice to participate in this whole mess, we are joined by a common dislike for the skank. We should be channelling that towards her exposure, not insulting each other.

I personally dislike Tila because I was horrified to see her behaviour during the hotspot days. Admitting her fans were kids, allowing and even participating in some very suspect and downright immoral (and illegal!) situations - it sickened me to my core. The fact that she has continued to get away with everything she has (including her silence over what REALLY happened with Casey) never fails to amaze me, I'm appalled she hasn't been arrested for withholding information and/or perverting the course of justice.

Whenever I feel she's getting boring, I shock myself. Yes, I have to admit I have some strange fascination with how much she appears to get away with, but even more I want her to slip up once and all and make all her cards come tumbling down. Only when she is held accountable for her deplorable actions will I be able to walk away from this.

Until then, I wish people I believe want the same thing would treat each other with respect, and lead by example. The IA shun people as soon as they are considered to have failed as a fan - as antifans, we should encourage each others quirks and unique takes - it gives us something to read! Knowledge is power, and if someone else wants to do the hard work and spread it to the masses, so be it! For me, I'll probably slip back into lurkidom.

I'll finish this odd and long rant by reminding people that no one really knows each other's private and personal life, and supposition can be insulting for some. Until a lot of people say otherwise, I wouldn't assume everyone is thinking the same thing.

deluwiel said...

my 2 cents - some of the commentators here have come up with some great links, and I appreciate their finding time to search around and cross check some stuff. There have been a lot of points of view given that make me go, "hmm. I never thought about it that way," and I can either take it under consideration or discard it, depending on what I think. No harm, no foul.

R said...

I agree that some commenters have come up with great finds, good points of view and funny comments.

Then there are comments that really just have no basis. Just my opinion; I don't expect anything to change. But my original comment was just an observation in general, and if someone took it as a personal attack for some reason, maybe because they think this is their board, I can't help that.

Joann said...

"It's hard to imagine that she doesn't have a life of her own or friends outside of the internet with which she can interact."

Let me say this's even harder to imagine YOU would take the time to keep up with how many times I comment on this blog and what I have to say about the skank. Evidently, you must not have a life and a shortage on the "outside friends" thing yourself. I suggest you find something else to do with YOUR time and don't worry about how I spend mine.

And, why should you stop coming on here because of me? That makes no sense. If I had power like that Tila would have been gone and I would be a rich bitch living the high life.

Joann said...

To those who REALLY want the skank gone:

I came on here from TRS with hopes that eventually, with all of us working together, SOMEDAY the skank will be brought down, not to beef with others over petty shit.

I don't do that and I'm not about to start now. It puts me in a zone that brings out the worst in me and I left that behind a long time ago.

I comment on Tila a lot because she is a bitch to be watched. IMO she's dangerous. I took serious interest in her when I became aware of her inappropriate actions toward minors.

Trust me, if I had the time, I would start my own blog on Tila or help someone with theirs but my time is radically different each day and I could not give my blog or help someone with their blog and give it the full attention it would need to keep it interesting and real.

I do better with unity rather than a lot of childish, petty bullshit from within. I step away from bullshit as soon as I smell it and I have a feeling this smell will be around for a bit. Maybe something else is going on...who knows.

Anyway, with that said I'm going to back off this blog. Not because anyone forced me off but I do better with unity not bullshit.

I will still be on my quest but I will do it a different way.

Take care guys and hopefully it will be soon when the skank is put in jail or put in a mental hospital where she belongs. lol

RockitQueen said...

For what it's worth, I don't mind when Ting Ting gets boring because I actually like reading all of your comments! Why don't we talk about other crappy celebs until she does something idiotic (which can happen at any time)? I nominate Paz de la Huerta...god, I hate her!

@Joann, I really like reading what you have to say.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I like joann posts too,

Mimi said...

I'm going to respectfully disagree with R and say I don't think his/her view represents all haters, certainly not mine and I am not included in the "us" he/she used to convey his/her message.

I don't use twitter all that much and when I want to know what shenanigans Tina is up to I come here. I appreciate Joann's comments and all the others for that matter- it's great comedy relief.

Really Tila? said...

It seems to me that one or two people can come troll and stir up trouble and with a minority make one or two posters feel badly for posting on a daily basis. Tila HAS gotten boring and over the past few months I come by and check QOCAP's blog on a bi-weekly basis. I certainly appreciate reading the comments from Joann and everyone else as it has been nice to catch up all in one place with links included, without hunting all around. I myself don't take everyone's viewpoint as my own, but it is nice to have everyone working together to catch Tila in her constant lies. Just because some comments "Have no basis" (Per R.)it doesn't mean that it makes the writer's other comments any less valid. I do not appreciate an Individual coming on this page and telling someone that they are the "Homerbartt" of this Blog. That is just uncalled for in my opinion. I appreciate the time that certain regulars put into keeping up with her life, considering I have REAL LIFE ISSUES to deal with like a deployed Husband to worry about while undergoing constant surgeries. For anyone to criticize Joann about her interaction with friends outside the internet is just asinine and presumptuous. You may not like it R. or Danger, but please don't presume to announce for the rest of us that we feel the same. Go ahead Joann, BigPapa, Monique and all the other Regular posters....Carry on the way you have for months. The consensus so far seems to be that we're all adults here and we can read what we like and discard the theories we don't like or agree with. Don't let a select few run you off with a few well aimed jabs because you post a lot. :-)

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I love my commentators and enjoy reading their comments regardless the amount of their posts, nuff said. :)

Isis said...

Now let's kiss and make up

deluwiel said...

I guess she's supposedly off to Nashville to start filming the movie with no title, no other actors, and an interchangeable director/producer who shall remain nameless. The only thing I can find regarding movies in Nashville next month is a film festival running the 12th through the 15th.

J said...

Someone (@deucedouble) tweeted about it. It's no wonder she won't say anything about it, the two guys she's in the movie with are Tray Chaney and Paul Wall? Yeah, never heard of them either. Guess it's some sort of gangbang film, and pretty sure its not legit to where a Darren Aronofsky type would even watch it, let alone be associated with it. Stay tuned.....

BigPoppaPhat said...

She's getting double dicked in a porn? LMAO call it The double Tennessee teamer: Another film TilaTequila didn't want you to see.

Wonder how shell play this one off, Paul Wall is a white rapper from Houston who use to rap about his grill, he kinda played off the Mike Jones style. I never heard of Trey Chaney.

alison m m said...

The feature film "MASTERMINDS" staring Tila Tequila,Tray Chaney (Poot from "The Wire") & Nick Hogan(Hulk Hogan Show) DM me for media list

alison m m said...

I suspect she is replacing teairra mari in a role
check out this site:

Monique said...

Another pathetic attempt by Tina to try to put herself in a current hot topic news story. I posted the whole article here because I am sick of Radar Online feeding the troll.

"EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tila Tequila Tells Radar -- 'My Email Was Hacked Too!'

A slew of Hollywood's most famous celebrities have had their personal computers and email accounts hacked by a mysterious group of cyber-criminals, and has exclusively learned that Tila Tequila is among those whose privacy was breached.

"A few weeks ago I started having suspicious issues with my email account with someone constantly changing my password, then out of no where I could no longer log into my email, and I realized that I had been hacked," Tila told in an exclusive new interview. "I immediately called the police to make a report, but they didn't do anything to help...then I saw the news about the other celebrity women being hacked and realized it wasn't just me."

The FBI have been investigating a group of people allegedly hacking their way into A-list email accounts such as Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens and stealing naked or risqué photos - many of which ended up on a Parisian blogger's website, known as DeepAtSea. DeepAtSea has since shut down his website and told via email: "Because since few weeks I had no more interest for the celebrities and it was the good moment to leave, no relation with FBI."

Said Tila: "The police told me to contact Google about it, but they don't list any numbers so I couldn't reach them. "What I find really disturbing is that Google isn't more accessible in situations like this. A lot of celebrities use their services and you would think we would be able to contact them in emergencies."

The 29-year-old told that had she been able to reach someone when it happened, it would have prevented the hacking of many of the other celebrities involved.

"I had my ENTIRE life in that email, from my schedule to photos, legal agreements, bank statements, personal videos and extremely confidential personal information!" Tila said. "I was pissed, scared and I had no idea who could actually help me. Not the police, not Google. It's ridiculous."

Tila, who has been known to be at the center of controversy, said she's just happy that she regained control of her account before anything too personal was leaked to the public.

"As big as Google is, you would think they'd have a better source of security software to protect people's personal privacy rights from being violated! The fact that they don't even have good customer support for situations like this is absurd!" Tila said. "But, what's done is done."

The Shot at Love star told she plans on taking the offensive now and will be contacting the FBI to see if there's anything she can do to help catch the wrongdoers.

"Hopefully I can be of help to the FBI to put this guy and the rest of his crew in jail!!!!" Tila concluded.

The cyber-crooks are reported to have nude photos and videos of at least 50 female celebrities - which also includes Selena Gomez, Ali Larter, Busy Philipps, Miley Cyrus, Emma Caulfield and Addison Timlin -- after they hacked into their cell phones and other devices to obtain the compromising images."

deluwiel said...

@alison m m - What a high profile organization this must be. Ekard Entertainment doesn't even come up on Google. It keeps asking if I mean Ekherd Entertainment. LOLOL I can't find a thing about this movie. You must have some wicked sleuthing skills!!
@ Monique - AAAAAHHH! I can't believe how STUPID Tila is. Who would call the cops about having their e-mail hacked? Right on the Google page, there's "About Google" which takes you to "Contact Us" with a specific link for reporting security issues. All of which is probably irrelevant seeing as how if it actually happened (which I doubt), Joe Parisian hacker guy didn't care enough about her personal shit to bother leaking it. What. A. MORON.

RockitQueen said...

So she's had her email hacked and her computer stolen at least three times over the years? Either she's the target of a large-scale conspiracy or she's the biggest fucking moron on the planet (I vote this).

When Radar first came out as a magazine, it was fresh and funny and made fun of idiot celebrities.

livvey said...

What I want to know is what ever happened to New Zealand not Idol, Rob, and her record label and all the awesome artists she was going to represent?

Awwsumkitteh said...

@deluwiel: Hang on, I gotta call 911 because the Taco Bell drive thru forgot my burrito but charged me for it anyway.

Awwsumkitteh said...

oh and PS: remember when Paris Hilton's sidekick got hacked? well, she had some really lame password that was easy to guess: tinkerbell, the name of her dog. SMH

BigPoppaPhat said...

I doubt she got hacked, she called radar to jump on the bandwagon and they ran with it. Read all the comments in the site, all the people asking radar to stop running stories about Tila and shes a liar. Hahaha!

Bannana Smoothie said...

Lol.. I just couldn't help but notice something. This page still cracks me up! :)

deluwiel said...

Excerpts from her new Dear Diary post:
"...can’t wait for you guys to see all the movies I’m filming as well as hear my new songs that I have been working on in the studio!!! ...I think you guys are going to love the new songs that I plan on releasing this Summer! I can’t wait to go on tour again..."

So... another "tour." How many dive clubs will she appear in this time? Oh! and big exciting news - a brand-new website that will become the new home of the Tila Army. oh yes, it'll be all interactive, chat forums, daily updates, live weekly stream (whatever the hell that is). You know... kinda like the contests, green screen, exclusive celebrity interviews, yadda-yadda-yadda that the gossip flog was supposed to have. Personally, I can't wait.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I'd go to one of her "concerts" with a bag of tomatoes.

Monique said...

I would attend her karaoke show with a Juggalo approved big stone rock (of which I have).

Michelle said...

Have you guys seen what's been happening with homerbartt on the flog? The guy is seriously deranged and getting sicker by the day. I can't work out if he's genuine or a troll or Tina herself but the fact she hasn't banned him yet, particularly after increasingly bizarre and disturbing posts, leads me to believe two options. 1. that Tina is so starved for any sort of attention no matter how manic that she's getting her kicks out of this or 2. Homerbartt is a creation of Tina herself as some sick way of annoying everyone.
The thing with Tina is we all know she doesn't really give a shit about her fans, so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if she purposely comments as him 5000 times a day or even if she used him as an example of what sort of worship she expects from the rest of her monkeys. Alternatively it really might be for real and she's usig his undying (and very creepy) love to boost her insecurity issues.
I myself engaged with homerbartt before I got banned when he was crapping on non stop about wanting to move to the US without having a job or money so I wrote an open comment to the "army" asking one of them to help their poor brother out and let him stay with them. Complete crickets though, not one of them put their hand up and any one of them who did comment got angry for me even suggesting the idea. Because as we have long recognized this "army family" is in name only not in real life.
Since then I haven't bothered with him and I wish everyone on the flog did the same. Either way if he's for real or not it's only giving him (or Tina) the attention thy crave but don't deserve.
What do you guys think? Is he a hoax or just a really really really really mentally disturbed human being...

I'm Kate said...

I’ve been wondering the same thing regarding HOMERBARTT lately. I honestly don’t know whether he is real or fake – however, I get the feeling that the account is not Tila's. It shows a level of commitment and (borderline) consistency that she is incapable of achieving.

I was wondering if anyone had any information on the comments that have been made recently regarding his identity. I saw a couple of people refer to him as “Tack”(?) and I believe there were also comments posted which claimed that he wasn’t Tila but that he was lying about his identity. I don’t really have enough context to comment on them, and I’m not sure whether people are just trying to get a reaction from him, but I’d be curious to hear more about it if anyone knows anything.

deluwiel said...

I would just love to see no replies to him at all. It's impossible to engage him in a reasonable give-and-take; every post is the same, and he's proven over and over that he'll go on and on and on as long as someone is willing to reply. His reasoning is on the level of an 8-year-old, when there's any reasoning at all. Yeah, I'm not sure if the guy is legit or just playing with everyone. It is Tila? I have my doubts. Like Kate said, I just don't think she could be that committed to keeping up the charade.

Michelle said...

Thanks Kate and Deluwiel, you both make excellent points. I'm leaning more now to that he is for real, and you are exactly right kate when it comes to tila committing to anything, it never lasts long. His level of commitment (or level of insanity) would be too much work for her to keep up with.
I wonder if he maybe be tilafanfaraway? The few times anyone has asked him that he's acted smug and like they were friends.
Who knows for sure I guess, but if this dude is who he says he is and genuinely means all the things he says then it's about time Tila does something about it. The guy is getting creepier, sleazier and more unbalanced by the day. Of course Tila has never been normal so maybe she actually enjoys this sort of attention but for the sake of all her fans and even for homerbartt himself this fuckery has gotta stop

Nother said...

I think homerbartt is legit. And that in and of itself is really, really sad.

If Tila asks for it, Tila is going to get it.

alison m m said...

I happened to observe something freaky. officialmstila tweeted saying she had posted on her flog and the tweet was 4 minutes ago when I saw it. So I clicked the link to her flog and homerbarrt had commented first, but he had commented 12 minutes ago, so 8 minutes before her tweet.

Monique said...

I am really glad you brought this up Michelle I've been afraid to post due to recent events and wasn't sure if anyone else was even following homerbartt's actions. I do think it is Tina or (more likely) someone working for Tina. The fact that she never responds to him. She usually replies to her biggest fans, why not him? If it was any other fan I am sure she would use the opportunity to her advantage. If she is not replying because she is scared of him, then why isn't he banned? Why is there no other record of him posting anywhere but on her flog or twitter? If he truly loves Tina and wants to "defend" her (as he always says), why isn't he posting at blogs like these? We are saying WAY WORSE stuff about his idol, why isn't he arguing her honor here? Could it be that then his IP would be tracked?

Monique said...

@alison there are other people that have said on her flog that homer' comment was timestapped posted BEFORE the flog was even posted. So this wouldn't be the first time that there was a issue about the timing of his posts.

Monique said...

Crap sorry for so many posts... but this just hit me! There is "someone" still out there after the whole "Garry Sun" thing. I know even before that there was some crazy girl that posed as different people and they thought she might be involved it too. I forget her name but you people that have been following this longer will know who I mean. Think about it, "they" now have PLENTY of time to spend doing something else for Tina. I think that may be playing Homerbartt.

Michelle said...

You know what? Whether he is for real or not Tila ain't gonna ban him. Without his millions of comments there would be no blog. In a sick way he's part of the reason most people comment on there. Heck I don't think I'd bother to check it out if he was banned.
I guess we'll never know for sure but I have a feeling he won't be going away any time soon. Fake or real he's too much of an antagonistic tool for Tila to let go
Ps Monique dont let a few silly comments from people here stop you from commenting. I thought they were out of line and I really enjoy your posts as well as Joann's. keep up the good work, you guys always amaze me on what you find out. Hope to see both of you on here more again, not the same without you!

Monique said...

That is EXACTLY why I think it IS Tina or friend. Because like you I wouldn't look at her flog at all if it wasn't for his posts. One thing about Tina she's not a idiot. This is the only way she can get any sort of traffic to her site. I am actually disappointed in the fact that Homer probably isn't real. Because then there would be hope that he would kill her off.

PS Thanks for that. I sure miss Joann and wish she would come back and post.

Nother said...

The reason I think he's legit is that Tila herself isn't capable of being, and I doubt she has friends that are loyal enough to waste that much of their time in such a senseless pursuit. Unless of course they are being paid, which leads me to....Tila's sister? She lost her "job" as a celebrity blogger when the flog reverted to being All Tila All the Time, so it wouldn't surprise be a bit if Tila were throwing her a few bucks to keep up some kind of charade.

Still, I'm leaning toward the theory that HB really is a sad, lonely young man. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people just like him in cyberspace...and Tila is just the kind of "celebrity" that they glom onto.

raunchyb said...

I don't think it's Tina or a friend - like others mentioned, there's too much consistency and dedication.

As for the blog post/Twitter timeline discrepancies, it's possible that whatever posts the announcement on her Twitter page has a delay, maybe even just a few minutes. He could have an RSS feed set up and find out that a post was published before it hits Twitter. Just a thought.

He's undeniably creepy. Even if he's trolling (which I doubt), he needs to get a life.

lalabinks said...

I think that Homer is Tila or one of her friends acting stupid. Sometimes he acts dumb and other times he/she can hold a perfectly normal conversation. I don't believe he/she is in Sweden either.

Bettina said...

Have you seen this guys Twitter account and profile pic? He REALLY scares me... He doesn't seem one of those cute 12yr old girls and boys who follow her, this guy is a full blown creep

Monique said...

I totally agree lalabinks. The more he posts the more I think it is Tina. His rebuttals are sounding more and more like her.

QUESTION: "Tilas doesn't even look at the comments so why bother writing so many"

HOMER: "its good for her site i guess. but the things that i say to her,i really mean them =)"

If it wasn't for him posting no one would go to the site. He is a marketing tool. Otherwise why isn't he bringing his crazy to other sites? Plus it's funny he just appeared recently as people were getting bored of her.

Joann said...

Hey guys...after reading the comments about Homer, I agree with Michelle,Monique and lalabinks. I'm pretty sure it's someone the skank knows who is doing this for her to keep the count up on her piece of crap blog.

Saw the pic Bettina and the dude looks like one of those Lifetime movie dudes who house has a slew of bodies buried in concrete in his basement but his neighbors think he's quiet and keeps to

khandersuk said...

This is a test post - I have written more than one post that seems to not get put up, very perplexed now!

Monique said...

Hi khandersuk I had a problem posting here also. Even talked to QOCAP about it to make sure it wasn't something on her end. Turns out it was my browser. Even tho I can post on other Wordpress blogs with Seamonkey, to post here I have to switch to Firefox. So maybe try switching browsers if you continue to have problems.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Let me be Captain Obvious here, Homerbartt IMHO really is a creep from sweeden. Yes he does sit on tilas blog all day thinking he has some special connection with her because hes all over her ass like a bad rash, and she dosent reject him or block him, possibly she even talks to him on a personal level. Maybe even manipulating him in some way. Hes a little on the slow side also, he dosent work, but has someone take care of him (I assume). By his posts we can all agree hes not very intelligent. Tila knows this so hes not really a threat to her. She knows he brings the trolls to her blog and keeps the comments and traffic up. So he is actually useful to her. As long as he dosent have her personal phone number or shows up at her front door shes cool with it.

lalabinks said...

Tila is now offering to give one of her fans Chris Angels phone number. So much for her complaining about lack of privacy.

Really Tila? said...

I personally don't think Homer is from Sweden at all because I once responded to him in Swedish (I spent a year in Europe) and asked about his city and where abouts he lived and he never responded. Others have asked as well and his answers didn't match up. He said he liked certain products that aren't even readily available in Sweden! This was about a year ago and when others who actually live in Countries nearby called him on it, he stuttered and stumbled and went offline for a few days. His manner of speaking is NOTHING like a bilingual or trilingual student. (Even a slow one.) Their manner of speaking is very precise. When you go to other countries, you realize just how uneducated America is, (No offense meant to anyone here by any means!) My guess is that Homer is a friend of Tila and or Tila working together because I have NEVER seen her comment or respond to hime EVER. That in itself is weird. I bet they take turns and log in constantly to keep commenting and that's why "He's" always on. Just my guess.

BTW, Nice to see the Gang is all back. I've missed you all! ;-)

alison m m said...

Good to see you Joann .. Tina gave her little sister a full set of dental veneers for looking after Onyx ... wish you and I could be pen pals

lalabinks said...

@Really Tila I remember when you sent homer a message in swedish. I remember hearing the sound of crickets Didn't Homer reply back in swedish and he was caught out for using google translate because his answer didn't make sense?
I don't believe Homer is swedish either. I do remember not so long ago when Tila had a thing for swedish people. The trip to 7/11 and her girlfriend was swedish and then she was dating some swedish guy. I think that Homer is a fan who actually did email Tila with his photo and now she is using his picture and the way he talks to take the piss. Whoever Homer is, he/she is not as dumb as they appear to be. Once he had a chat with someone about quantum physics and his answers were very indepth and his english was perfect. Who else do we know who allegedly is PHD in quantum physics? Though Tila doesn't know her ass from her elbow half the time.

deluwiel said...

@Really Tila - On her most recent blog post HB commented first (as usual) and Tila was the first reply. BTW - to recap recent tweets: She's been secretly seeing an anonymous "actor" who thinks she's an outlaw which amuses her; she had a vision when she was 11 that she was going to die this year; she's finishing her autobiography; and who has Androids because 5,000 prizes are going to be given away to those who have her app. Yup, it was one of those nights. LOL

Monique said...

Just a breakdown on the supposed history of HB as I've deducted from his posts. He was born in Sweden, then his family moved to a yet unknown country and then moved back because of better job opportunities or something. HB said his Swedish isn't very good and that is the reason he can't get a job. He speaks 3 languages, Finnish, English and Swedish.

I've had my suspicion that Tina's Swedish friend (the one she went to 7/11 with) might be the one helping her out with the whole HB facade. As the best I can tell she is the only person that might actually be Tina's friend. Her name is Emilia Carpinisan. They have known each other since at least 2007 when she had the lead role in Tina's video "Stripper Friends".

If you want to read his comments but don't want to give any traffic to the skank.

deluwiel said...

Gawd. Judging from those comments I don't know if he's Swedish or not; but there's no doubt that he's
A. Really, really stupid
B. Really, really pathetic or
C. He's getting his jollies from playing a really stupid, really pathetic foreign guy who is infatuated with a Z-list cartoon of a reality loser that borders on pathological.

I don't know what his trip is. All I know is Tila's either using him just to pad her comment numbers and/or she's snickering in her Ramen noodles as she wades through his devoted puppy dog declarations of loyalty and undying love.

Michelle said...

This is a little left field but I remember Tina gleefully bragging about an experiment, I wonder if homerbartt is just that?
I'm still hoping he's not for real, it scares me to think otherwise...and if he is truly who he says then Tina is more warped than I thought (im surprised that's even possible..) by not getting rid of him
Anyways this is short n sweet, hope you guys are all having a great weekend, it's cold and raining here in the land down under
So glad to see you on here Joann, as Really Tila wrote great to see the gang all back

lalabinks said...

Whatever happened ro Lissy( from Germany?Tila's no1 fan. I haven't seen her around for ages.

Monique said...

You would think a mogul could afford a better self-tanner. Tina has the tannest armpits I've ever seen. lol #Fail

Joann said...

I just saw that Monique but I don't believe it. This sounds like something the skank would do to bring attention to the independent movie she was in.

I don't know if Tray is divorced as of 2011 but I found this article about him and his wife dated 3/10.

If Tray is still happily married and finds out Tila is using his name to link romantically to hers for publicity I hope his wife finds her and beat the living crap from her ass.

Monique said...

Yeah I thought it was her fuckery de'jour too. But had to post because I find it hilarious that she can't get a semi-decent look from a spray tan. She must do it herself during a meth-enduced makeover moment. Anywho, I was looking at Tray's facebook page and someone asks him if the rumor about him and Tina are true. His answer,


Also found this picture he posted. ROFLMAO!

Michelle said...

Now the whore is trying to deny she had an involvement with the tray incident, funnily enough AFTER he's put it out there that he believes she's responsible.
Man it's the same shit with Tina. Wash (start lie), rinse (deny lie) and repeat (either ignore said lie or repeat it over and over). And surprise surprise she has a "girlfriend" at home with her, which must mean of course she was telling the truth right? Wrong Tina, come up with something original already... I'm bored

deluwiel said...

OMG. check it -!/dannettedrake. *Rubbing hands gleefully* I hope this results in full-blown crazy. It's been a long dry spell.

Oh! QoCap - your tweet about Onyx was perfect! LOL

Seriously. She's incapable of keeping track of things for more than a few minutes. After contradicting herself and being called out on inconsistency after inconsistency after downright lie you would think she'd have the brains to actually go back a few days on her own tweets and blogs to double check what she said before the verbal diarrhea spews anew.

Joann said...

Thanks for the links deluiwiel and thanks for posting Tray's answer to the rumor Monique. I hope it didn't cause any trouble between him and his wife, if he's still married.

Tila did this on purpose to get attention and she used Tray to do it. She didn't know or care if the man had a family or not.

She's going to say the paparazzi are the ones who put this out. Skank really, really needs to be checked.

Monique said...

So here is one event that I actually think Tila would be qualified to attend Funny that she wasn't there.

Here's the latest from Tray's fb page. The second paragraph I found kind of interesting. What does he mean by "Projects That Came From This One Situation Today"?


"@roslyn Love U 2 Death...My Lawyer Is Discusiing Other Projects That Came From This One Situation Today...This is So Weird..But Thats All I Can Say About..Cant Continue To Speak On The Crazy Stuff lol how r u doing"

Joann said...

Tray says "things get twisted in the media"...wonder if he knows it was probably his co-star who twisted it up then leaked it to the media that

Joann said...

"I am very disappointed in the unprofessional staff in Nashville for stirring up rumors, disrespecting my relationship w my girlfriend!!!! 23 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®"

See how the skank lies on other people. She knows damn well she was the unprofessional one(or someone she had to do it)start that rumor and the only girlfriend she has is a vibrator or maybe she calls her fingers "girlfriend".

Monique said...

You think she would at least be smart enough to delete the tweets that incriminate her. She said the following after returning from Nashville.

"ok so I've been secretly seeing this actor & each time they leave they'd say how I make them feel alive with excitement cuz being with me.."

"I thought it was quite cute....this actor musta been a nerd as a child or something, which is totally fine. As long as I make ppl happy! lol"

"Ok so that's my little secret. Don't tell anyone and don't tell that Actor that I told you what they said! hahaha! Outlaw 'til I die!"

Now I know that "actor" is used instead of actress is seems nowadays. But when Tina worked with Jen Aniston and "hinted" about it, she used "actress". So there is no doubt her tweets were meant to coincide with the rumor someone (she) put out there about her and Tray.

Monique said...

I wonder if someone really IS pissed about Tina & Tray? Or is it a coinky dink that Tila just announced she is going away for awhile. Actually she goes from asking who is going to Coachella this weekend to saying she is going away and then it sounds like she is already gone.

"Hey guys! What's good? Who's going to Coachella this weekend?"

"Gonna be gone for a little while longer again to film another movie. I will be M.I.A. 4 a while until Summer! Will miss u while I'm gone! :("

"Miss Tila is currently away filming and working on lots of new exciting projects! She will be back this Summer! Take care! #TilaArmy4Life!"

Is the self-proclaimed "outlaw" skare'd?

deluwiel said...

Danette Drake sounded pretty pissed, Trey sounded pretty pissed. Yeah, she's hiding.

Joann said...

LMAO....I was reading Nan426 tweets to dannettedrake and she(?) is hitting the nail on the head regarding the skank and her scandalous ways. Love

Seems more than a few people are upset with Tila and believes she was the one behind this leak.

deluwiel said...

OMG OMG Now Tila is trying to attach her sleaze to poor little Justin Bieber!

NOOOOOO!!! Run, Justin! Run as fast as you can far, far away!!! "Maybe one day he and I can do a collaboration on a song or work on a movie together"... yeah, when hell freezes over and Bieber's people want him associated with a sex tape leaking XXX lyric "rapping" washed-up Z-lister.