Wednesday, October 26, 2011

17 "Get Off My Lawn, Damn Haters!"

A thank you to Network305 for sharing me this link!

Last year, ParalyzedQueen, a proudly self-proclaimed "biggest grammar nazi in the world" made a dumb video begging encouraging Tila's Army of Idiots to make a video for Tila's 38th birthday. You should check out the rules she'd made. It's so unbelievably stupid and laughable at the same time. Fast forward a year later and you would have thought this girl would eventually wake the fuck up, but we was all wrong. Here is her latest rant about us, haters:

Chances are the, this video will be deleted in no time, so me decided to quote my favorites. Yay!

"Haters were going to show up. It's just inevitable. I'm fine with that. You're just giving my site more views."

"But I'm sitting here, trying to figure out--why--I'm an understanding person. Okay? I'm really am. I'm trying to understand why you guys try so hard to hate things. And why it's so important to hate things. And why it's so important for you to have your reputation as being a Tila hater."

"In general, they're just hating things. They're just generally, negative people. You have no positive thoughts whatsoever. You could find something horrible in a rainbow. "

"So, I'm trying to fathom this works and trying to figure out what the fuck you guys doing in your system and how your brain works...if you have one."

"Some of you...are way worse than others. I mean, yeah. Some of them talk shit on twitter. Whatever. And they don't go onto her website. That's--that's cool. That is totally fine. I respect you guys way more than others because you're just on twitter. That's public. But you're not going to her website and saying 'we're fucking idiots' and you know, like, we don't believe in her lies and all this crap."

"There are people out there, that are literally stalking me on twitter, someone that they hate, reading their tweets, figuring out where they are, they go to the website that they made, they make an account, and willinging comment on their stuff just because they can. Like, you guys are really doing this on your free time! This is your life!"

"You came into this world, and literally and instead of taking footprint and putting it on your birth certificate, I think...there was a contract...saying that...for the rest of your life, here and out, you have to waste your time doing stupid stuff like, following people that you hate and being negative...and try to ruin someone's good time and STAMP! I really think that there's something like a contract that you really had to do this."

"I can just as easily delete you. That's another thing that I love! Because when I go on like Miss Tila dot com, I can't delete your shit. Okay? It's just there to see. There's nothing I can do about it. I can just try to ignore it but I read it anyways because it's there. But...this is my website right now. Okay? You came onto my turf. You came project. Which means, if I do not like you, or if you leave something I do not like, I can remove it! I have the power now! Okay? I am the queen of this motherfucker! I'm the boss! Okay? And I love having that power over you. You can come over to my website and leave whatever the fuck you want, and if I don't like it, I can get rid of that like that! You can just be easily off my website as you can be deleted out of my mind. Sooooo...I just wanna to tell you...I love having that power over you. can come to my site all you want, and if you really...decide to make a new account because I deleted you, and you keep making a new one over and over, and over again just trying to get your point across, really? ...I can delete you. ...I can remove you! It feels so good!"

What a retard. And to think these three generals were all excited over something that wasn't going happen: Given moderation power. That's so sad...for them. Not.

All that shit that came out of her yapping mouth is so Tila. How so? Well, check out this video she'd uploaded on Jun 25, 2010. Basically, PQ states hateful comments gets her off:

"I really the hate comments! Like, insanely! Like, I love them! It's my ammo."

"There's absolutely nothing that any of you can say to me that will make me mad, it'll just make me laugh!"

"Without hate, love wouldn't feel so good. And I want you guys to respond. I want your hate comments because I get off on them! Please give me something to do! Please! I'm bored out of my fucking mind!"

And there you have it. Just another psycho rant.

And one more thing, ParalyzedQueen, don't blame Tila for having majority of people hating her disgusting old ass. Blame Tila for wanting haters in the first place. Don't believe me? Check out the video (07:30 mark) below:

"If you don't have haters--if I woke up one day and I had no haters and nobody cared anymore, then I'll be like, something's wrong! If nobody was hating on me anymore, I must not be a threat, I must not mean anything and I have no haters...If you only have five haters, you better go out there and get fifteen more...So it's true. Haters keep your name out there. Whatever. They keep talking about you... "

*sigh* Face it, folks. We all get mad whenever people talk shit about us and nobody, and I mean nobody deep down, do not want haters, especially those suffer from narcissism. It's a petty used-up contradiction. People who say they want haters are afraid. Yes, they are afraid who are desperate for your approval and admiration toward them.

Fucking idiotic hypocritical losers.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Wow I don't know who's more of a nut job, PQ or TT herself.

FUYU said...

Wow... all the "power" from a site she basically just had to sign up for. What a power trip. Free plug and play baby! That's the way to show how much you love your queen! And she's Tila's biggest fan yet can't even "afford" to keep up with it's web space usage? Aren't there web hosts these days (godaddy?) that charge $1.99 a month for 10 gigs of space? It didn't seem like there was that much being used that that site.

Joann said...

LMAO...WTF is she talking abou?

PQ wants to get the attention Tila gets and she may think she is Tila at this point. LOL. She is definitely not dealing with a full deck.

She can't understand why we hate? We have said over and over the reasons we call Tila out is because of her MANY LIES....that's what we hate and she can't understand that? Wow.

Anonymous said...

This dumb bitch is as coherent as Tuna. A five minute rant could be condensed to 15 seconds. This bitch need a brain.

Ben said...

I'll take PQ over Stephanie any day. Yes, PQ sounds stupid by not even knowing what it is that drives our hate of Tila, not the world.

But Stephanie thinks she's better than everyone by not even responding. Here is a woman who says that Jesus is her everything then cheers on Tila as she steals a Bible and then defaces public property. She ignores the faith she claims to hold dearly in order to support a drugged out narcissist.

Joann said...

Out of curiosity I watch the video of PQ today to see what she looks like but could only make it to the 2 minute mark. The chick not only looks crazy but acts it too.

I remember some time ago when PQ was tweeting about how she had found out her bf had lied to her since day one about everything and she was feeling so sad....of course she got no sympathy from the skank but yet she still sucks up to her. They deserve whatever the skank gives them.

What happened to the other general, BBJ? I know Tila basically told her to f*ck off when BBJ was being nice to her about getting some rest so she wouldn't get sicker but I haven't seen any of her tweets since then.

Michelle said...

Hi Joann, I mentioned a few posts ago the psycho formerly known as BBJ looked to be seeing the light and judging from her "toast" on the crap spot website she definitely has changed her tone when it comes to tila. To me, even though se wrote some nice things, it was nowhere near the dog in heat panting prose she would usually breathlessly type to tila. So maybe just maybe it won't be too long before she stops caring about tila altogether. At the very least she's taken her tuna tinted glasses off ;)

I made the mistake of watching PQ's video where she repeatedly tells us she doesn't give a fck about the haters but her power tryhard actions say completely otherwise. "I love the power"? What the fuck is that about? If the haters didn't get to her in a true sense she wouldn't be bothered making videos like this (and this certainly isn't the first and unfort won't be the last). Iactually feel sorry for her and QOCAP you are spot on with the whole PQ wants to be TT aren't any of the army original?

To me, the more noise and fuss one makes about something NOT affecting them, the more they really are. PQ clearly has no semblance of a real life and the fact she's so creepilly getting off on some fake sense of power tells me se needs help just as much as our dear tunawhore...

FAIL PQ, utter fail...and at your age, time to grow up hunny

deluwiel said...

if someone really, truly didn't care about 'hater' comments on their own blog or whatever, they'd quietly delete and move on - not issue a video manifesto basically begging people to write nasty things so she can exert her 'power'. She can't figure out the people who call out Tuna and her AOI on their idiocy, have repeatedly and relentlessly cited fact after fact, direct Tuna quote after direct Tuna quote, example after example WHY she's a lying, phony, skank failure and yet... PQ just. can't. figure. it. out. and spends HER time making these stupid virtual threats and declaring how 'powerful' she is. Ack.

Joann said...

Thanks Michelle....good for BBJ. Hope I'm not speaking too soon but it's nice to know at least one of them still has some brain cells working.

QOCAP is right on the money...PQ really thinks she's Tila and if she's so bored out of her mind and need something to do...get a job, if she already has one...get another one or do some volunteer work.

She wants us to crucify her with words so she can feel important about herself. That's beyond sad.

Michelle said...

Hi again Joann :) more proof the former BBJ (now known as rusty angel) is over tuna:
"I don't even tweet to or about a certain person that much anymore yet I still have haters tweeting me... #thingsthatmakeyougohmmm" rusty angel twitter 29 oct

Good for her, she was the most dedicated "fan" and hopefully the other sheep learn by her example. Unfortunately though it takes tila to directly insult one of her fans before they wake up to her true colours. In the meantime they pretend everythings ok and refuse to see the truth

BigPoppaPhat said...

So did she finally get rid of that annoying Tila Army profile pic?

Michelle said...

Yep she did :)

deluwiel said...

OMG. The kerfluffle about Tuna being a no-show in Florida has me LMAO. Every time she has the chance to actually get in front of people, create some buzz and make some $$ she bails. Instead, she goes to a stupid Halloween thing at the Playboy mansion that anyone can get tickets to so she can sit around on her sorry ass with her stupid ringmaster photoshoot costume on (did they tell her she could have that or did she just walk out with it?)looking at her phone or dozing or whatever the fuck she's doing. (saw the story and pics at

Is she TRYING to kill what's left of her pathetic 'career'?

BigPoppaPhat said...

Maybe she's giving up on trying to be one of the rich & famous. Lettuce hope so.

Monique said...

Well our little buddy Homer done f*cked up! I saw he was changing his user name back and forth from homerbartt to homer_sanchezz, I saw a opportunity and took it. So I now have his twitter name. This is epic! lol

BigPoppaPhat said...

Haha that's awsome monique! Don't let him have it back!

Monique said...

Hell no I am not giving it back. Serves him right for his comments about karma when my cat was killed by a pitbull.

Homer just tweeted a link to QOCAP's blog, saying "it is so much better than Tuna's shitty blog." LOL