Sunday, October 16, 2011

15 Huge Comeback On TV?

Tila tweeted about being in the Urban Ink Magazine and rather than share the photos right away, decided to make her remaining or fake fans wait, as if her photos are the Picasso masterpiece...not. Anyways, I was kind enough to do a simple search and found only these photos: (currently I don't know if these are the photos from Urban Ink Magazine at this point)

While the concept is kinda cool and actually like the style myself, but Tila does NOT look good at all and put it simply, ruins the entire art, if you can call it art. She's aging terribly, thanks to the plastic surgeries she had done to her face last year.

And just for the heck of it, most of the veteran haters can recall when Tila lied about being in an Italian Vogue magazine.

Anyways, a comeback on television? It's obvious the media, especially MTV and VH1, are very age biased and don't like to have actors and actresses over 25 on their shows because that's just how they roll. Tila, although claims to be 29, soon to be 30 within less than two weeks, will be turning 38, so this should be really interesting on what her new project will be this time...and whether or not the production will finally stick with it. God knows there have been multiple announcements Tila made regarding about tv biz and never happened:

On June 2010, Tila had a hilarious interview with EntertainmentFocus regarding about her new celebrity blog and said (at 7:07 mark), "I just signed up with a production deal with uh, a tv production company, one of the biggest ones in Los Angeles--they're really good...I'm going to be the executive, of course! It's just going to be am I going to han--like, everything I do in my life right now, it's crazy! I'm like, my friends are on me like, or my co-workers, oh my god! Eveyrday I wake up--I wake up to drama!" I'm assuming she's really talking about her music video, Walking on Thin Ice because the song was released few months later after this interview. But in the end, she says, "alright. let's put the camera in me and just follow."

Hmmm..why does this sound so familiar? Oh, that's right. Under the influence of possible meth binge, Tila once attempted to create a web tv:

As far as I'm concerned, there were short videos of Tila recorded for the purpose of "Real Life with Tila", but it's obvious these videos are like all her previous youtube clips, hence, lame and unoriginal. Fortunately, she did a smart move by forgetting about it. Why would Tila try to resurrect an old failed project? Is this a rinse, cycle, and repeat?

Oh, but she does it again! On April 2011, after making a terrible royal wedding commentary (which was remotely all about herself, and not the royal couples), before signing off, says, "Stay tuned for more shows coming up! This was just--this was just simply for the royal wedding. Um, but stay tuned, more shows coming up! Tila TV join and I love you guys!"

Back in January 2011, during an interview, Tila announced she's filming a movie about "girl who was abducted at age 11 and forced into child prostitution by the time she was 13." Really? How is a 38-year-old woman gonna pull this off?

So, where is this production show? Where is the Tila TV? Where is this child adduction film?

Now, let's focus on the parts where Tila was allegedly given a role, and the show gets cancelled during her time. Poor Tila:

Celebrity Rehab article:

"We got no big drunks" - Celebrity Rehab. This pretty much sums up how popular Tila really is. Jesus Christ. Even Bai Ling beat her ass and successfully made the cut! To find solace, Tila blogged about taking opiate. [1]

Shit! My Dad Says article:
Tila had a minor role, with a gold-digging whore theme to it. Apparently, the studio was unaware she carries a curse: Anything she comes in contact with, turns into a disaster and thus, this show succumbs to death. The duration of her part is too small to offer serious critiques, so I won't comment on it.

Masterminds (official website)
Thanks to RC3199 for the link. Because I can anticipate this movie is going to be oscar-winning, I won't explain its plot. Shit, I haven't bothered to read it. Its trailer was sufficient to let me know it's gonna rock! I have no idea what its status, though. I've been told it's postponed or cancelled. Either way, there goes my life...

I've noticed that while Tila doesn't have a freedom of selecting bigger roles she wants and instead, gets the leftovers, she seems to choose certain characteristics for her minor roles she can blowjob for, and that is, a victim:
Mommy in daddy figure beating the shit out of Tila in MasterMinds

Mommy in daddy figure beating the shit out of Tila because she won't eat her lettuce in Walking On Thin Ice music video

And let us not forget the imaginary movie role of playing an adducted 11-year-old girl forced into prostitution.

Let's see her somewhat-success *cough* walk-in scenes:
Tila Tequila in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007) as a Hooter's girl or just some slut, and this film is considered terrible to many movie critics.

Tila as Ting-Ting Cohen in Shit! My Dad Says before it got cancelled. Her character is obviously a gold-digging whore and that old man is her husband. Gross. Anyways, it's interesting the production paid her some bucks to play herself on their show.
Tila as Monae in MasterMinds. Since I haven't seen the movie, I can only assume her role is another hooker falling for another pimp.

With these roles, there's no way she can be taken seriously in Hollywood. Even her Uncorked lesbian porn video did more damage to her already-bad reputation. And guess who's fault is that? Certainly not mine. With Tila bragging about refusing to do another Shot at Love, even if she were paid millions of dollars, what tv show could do so well with her? Another shot at love? After all, despite reminding us she's done with ASAL, mentioned during an interview with Chaunce Hayden in July 2011, this video, which Tila deleted, gave us a clue she may due another Shot at Love...this time in New York. Girl must be really desperate for money...and fame. Right. Just like I won't make a sex tape and look what I have: a lesbian sex tape with two porn stars.

So, dear readers: Is Tila lying again? If she's telling the truth, will her role be a whore or an abused victim?


Joann said...

Those pictures of the skank are the ones from the latest edition of Urban Ink Magazine.

Amber Rose is on the cover and Tila was mentioned in the blog narrative as doing a circus theme shoot and an in-depth interview which I'm more than sure is full of lies.

Tila's name was not even on the front cover as being in the magazine but Waka Flocka's name was. lol. She is so over and done.

The pictures of her from the shoot are not bad and even though they have been photo shopped you can see how old and hard she looks.

If you can tell she looks hard and old in photo shopped pictures what the hell does she look like in real life.

As far as her upcoming TV/movie deals I'll believe it when I see it and IF she is in anything I'm sure her roles will be both...whore and abused victim... LOL.

deluwiel said...

yay! I had no idea you were back, qocap! Anyway, a few of my thoughts on the most recent tweets from our favorite Tunafish...
1. As per usual, she promised a new blog almost a week ago... nothing yet.
2. She bailed on the Ohio appearance! OMG! When will she realize that she needs to grab every single little bone that someone is willing to throw her? She has NOTHING else going for her.
3. On that note - a new TV project? riiighhht. I'll believe that when I see it. sort of like the 17 movies or whatever she was supposed to be 'casted' in this year.
4. What's this bullshit about going through her extensive wardrobe and accessories to donate to Goodwill? Wouldn't a sane, rational person do that BEFORE they move across the country? She boxed up and moved all of her cheap stretch lycra sequined vinyl shit to NYC and NOW she's getting rid of stuff? Oh wait. Space is probably pretty limited in that cardboard box in the alley where she's staying. Don't think I haven't noticed the glaring absence of a tour of her palatial digs in NYC. If she was really staying in a semi-decent apartment she'd be videoing all over that shit trying to make it look way bigger and fancier than it really is.

Anyway, glad the blog is back. I've missed you all!!!

RC3199 said...

qocap please check your hotmail

RC3199 said...

I saw this recent article and all I could think was it sounded like something our Tina would do.

I wish we were actually able to prove it was her as it would prove the bitch is really 40 years old...

Amazon sued in Seattle over revealing actress' age
AP – 3 hours ago

SEATTLE (AP) — An actress is suing in federal court in Seattle for more than $1 million for revealing her age
on its Internet Movie Database website and refusing to remove the reference when asked.

The actress is not named in the lawsuit filed Thursday that refers to her as Jane Doe. It says she lives in Texas and is
of Asian descent and has an Americanized stage name.

The lawsuit accuses IMDb of misusing her personal information after she signed up for the industry insider IMDbPro service in 2008.

Shortly thereafter, she noticed her legal date of birth had been added to her public acting profile.

She requested that it be removed and IMDb refused, the lawsuit says."If one is perceived to be 'over-the-hill,' i.e., approaching 40,
it is nearly impossible for an up-and-coming actress, such as the plaintiff, to get work as she is thought to have less of an 'upside,' therefore,
casting directors, producers, directors, agents-manager, etc. do not give her the same opportunities, regardless of her appearance or talent," the lawsuit states.

While she loses opportunities because of her age, she's also missing work because of her youthful appearance, the lawsuit says.

"Plaintiff has experience rejection in the industry for each "40-year-old" role for which she has interviewed because she does not and
cannot physically portray the role of a 40-year-old woman," the lawsuit says.

The online retailer and its movie database subsidiary, both based in Seattle, are accused of breach of contract, fraud, and violation of privacy
and consumer protection laws.

The lawsuit seeks $75,000 in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages.

Calls and emails to Amazon and IMDb seeking comment Tuesday were not immediately returned.

Kahvi said...

RC3199: It sounds like something she would do, but her birth year has been listed as 1981 in the IMDb since 2005.

deluwiel said...

can anyone find any info about this "burlesque show" she's been screeching about? I can't find a thing.

Joann said...

"@MWest0082 actually my laptop crashed so I'm getting a new one this week and will start blogging again :) yay!
16 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®"

Told you this Skank didn't have a laptop anymore. She haven't had a laptop since, what, August.

If she had so much money why couldn't she replace the one that "crashed" or get a new one right away. LOL.

You know how she blows things all out of proportion...I bet that's what she's doing with this alleged burlesque show.

It could be her on Ustream at night wearing lingerie and lip-syncing to that bullshit music of hers and asking for donations...jk...but I bet it's something ghetto.

deluwiel said...

Joann - you're probably pretty close, but she did mention something about being in Buffalo NY, so maybe she's got another two-bit gig at a dive bar that she may or may not show up for. She does keep asking if she should give her 'fans' a private burlesque show, but that will probably never happen just like she's been promising a new blog for weeks now. and her laptop crashed AGAIN?! How many does this make now that have either supposedly crashed or been stolen?

Joann said... would not surprise me one bit if she pawned her lab top or gave it up in exchange for drugs.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@RC3199 Because I rarely log in to that email, I lost my password and for some reason, hotmail is being a total dick because I keep receiving "temporarily unavailable" to reset my password successfully since last night. Hotmail sucks. I'm going to create a new one else where. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Any chance you could open up your forums again?

RC3199 said...


I had emailed you that I was having problem posting using OpenID.

Thanks for the update and I think I speak for all when I say: "Welcome Back"

deluwiel said...

in the comments section at a site for The Q - the club Tuna is supposed to appear at tomorrow and Sat.

"Actually Tila Tequila will be at The Q on October 21st and 22nd. On Friday it will be an 18 and under night and on Saturday there will be a Pink Party to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dress code is in effect so make sure that you dress to impress..."

oh god. Friday is 18 and under night? And they're having pedophile Tuna there? Alert Child Protective Services! I'm sure she'll be 'dressed to impress' (in some little $19.99 vinyl and stretch lace piece of crap onesie showing as much of her mutant grapefruit half tits as possible).

Oh wait. Not to worry. She probably won't even show up.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Just letting you guys know I was able to find the password despite the help of hotmail when it kept saying temporarily unavailable for password reset. So anyone that wishes to email me, please use the current email. Thanks and have a great weekend! :)

BigPoppaPhat I'm willing to re-open it if someone wants to be a mod. Running this blog and running the forum will be too much of a work so if anyone is interested, let me know via email and if I find you a perfect candidate, I'll email you the rules.

William said...

I'll run that shit!

Anyway, I love how she says "why didn't anyone tell me it's cold here"

If one moves to NY, wouldn't you know it's cold?

Sheriff Gauncent.